Perfect Garden for the Non-Gardener

As you know we have to purchase our first home this summer and a decent size garden is a must for family picnics, playtime and afternoons in the sun. However, as a busy mum finding time to maintain a garden is another story. With this in mind, I’ve been looking into the perfect garden for non-gardeners and here’s what I’ve come up with:

1.   Artificial Grass

I love the thought of having a perfect lawn all year round, minus the grueling cutting regime. Artificial grass would be the perfect solution for a stress-free, child-friendly garden. With little to no maintenance required, a brush down every now and then is enough to keep it looking fabulous – I’m sure I could squeeze that in the diary. The quick drying and synthetic materials means you no longer have our little ones grass-stained clothing or muddy footprints to contend with either – Perfect!

Save money on fitting costs by giving it a go yourself.

There are loads of DIY fitting guides available across the internet, meaning you save £££s by cutting out the middleman. The only costs to consider is the actual grass which is perfect for those on a tighter budget. If you are considering artificial grass for a family garden like me, you may want to go for a more dense range to cushion those inevitable trips and falls. Don’t worry this can be done on a budget too, just compare the pile weights.

2.   Artificial Plants

Artificial plants look amazing for next to no effort. Hang them up, pop them in place or wrap them around the trellis and your good to go. Growing in popularity there becoming more easily accessible too. Local supermarkets are now stocking a decent range. Check out this artificial hanging basket from Sainsbury’s. Just pop it up and forget about it – My kind of gardening! You do not even have to water it which is always a bonus.



3.   Decking / Paving

Sectioning off the garden creates more manageable chunks to contend with. If you have a bigger garden then decking or paving is perfect for cutting down the amount of natural grass or planters to trowel through. With next to no maintenance required, all that’s left for you to do is grab the garden furniture and enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

There we have it my top 3 recommendations for non-gardeners. If you’re not a fan of gardening either, then do let us know if you have any additional suggestions to cut down those garden chores!


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