Preloved Finds March 2019

As you may remember I am trying to be conscious to purchase more preloved items. I think that people do not realise how much we do waste. Jess grows out of toys and clothes very quickly I do sell a lot of her clothes which are in good condition. Sometimes I do manage to sell toys as well if I think that they are worth it. Usually, I sell on eBay then things which are not perfect end up in the charity shop. Usually when in there we look if there is anything else we would like. We have had toys and games for a fraction of their RRP.  EBay is somewhere were I get items which I think are going to be perfect for nursery. As we need clothes we do not mind getting a little bit ruined. Shopping preloved for us is to save items ending up in landfill and to save us some pennies.

If you did not see what we have picked up in January and February I have linked them here for you. We only visited one charity shop in our town this month. I think we did go a couple of times though due to the amount of stuff I had to donate. I have been trying to have a bit of a clearout. Passing on some clothes which we no longer wear and things like that. We did, however, manage to find some really nice pieces while we were in there for Jess.  I hope you enjoy seeing what we managed to pick up in this preloved month.

The first item which you may notice is a toaster. As you may know, Jess got a kitchen for Christmas and has been using it ever since. There was a toaster in there and this is something which Jess does not have. To be honest, as soon as she saw it she picked it up and wanted it.  I knew she would get a lot of use out of it. She makes us a lot of food so I could not say no.  It was only 50p which is super cheap after all I can now have eggs on toast. Playstyle of course, when we got it home we found out it originally was from B&M.  She has used this so much and we will be keeping an eye out for more play food and toys to go with her kitchen.

The next few items which I picked up are all Disney related books. I purchased Jess some books for Christmas because we do read to her every single night. Recently I have donated some books which have been too babyish for her. I first picked up this Wall-E book which is a film Jess watched around Christmas time. So she knows who the characters in it. I picked up a range of different Disney books for her at Christmas. They are a little bit longer and it is something which she is starting to get into. Of course, this is a book which I am going to have to read her. It may actually take her a couple of bedtimes to get the whole story due to its length. I will be keeping my eye out for anymore preloved Disney books because they are a classic and will last.  They can always be passed down if we should have more children as well this Wall-E book was only 50p.

The next Disney book is one which is from the Disney Fairies. It may have come from the same people as we purchase the last ones which came with the CD and Book. I thought that this would be amazing to add to Jess’ collection of this kind of books because they will last. It is actually the story of Tinkerbell and this is not something which I even know the story of.  The artwork in this book is actually amazing I could not believe how amazing it is. I think this is one which I am going to keep back from Jess’ collection until I get rid of a few more books. Her bookshelf at the moment is very full.  I do like being able to put the CD’s on while she is playing in her room. This book was only £1 I am going to keep my eye out for more of these preloved  Disney CD and Books.

The final book which I picked up is the Disney Read me a story this has 24 different stories.  For sure, this is going to be lasting us a long time as you can see it is very thick. I will only be reading one story a night even when we do get around to starting this book.  It seems to have all of the classics in as well as some newer things.  You can tell by the back of this book that it is one which has been loved very much but this is one which we are going to end up loving even more. Again there are stories which I do not even know in this book which means I get to hear new stories. I am sure for a little Disney fan like Jess she is going to love this. It was only £2 which I do not think is that expensive considering how much this would have been new.  But we are going to give it a good home for a while.

Of course, it would not be one of these updates without having jigsaws in them. Jess is still in love with them so we are always needing some more.  So this we picked up this one which is a little miss one which is part of the mister men series. We actually choose this one because we think it may be a little bit harder for her because it does have 45 pieces. This is a little bit more than the ones which she has been doing. This is one which is actually in her collection at the moment but I do not think that she has had time to play it yet. I am hoping that this is one which she is going to be able to do for a while. Even if it doesn’t I am sure she will have a lot of fun playing it, to be honest.  For 50p I could not leave this behind for our jigsaw fan.

We picked up another one which is actually Cars which is a film which she has now seen. She got some lightening McQueen toys for Christmas and seems to have been on about it since. So when we saw this we had to pick it up. It may not be as hard for her because this is actually only 35 pieces. I know she can complete this many because we actually have sent a Peppa one which was of the same size back to the charity shop. She saw lightning McQueen and with the background, I do think this could be a little bit harder than the Peppa one. Again for the small sum of 50p and helping a charity, it did have to come home with us.  Once she can do it very easily without any help and quickly I think I will redonate it back.

Games are something which we have been playing on a night after nursery and we had started to get bored with the same ones. We needed some more in order to be able to rotate them. When we were in the charity shop we noticed that there was this box of Thomas toys which when we got home found had never been played with. This is always a bonus. It does actually have two games however, they are back to back on the board. The first one is like snakes and ladders a game we already own and love to play.  The other is one which we have not played before it is almost like Ludo because you have to go around the board and go from the start and get back to a point. However, you do have to collect 4 pieces in order to be able to get back to the start. You can only get them if you actually land on the space. This is a fun game which we have been playing and I am sure we will get more love out of.  These two games were actually £1.50 which is great when they are not preloved they are brand new in a charity shop.

The final thing which we picked up this month is Tumble Tower. Since looking at this more we have found that it is a B&M version of Kerplunk which I am sure most of us played when we were a child. We decided that it was a game which Jess may enjoy because this is something which she has never played before. We have only played this a couple of times because it is a bit of a pain to set up. I think this is a game which we will play more when the weather is rubbish. Because it does take a little bit of time to set up and we do not have much time after doing nursery before bed.  For sure this is one which is going to last us a long time as well. This is something I look at when picking up games. This game as you may be able to see cost us £1.75 my limit is around £2.

What have you picked up preloved this month?


Charlotte xx

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