Project Polish 2020 Update 5

Today I am going to be sharing with you my third update for project polish. If you do not know what project polish is. It is a challenge where you try and use up as many nail polishes in a year. I have started with 6 and when I finish a shade I roll a new one into the project. If you have bit seen any of my updates before here is a link to the intro, update 1, update 2, update 3,and update 4. 

This month for the first time I did a manicure which did not use any of the polishes in the project. I actually wanted to do the red, white and blue for VE Day. I didn’t have a vivid enough blue to be able to use one from the project. This could be one of the the reasons I feel like I have not made as much progress this month. However, I am very happy to use up one shade anyway on to the update for this month.


The first shade this month is one which I have actually used up. This was the Maybelline Colour Show in the shade Cool Blue.  This actually only had one use left in it as you can see from the mark last month. I knew I could get it finished this month. It was a lovely cool blue shade and I love the formulae. This shade is no longer available however, I am sure I have other cool tone blues in my collection. To be honest I am just glad to be having another polish completed and leaving my collection.


The shade which I have added to replace cool blue is the Rimmel Cocktail Colour in Hawaiian Punch.  This is a lovely metallic-looking rose tone hot pink shade. I thought the hot pink would be great for the summer months hopefully I will be able to get a lot of wear out of it while the weather is nice. As you might be able to tell this polish has been barely used I think it is just below the rim of the bottle. I  have realised how hard it is to see the mark on this shade using a gold pen.  To me this polish seems very watery however, this could have something to do with the length of time I have had it.

This month after making so much progress last month on the Barry M shade in Rose Gold Quartz. I did not actually use this polish at all this month. This is because glitter is not something which I reach for all of the time. Plus Hawaiian Punch my new shade  does have a lot of glitter in it. I hope to use this polish once this month and then of course it is going to help it go. I am slightly regretting putting a glitter in the project because I barely use them.

The Kelly Brook shade which does not have a name I have managed to use once. I used it on my toes becauseI find that it chips after less than 3 days on my fingers. So it might take a long time to be able to make good progress on this polish. There is a small amount of progress within this shade which I am happy about . Again I did not realise how hard it was to see the line on this shade but it is just below where it goes onto the main bottle.

Last month I actually forgot to do an update on the Essie Polish In Bikini So Teeny. This is one which I have barely reached for as you can tell I still think that there is 75% of this polish left. For some reason this seems to be one which I do not reach for. This could be because of the fact that now I think it looks like bluetack on my nails. If I can get over this I think there may be some more progress on this shade. Again I am going to make this one of my goals to actually use this shade this month because there is never going to be any progress if I do not use it.

Another shade which I have made some slight progress with is the Essie mini in Full Steamahead. I seem to be making steady progress with this shade which I am happy about. I seem to be using about once a month at the moment I think if I used it another 2/3 times it may actually be gone. So I am going to make this one of my goals this month to try and completely finish up this shade. This is for sure possible it is a great spring shade so I want to be able to use it all up before we hit summer.

The final shade which I am trying to use up is the Ciate Mini in Pepperminty. This again is a shade which I have used once this month. There is now about half of this polish left which is good because for me this is a proper spring shade. Again I want to be able to use this before we hit the main summer. I think this shade could actually be gone in a month or two if I use it slightly more than I have. I think that I am going to try and use the Essie shade up first and then focus my attention on this one.

My  goals this month I have mentioned them above but a quick recap. I want to use both Essie Bikini So Teeny and the Barry M glitter at least once. Need some progress on them and then I want to be able to finish up the Essie in Full Steamahead. This may be a challenge but I want to be able to roll in a new shade very soon again.

I hope you enjoyed my update seeing how I am getting on using my nail polish.


Charlotte xxx

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