Player 4 Has Entered the Game

So as you may have seen if you follow me over on Instagram. Player 4 has entered the game, throughout this pregnancy as we have not known the gender. The bump has always been referred to as Player 4 by Joe and I. Even my family and friends started saying Player 4 instead of the baby.  Player 4 became Troy a healthy little 9lb 9oz bundle of joy on 31/12/19 at 9.26am.

We chose to have an elected c-section as a result of what happened with Jess’ birth. This was possible and even my consultant agreed she would have chosen the same had she been in my position. In the middle of December we actually found out the date of the c-section but chose to keep it private. Only a handful of people actually knew. We was given the choice of two dates 31/12/19 or 2/1/20. We opted for NYE’s I would be too heavily pregnant to be bothered by new year anyway. It also meant that Joe has longer at home with me before returning to work. Due to the way his leave and paternity leave works.

There is something strange about knowing the date all being well your baby is going to be born. We had to be at the hospital for 7.30am. I had been told I had a morning slot when I had rang the day before. This meant that I had not eat food from 2am and couldn’t drink from 7. Not drinking was the hardest one for me because I wake up really needing fluids.

The hospital is about 20 minutes drive away because it was so quiet we arrived early. I joked as we arrived it felt like I was moving in with the amount I had brought. I had been told to prepare to stay in 24-48 hours after. On arrival we were put into the triage waiting room where I had spend 2 hours in days before. When we thought that my waters had gone. Luckily we did not have to wait very long at all I think it was a maximum of 30 minutes. That time flew by as I had decided to take a book in with me to help pass the time.

We were taken to a special ward which is called elected theatre ward. Which is for people who have elected c-sections. There is only 4 beds on this ward and you are all placed in enhanced recovery after the birth. Once we had arrived there I was give the anti-acid tablet. This was not nice it tasted like a love heart sweet which had been left in the car too long  You have to chew it as well I can not remember having this with Jess. They did the rest of my obs which did not seem to take long at all.

I met the consultant who would be doing the c-section. She was the one who asked if we wanted the Simba moment. Since we did not know the gender. I also met the anaesthetic who would be in the op this is when we asked for the radio on to take my mind off it. The next thing I know they are telling me that within the next 15 minutes that I would be taken to theatre.

One huge difference between my emergency c-section with Jess and an elect c-section with Troy. Was one that I had to walk into the theatre which was a change from been wheeled in with Jess because her heart rate was all over the place. Another was with an elect there is no rush it took them at least 6 attempts to get my spinal in place which sounds a lot. There was no panic that they could not get it done straight away we were joking I must have a back of steel. According to my Mum it took them a couple of attempts when they did it with Jess. During this time a IV of fluid was put into my cannual to make sure I did not dehydrate and my blood pressure was taken every 5 minutes.

Once the spinal was in place and it has been checked to make sure I could not feel anything. I helped onto the operating table. This is when the drapes so you cannot see anything during the operation are placed up and Joe moved to the side of my head. This is when the operation has officially started, I had started feeling sick but apparently this is normal. Just as this started to pass the anaesthetic said hopefully you don’t feel sick anymore your baby is about to be born.No joke it does feel like someone is going washing up in your stomach with the pulling and tugging to get them out.  I think it was 3 minutes after the operation started Troy was lifted above the drapes and we had a baby son. 9.26am on 31/12/2019 our final piece of the puzzle joined us making us a complete family.

He went with Joe to get cleaned up and so that Joe could cut the cord. I remember laying there listen to the radio and the conversations going on around me. I could hear Troy crying which is a massive relief for any parent when they have a newborn. For sure he had some power in those little lungs of his. When he got weighed I could not believe it he was 9lb 9oz. We had a scan on the 20th December and he was an estimated 7lb 5oz then. His birth weight actually puts him on the 98thj  certile this is a lot more than Jess who was on the 75th. This is when I was offered skin to skin but due the fact I still had the shakes, this is something I declined I was scared I was going to damage to Troy.

Once the operation was complete I was transferred to my bed. I must admit this is one of the strange things because you have no feeling in your legs. They almost feel like they are in the last position that they were in before the spinal kicked in. On exit of theatre Troy was put in my bed which allowed me to hold him for the first time. I forgot how small and delicate newborns actually are. It was not long until he was downing the milk something which he has continued to do ever since. It was just before 6 when I was allowed to get up out of my bed. I think this has helped been mobile from an early stage has enhanced my recovery. It was not until mid afternoon anyway that I managed to regain feeling in my legs as the anaesthetic wore off.

Due to the winter bug it meant that there was restricted visiting hours apart from partners. This meant that Jess and my parents had to wait till 7pm at night to meet Troy. The funny thing is Joe has popped home to get some more milk for Troy. As he was drinking so much more than we packed but we had not expected him to be so large to be honest. They met in the car park, Jess already knew she had a baby brother as we had messaged them to inform them of the safe arrival of Troy. She has been obsessed with him ever since, she is settling into the roll of big sister so well.

We actually came out of hospital at 7am the next morning. The start of a new year with a new bundle of joy our final puzzle piece. For sure a new years eve which I will never forget.

Thank you for all the messages since the arrival of Troy. All the support while he was cooking in me when he was known as Player 4.

Charlotte xx




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