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As you might have guessed from the title of this post. Our family is growing we are going to be a family of 4 instead of 3.
We had an inkling that our family might be expanding around the end of May. However, as some of you may remember I damaged my knee and was put on strong painkillers. We put me been late down to that. I had also had a bug which I picked up from Jess.
It only when June I late again we thought we should actually do a test. However, Joe was on exercise for a good portion of this month. He didn’t really want me to do the test alone. I think he wanted to be present when we found out. As a result of this we was  actually close to 12 weeks when we got confirmation of our newest arrival.
Currently I am 18 weeks pregnant with the new arrival due January 2020. We have not announced it earlier as we waited till the 12 week scan. As some of you may know we have had a miscarriage already so we waited
Of course, this may be earlier if we have an elected c-section. As some of you may know I had an emergency c section with Jess. I am unsure if I want to attempt VBAC or have an elected c-section yet.
Of course, we are going to be sharing our journey as we become a family of 4. There is going to be the shopping which we are going to have to do. We don’t have everything from Jess however we do have a pram and the cot. I think we are going to be trying to get some of it second hand.
Jess will be 4 nearly 4 1/2 when she does become a big sister. For us we knew we would end up with a semi big age gap because of how life has been. I think she is excited at the prospect of becoming a big sister. This is something a number of her friends are already. She may be one of the last of her friends to have a sibling.  I can’t wait for her to bond with the bump and the of course the baby when they arrive. Shockingly I am not worried how she is going to cope because of her caring personality.
I will be doing updates and posts about the pregnancy as we go through. I am nervous but excited about what the future holds.
Charlotte xx
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