Preloved Finds January 2018

Charity shops are places which amaze me there are sometimes no better places I love visiting more. The majority of them are so reasonably priced you manage to pick up some amazing bargins. Sometimes I get some books which I want to read other times things for Jess. You really never know what you are going to find. This year I am on a conscious effort to try and get things preloved if I can. I do not want to add to the ever growing pollution problem and also it can help me save some important dollar.

I decided that every month I am going to try and share with you some of the items that month which I have picked up preloved. These may be from the charity shop, Facebook , eBay or even other places. I am always interested to see what people have been picking up preloved and this is something which I thought I would start doing as well.


The items which I am going to share with you are ones which we actually picked up in December. I have been meaning to share them for the longest time but just have not got around to it. The first items which I am going to share is a Peppa Pig jigsaw this was one which had 3 different puzzles within it. Jigsaws are something which Jess loves to do however, they can be very pricey. Usually, they are around the £6 mark instead this we actually paid 50p for this. This is something which Jess has had so much fun with and she can complete this one without any help. We since have donated this back to the charity shop as it became so easy for Jess. She is always happy to pass on toys to new boys and girls as she know she is likely to get another new toy.

We also managed to pick up another jigsaw which was Sofia the First. This is something which she has never seen the show. This is a 35 piece which means that it is harder than some of the other ones which she owns. I have a feeling that the swirl area is going to make this one a bit harder. Of course, this is something which we want because you never want them to be too easy. I have had to give her a little bit of help when we have done this jigsaw so I think this is going to be one which we are going to have it for a while, to be honest. Again this one was the bargain price of 50p which is crazy cheap for a Disney jigsaw.

Another game Jigsaw type of game which we picked up was this match it game. This is something which of course, Jess is going to grow into rather than actually be able to play now as such. You match the word to the picture so if you see eyes you have to find the eye word. This is going to help her learn so much we have played this a couple of times and found the ones which she knows. I also ask Jess to point to the part of her body as well. This game was only 50p as well so it is one which we know that we are going to have so much fun with. For sure it is one which we will be keeping for a long time because it will help her to learn.


Books are something which Jess adores. Sometimes on a weekend she loves to go upstairs and have a CD on while she plays. I have found Disney books which come with CD perfect. They read the story and you can read along with them if this is something which you wish to do. I managed to pick a range of them up from the Charity shop a few months ago. So when we went in and they had Peter Pan, Little Mermaid and Tangled. I knew Jess did not have these and they are something which would be a great addition. These books are £1 each but of course, they have the CD which makes them a bit more expensive. As they are Disney I know that they are going to be in our home for a very long time.

Orchard toys are a company which we adore we have had so many of their games. Which have provided us with hours of fun over the last year or so. So when I spotted a couple in the charity shop I knew I had to pick them up. The first one which we snatched up was Old McDonald Lotto. You have to get all of the animals on your card like normal lotto. However, it does allow your child to learn their animals and this is something which Jess has loved to do.

The other game which I purchased for Jess is Round and Round. This is a game which you have to go around the board picking passengers up on your bus before actually getting back to the bus garage. I know this is another game which we are going to end up having hours of fun with. Jess is already super competitive at it so I can see the arguments when she does not win. I think I paid a maximum of £3 for both of these games . For sure they are going to be loved fwhile the cold weather is still here.

What preloved bargains have you picked up recently?

Charlotte xxx

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