Preloved Finds April 2019

Trying to purchase less new things and more preloved is something which we are trying to do more this year.  Jess grows out of toys and clothes very quickly I do sell a lot of her clothes which are in good condition. Sometimes I do sell toys as well if I think that they are worth it. Usually, I sell on eBay then items which are not perfect end up in the charity shop. Usually when in there we look if there is anything else we could use . We have had toys and games for a fraction of their RRP.  EBay is somewhere were I get items which I think are going to be perfect for nursery. As we need clothes we do not mind getting a little bit ruined. Shopping preloved for us is to save items ending up in landfill and to save us some money.

If you have not seen what we have picked up in previous months you can see them here, January, February and March.  We visited one charity shop this month and then we also went to a market. We went to a baby dinosaur market which is where items which aimed at 0-10 years are sold.

This month there is more of the clothing element because Jess has enough toys for the moment. There is some which I have put away for the future because picked them up when we saw the bargains. The first item is a tshirt which I picked up for 50p. It is actually a Disney tshirt which has Tinkerbell on. This is one which we are going to using as this one for nursery. Due to the price the we do not mind if it does get ruined by some paint or other things which they use at nursery. This is a couple of sizes too big however, it does like it may have been shrunk previously. I can see Jess wearing this very soon.

Another item which I picked up from the same seller is this dress. It is actually from H&M and cost me £3 which is a little bit more than I usually would pay. I thought this is a beautiful dress which could be worn with tights or even plain leggings. This is one which would start off as something which she would wear at home. No doubt at some stage this will end up been a nursery dress as well. I think the simple monochrome and the checked just works it is something which I can see myself wearing.

The final item which I picked up from the same stall is this minion t shirt which of course, I am going to put away. We always say that Jess is a cheeky one so having a top which says santa I can explain on it is perfect.  This is something which is going to get a bit of wear from in December. I do not like spending a lot of money on seasonal pieces. This again is a couple of sizes to big because then this allows Jess some growing room because we do not want it to fit too early. Again this was 50p so I not too bothered if she does not get around to wearing it. I can always resell it to someone who it will be more suitable.

Dungaree’s are something which Jess loved in last summer. I also actually saw these on another stall and I knew I could not leave them. This is actually size 6-7 but they do look like they have been shrunk because they do not loo way to big for her. These are from F&F which we know is a good quality they tend to wash really well. Jess is going to get a lot of wear. I paid £2 for these even if we do not get a really hot summer she will be able to team these with tights on a weekend. I have paid £10 for a new pair of dungaree’s in Primark so it does show that you can pick up bargains preloved.

As I have mentioned on some of the previous preloved that Jess loves jigsaws. We managed to pick up this Little Miss Puzzle Multipack. The lady said they have never been used. There is actually 10 jigsaws in the box which is amazing. This means that it is going to keep her busy for a long time which is always a bonus. They range up to 100 pieces which is going to be hard for her but this is what we want. She has been going through jigsaws at a rate of knots recently. We only paid £5 this would have been a lot more expensive brand new. There is going to be hours of fun here for Jess. We pick jigsaws up as and when we see them because you never know when the weather is going to turn and she needs entertaining.

The final two items are something different to which we would not usually pick up. I saw them to be honest I thought they were adorable. They are these Eeyore and Tigger soft cuddly toys. These are not actually for Jess we have purchase them for. I know that in the future we are likely to make Jess a big sister so we purchased these ready. They were 50p each and I could not leave them for this price. We do not have any plans on expanding the family yet so we will be storing them for a while.

Have you purchased anything preloved this month? If so let me know what you got in the comments below.

Charlotte xxx


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