Project Polish 2021 Update 2

Sorry this post is a little bit late however, I was taking a short break at the start of March. However, I did take the markings at the start of the month that is why some of them may be a little bit lower now than the line. If you have not read my introduction you can read it here .I have also linked the first update.  In short, I want to see how many nail polishes I can get used up this year.  Nail varnish is something that I have tons of and never seem to be able to get down. I have not purchased .any new shades in the longest time now because I am trying to use some up. This is something that I did in 2020 and managed to use a fair bit of nail polish. On to the update.

Last month I finished up a shade which meant that I rolled in a new shade. That was the Essie Mini in Smooth Sailing. This was a brand new shade when I rolled it in I may have only swatched it in the past. I have used this a few times now and would say I managed to use around 1/3. This is one that I have been using on both my nails and my toes. It is one that I have been able to use a lot more while it is still colder weather. This is one which I can see been complete within a few months if I keep this progress up. For sure I want to keep using this one however, I am not going to make this a focus shade for March.

The other mini which I have in this project is the Ciate Main Stage. This is one which I do not think I actually used in the month of February. I have been too busy using some of the other shades in this project. This is one which I am going to use at least once I have not worn it for a while. I actually enjoy this however, I do not think it helps it been so close to another shade in this project.

The shade which is close to the Ciate Main Stage is this one which is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Plum. I think this has to be one of my favourites which I have in this project at the moment. This is one which I have had on my nails a couple of times this month. I am making steady but consistent progress on this shade which I can not complain about at all. This is one which I know I am going to be reaching for more in the summer. However I am happy with the progress which I have made so far on this shade  I can see this one been rolled out during the summer months.

A shade which I have used about half of in total is the Topshop Easy Breasy. This is one which I have been finding so easy to wear. This is such a spring shade and I have been wanting some colours to brighten up my life. This is one which I have been pairing with the next shade. I have used this a fair few times this month and there is some slight progress as I have only been using it on a about 5 fingers. For sure this is one which I am going to be rocking in March. Without a doubt this is one which is going to be used up this year I can see it been done before the end of the summer.

The next shade is the Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Purple Rain. This is one which I have not actually used at all this month. I think this is because I find this shade so watery so it is hard to want to use this. I am sure as the year goes on this shade may get some use. I am going to aim to use it once again this month and at least then there is going to be some progress on this shade. This is one which I may only use on my toes and make progress this way with this shade.

The final shade which I have in the project is another Barry M Shade In Berry Ice Cream. This is the shade that I have been pairing with the Topshop shade. So again I have been making some steady progress on this but not as much as if I had been using it on its own. This is another perfect spring so this is one which I am going to try and make as much progress on it at the moment. I think that next month I am going to be able to make another line for this polish or I hope so. I am happy with the slow but constant progress which I am making with this shade.

For the next month, the goals which I have been to use Purple Rain and Main Stage at least once so they have some love shown to them. These are going to be the only goals I make this month fingers crossed I actually do this and still make some progress on some of the other shades in the project. The ones which I have been making great progress on so far.

What shades have been rocking your nails recently?

Charlotte xxx

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