Preloved Finds May 2019

Trying to purchase less and if we need something can we get it preloved. Is what we are trying to do this year. Jess can grow out of clothes quickly. This means that I end up selling them on Ebay in order to make some money to reinvest in more for her. We have had toys and games for a fraction of their RRP.  EBay is somewhere where I get items which I think are going to be perfect for nursery. As we need clothes we do not mind getting a little bit ruined. Shopping preloved for us is to save items ending up in landfill and to save us some money.

If you have not seen what we have picked up in previous months you can see them here, February, March and April. This month we actually only made one trip to one charity shop.I did not purchase anything preloved from anywhere else.

This month Joe and I actually treated ourselves to a new book each. As you can see from the books which I have been reading this month. I have managed to finish 6 books so of course, I had to replace one seen am allowed one a month. This month I chose the one we fell in love with by Paige Toon. For sure I would recommend this book if you have not read it and you get the chance. To be honest I love any Paige Toon book.  In my local charity, all books are £1 which I do not think is that bad. Usually, I will either send them back for others to enjoy or I will put them on Bookmooch.

Joe purchased When The Eagles Hunt by Simon Scarrow. This is a book which took his fancy he does not read as many as me however, I am sure this is one which he will get finished when he is on an exercise. This seems to be the time when he manages to read the most. Again this was £1 like all books in our local charity shop.

Of course we could not leave Jess out when it comes to books so we picked her up this one. Which is a classic fairy story this has around 10 stories in it which means that we are not going to get bored for a long time. We tend to read a story every single night so we can get bored. These are quite long stories which means that this book may last her a long time. This is something we try to do so we are not having to replace her books all of the time. I seem to remember that this was either £1 or £2 for sure I did not think it was a bad price for what this book is.

Jigsaws, as you may remember, are something which Jess loves. Of course, they are not cheap so when we are able to pick her some new ones for a fraction of the price we do. This one is a 100 piece which is more pieces that she can currently do however, it will come in the future for sure. Winnie the Pooh is always a classic which is never going to age. We managed to get this one for the mere sum of 75p. I am going to keep this one back till some of the other ones which are currently is doing become to easy. I think this is something which Jess is going to have a lot of fun with.

For some reason this time we visited the charity shop there was a lot of jigsaws. This just meant we picked up a number of them because they will come in. Of course, when you are looking to get things preloved it can mean that you have to pick it up there and then rather than when you need them. Of course, they are not going to stay there forever. This Cinderella one is another one which we are going to keep for a little while. 100 pieces may still be too hard for her however, I know it will come in because after all, it is a classic Cinderella. This only cost us 75p which is a steal compared to the RRP of this jigsaws.


The final item which we picked up this month was another jigsaw. They tend to be something which we pick up a lot of preloved. I think this is due to the speed which Jess can get through them. This is one which she may be able to do in the next couple of weeks. I am unsure how long this one is going to last her because it is actually a giant floor puzzle. It does have 60 pieces which are currently about 18 more than the ones which is doing at the moment. Jess has not seen the incredibles however, for her this does not matter she just loves doing jigsaws. Again this is one which I did not think was a bad price it was 75p.

Have you picked anything good up preloved in the past month? Let me know in the comments below

Charlotte xxx





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