Project Polish 2020 Finale


I can not believe that we are here doing this update for project polish. It has been the longest time since I did one. There was one month which I barely painted my nails and then Troy got poorly so I have not an update. Anyway the thing your here to read it is my update for project polish. If you do not know what project polish is. It is a challenge where you try and use up as many nail polishes in a year. I have started with 6 and when I finish a shade I roll a new one into the project. I can not believe the amount of progress which I have made on some of the polishes over the course of the year. Anyway on to the update. This is actually the finale for these shades. If you did not see the last one it is linked here.

The first shade is the Essie Mojito Madness. This was brand new when I rolled it in to the project it is only a mini however. In the last update I had managed to use half of the polish. However, now I have managed to completely use it up. I finished it up in a Christmas look which was Red and Green. This was a great polish to use up I am glad to have got the use out of it. I will not be repurchasing this I have similar shades in my collection currently.

I rolled in a new shade last time which was Essie Avenue Mountain.  There had been about a 1/4 of it when I done the last update. For sure this is one which I would like to use up this year. It is doable as well for sure it would be nice to have another blue out my collection. This is one which I have found so easy to use and wear. I have used it a fair few times since I rolled it into the project. I had to add some thinner last time I used this shade which boosted it back up. This is a shade which I have decided to start with in my project for 2021.

In the last few months I have still not reached for the Kelly Brook shade a lot. This is because it chips so fast on me and I would rather use a shade that this does not happen to me with. I would say that I have now used about 25% of the polish. It is not one which I think I am going to make a lot of progress in the last month on this shade. It is not one which I am debating rolling into next years project either. I am glad I have used this slightly and had some wear out of it. For sure, I would not purchase anymore of the Kelly Brook Nail Polishes in future.

Another polish which I have been trying to use all year is the Barry M Rose Quartz shade. I think because this is a glitter shade it is one of the reasons.  I have not reached for it as much I have used this a couple of times over the festive period. There is about 25% left which I am actually proud of it.  For sure next year I will not be adding a glitter shade into my project. When it gets to the summer next year I may roll this shade in and use it for my toes.


I am not going to lie I do not think I have even touched the Essie Bikini So Teeny Shade either. About half of the bottle has been used up now on this shade. I am bored of this shade and do not want to reach for it. I think I have ruined it for myself because I do think it looks like bluetac. When I have been reaching for this one I have been using it on my toes. Maybe this is something which I will reach for more in the future. This is not one which I am going to be adding to the project again next year either. Maybe one day it will be rolled back into to get finished off who know.

The final shade which I have in this project is Rimmel Cocktail Club in Hawaiian Punch. This is a shade which I love so much when I first rolled it in. As you can see as a result of this project I have managed to use up 25% of the bottle. This is a shade which I do love. I reached for it once I think over the festive period as well. For sure, it is one which I am debating rolling into the project next year because it is one which I do enjoy. I think this is something which I will end up doing later in the year though to have a break from it for now.

I will be uploading my project polish 2021 very soon so keep your eyes peeled for this.

What shades have you been rocking on your nails recently?


Charlotte xxx

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