Project Polish 2020- Update 2

Today I am sharing with you my second update on my project polish. If you do not know what project polish is it is a challenge where you try and use up as many nail polishes in a year. I have started with 6 and when I finish a shade I roll a new one into the project. You can see my intro and first update here. There has been some slight progress on some polishes and some I have not used at all. For some reason there was a week where I didn’t paint my nails at all. I have only being painting them once a week as it is. With one of them I have put thinner in and it looks like I have no progress.

I actually managed to finish a nail polish this month with was exciting. The nails inc shade which I could not get a name from. I managed to do my toes there is a slight amount left. However it would not be enough to do a manicure I can see daylight through the bottom. I am so glad to have this out of my collection because I found it chipped so easy on my nails. At the end of this post I will be rolling in a new shade to try and finish.


The next shade which the Bikini So Teeny from Essie. This is a shade which I have not at all touched this month I think it is one which I will be reaching for more once the weather warms up. I know it going to take a long time but I am expecting it and happy to keep this in for the rest of the year.

Another shade which I only use once on the ring fingers. Is the Barry M polish in Rose Quartz. Of course due to how little I have actually used this polish you are not going to see a difference. This is something which I will slowly get through I am unsure if I will even get it done this year. However, I will give it a good go.


Cool Blue by Maybelline is another shade I didn’t touch this month for some reason. Maybe it is because I have been trying to use up some of the shades which have even less in. I think I am going to try and use it at least once in March. Otherwise I am never going to get it used up.

One of the polishes which I did use once this month however put some thinner in. Which caused it to go up but allowed me to use it was the Maybelline colour show in Urban Turquoise. . This I think is only going to have one use left maybe two at a push. It’s a shade which I have been loving bringing a bit of colour to my nails while it still has been dull. I would like to finish this soon maybe by the end of March maybe April.

The other shade which I used however put thinner in. Again this caused it to rise was the Essie Jump in my Jumpsuit mini. This red was perfect for Valentine’s Day with the glitter on the ring finger. I think there is going to about one more use left in this maybe a couple. I am really tempted to make a huge push and get this one used up this month. For some reason it screams Christmas which is why I want to get it used up in the next couple of months. Plus I want to be able to roll in some new shades ready for spring.


Talking of spring shades, the polish which I am rolling in to replace the purple nails inc mini. Is a light purple lilac shade again it is an Essie mini it is called Full Steamhead. This was completely full when I rolled it in to the project. For sure I can see myself reaching for this one a lot in the spring summer months. It actually reminds me of a shade from Essie which I used up last year.

For the month of March I am going to set 3 goals. I would love to use up the Essie jump in my jumpsuit and also the maybelline shade in urban turquoise. I would also like to get some more use out of either cool blue or bikini so teeny. Hopefully by next update I will have two new shades which I will be rolling into the project.

If you are doing this project let me know how you are getting on. I must admit I am loving finding shades which I might not normally use.

Charlotte xx

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