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I have decided that II am going to do project polish again this year. It is something which I did last year and really enjoyed I actually used up some shades which I do not think I would have done had it not been for this project. If you do not know what project polish is. It is a challenge where you try and use up as many nail polishes in a year. I have started with 6 and when I finish a shade I roll a new one into the project. Anyway on to the shades which I am going to be trying to work on this year in the hope to actually finish some of them off.

The first shade which I am going to show you is the one the only one which I have rolled over from last year. This is the Essie Mini in Mountain Avenue this I have added a lot of thinner too which is why it has raised up so much. I would say that there is about half of the mini left now.  There may actually slightly less than that left. I think because this is now so thin that I will be able to use it up in no time. I would like to have it done in the next two months which I think is actually doable. It is a beautiful shade but I am getting to the stage I would be happy to have it out of my collection and something else in its place.

The other mini which I have decided to put in the project is the Ciate in Main Stage. This is a  fuchsia shade that actually looks darker when I have it on my nails than in the bottle for some reason. I do not think I have used it a lot at all maybe once or twice. This is one of the reasons I have decided to add it to the project. So that I can get some more use out of this. For me, this is a shade which I can see myself wearing all year long. Last year I did use up a Ciate mini and to be honest they do not take too long if you use them regularly.

Another shade which I have decided to try and use up is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sugar Plum. This is another shade which I have had a way too long without having any great use out of it. As you can see it is still pretty full from the picture. This is a beautiful colour which looks more purple in real life. I have a fair few from this range and I find the formulae to be good. For sure this is going to be one which I hopefully get a lot of wear out of this year.

I have decided to add a Topshop polish in Easy Breezy. I think this is one which I have had for nearly 10 years and really should get it out of my collection. There is just over half of this nail polish left for sure it is one which I am going to use a lot in spring. This is a beautiful teal kind of colour. I think this is one which I think will be amazing with a tan who knows if I ill get one this summer. This is a shade which I reckon I am going to be able to finish within the year. I currently have had it on my nails for about 4 days now and it has barely chipped at all.

Maybe I was been stupid but I decided to add a completely brand new shade in. This is the Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in Purple Rain. This is a beautiful purple shade from what I can tell I do not think I have even swatched this shade shockingly. It is a deeper colour than any of the other ones. This is one which I think I will end up rocking while the weather is a lot colder. At least I will be able to make more progress as I have not used this at all.

The final shade which I have decided to try and use is the Barry M Berry Ice Cream Polish. Again this is one which has barely been used at all. It is going to be a great polish to be able to use in the spring I think this is when I am going to really use this shade. This is a bright purple which is still a lilac pastel shade. I know this is a shade which I have had for a very long time which is one of the reason’s I want to use it up.

The goal for this month is to use every shade at least once this month. This is going to mean I have an opinion on all of the shade. Plus there will be a small amount of progress at least on every shade.

What shades have you been rocking on your nails recently?


Charlotte xxx





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