Primark Baby Haul September 2019

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the baby clothing items which we have already purchased for player 4. As you might know by now we are not finding out the gender we are keeping it a surprise until they arrive. I promise even we do not know the gender and are not keeping it from you.  So a lot of the things which you see in this haul are going to be white or very neutral colours for this reason. I have gone a bit Disney heavy which is not normally like me however, they have had some adorable pieces in

Primark is a place which I have been loving. We have managed to pick up some amazing bits in there. I am sure we will be back before the baby is born. If I am not mistaken we got a few bits for Jess from there when she was young as well. However, it is somewhere which I rarely shop at the moment for Jess. There is no reason why, however, they do have some nice natural pieces for babies in there.

The first one which we picked up is this set of hat and scratch mitts. We have some baby grows which do not have the built-in scratch mitts. There are a plain grey set and one which is stars and moons. They only cost us £2.80 for the set even if we do not use it all it is a bargain set. I know they will be more expensive in other places.


Another item which we have picked up was this sheep comforter. I remember Jess has a small cuddly toy from Primark and this is something which lasted a long time. She still even has it today so when I saw this in Primark I knew I had to purchase it. I might buy one or two more cuddly toys for the baby, however, that will be it. They are something you often get gifted when baby first arrives. This only cost £3 and is super soft. I am unsure if to purchase a jellycat from Jess to the baby as well. I have not fully decided that yet.

We have picked up some neutral vests as well in 0-3 months. Joe’s Nan actually purchased these for us they are long-sleeved which I am sure we are going to need when our baby is born in January time. I love the Kola print on them these can easily be used for a boy or a girl. They’re so simple yet effective these did not break the bank at £6 for 5 vests. We have had vests from Primark in the past and they wash so well. I was a little bit gutted to find that they do not have too many unisex vests in which were not completely plain. This is something which I may have to keep my eye out for.

Muslins are something else which we could not do without. I remember using them a lot when Jess was a baby when burping and cleaning her up. I knew that there were going to be something which we needed to get some of this time as well. Like I said I have been loving a lot of Disney things. We have picked up the Lion King Muslins which feel like they are super soft which is always something I look for in a Muslin. They are £4 for 3 which I think is cheap when they are actually Disney ones.

Then on another trip, we actually saw these Winnie the Pooh ones which I knew I wanted to purchase. I thought these were very unisex as well. I do not think that we are going to be purchasing many more muslins. Of course, we can always pick some more up if these get ruined when the baby is here. I think the Primark ones might be as good as some of from Mothercare and such like for a fraction of the price.

One of the first things which we picked for the baby was this Lion King blanket. It is thick but not too thick as of course, we do not know what the weather is going to be like. It is fleecy lined on the back it reminds me of one I had made for Jess. This is a like white colour with all of the main characters from Lion King. I have a feeling that this is to do with there being the film out recently. This is going to be a get blanket to use in the pram, in the cot if they do not have their sleeping bag on. For sure I know we are going to get our money’s worth out of this blanket. I wash shocked to find out that this blanket was only £6. I also love how this blanket is not too in your face as well. This would make an amazing present.

When we went shopping with Joe Grandma we saw this beautiful oatmeal popcorn Winnie the Pooh Blanket. I was actually unsure if I was going to purchase but Joe persuaded me to get it. This is super soft and thick so it is going to be great when we go for walks and on the nursery run. I think this is too pretty to actually put away I think I am going to put it on the edge of the cot until the baby is here. It is so super soft I want to cuddle it all day. This was actually £6 and something which we are going to get so much use out of. I do not think we have had any blankets form Primark before does anyone know if they last and wash well?.

We have picked up a couple of sleeping bags they are not something we had with Jess. I do not think I knew about them at the time and it is going to be a lot colder than September when the baby is born. We picked up the 2.5 tog ones due to the baby been born in the winter. This is suitable for 16-20c. Which what I think the house will be around anyway. The first sleeping bag which we picked up from Primark is this Oatmeal Winnie the Pooh one. It has Eeyore, Tigger and Pooh on it and says nice for picnics bee tree and 100-acre wood. The back has the print smaller I thought that this was super cute and of course, unisex. This feels thick and super soft. This is going to be something which we get a lot of use out of and it was £10.

The other sleeping bag which we purchased from Primark was this beautiful 101 Dalmatians sleeping bag. It says cute little pup on the front and this has a huge dalmatian on the front. On the back, it has a lot of dalmatians on they look like they have a lot of fun. Again this is super soft and thick this is something which we want. For some reason, I rarely see any of the 101 Dalmatians things and this is one of the cutest things which I have seen. This is a super unisex item which we want. Again this was £10 and is also 2.5 togs I am sure we will be back in Primark when the baby is bigger and needs more sleeping bags.

The final item which we picked up from Primark was another 101 Dalmatians set. This was £9 and it is a complete 4 set which I really liked as it matches. It is all grey and white you actually get a babygrow which says lucky little one on the front. This has all the dalmatians on it also has built-in scratch mitts which means the baby is not going to be able to take them off. I can see this been one of the babygrows which we take into the hospital when the baby is born. There is also a vest which does have a Dalmatian on the front and it looks a cheeky dog. This feels like a normal great quality Primark vest. There is a striped grey and white hat which we will be using because baby’s lose a lot of heat through their heads. There is also a matching bib which you can never have enough of.

Have you purchased much from Primark Baby if so how did you find it?

Charlotte xxx





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