Pancake Day- What do you have on yours?

Pancake Day is just around the corner would you believe. I know this is an occasion which many people look forward to every year. Pancake day for me has never been that huge. I prefer savoury things over sweet which could be one of the reasons. However, it is something which I can see Jess been very into because I know people will be speaking about it at Nursery. Since we have our own house this year I may give this tradition another try. I think I may make my own pancakes and see how they come out. Something which has always interested me about Pancake day is the range of different toppings people have.  I asked a number of bloggers to share what toppings will be donning their pancakes this year.

Lemon and Sugar, this is a traditional topping but it seems to still be one of the favourites. With Sophie,  Rebecca and Katie , Christy, Kate and Jess all opting to top their pancakes with this option. While Lianne takes this combination a little bit further and actually adds some blueberry jam to the topping for a twist on a classic.  Katie also has sugar but with vinegar a recipe from her Great Grandma which happened because lemon juice was very limited in the war times.

Nutella and Bananas-  I can see why people love this as it’s chocolate. This is not one which I will be opting for as I do not love Nutella, well any chocolate spread. Despite saying this I do actually want to try the maltesters one.  I know many people who love it though so I can see why it is so popular.  Apparently, this is the only way for Jenny to go when it comes to toppings.

Lotus Biscoff Spread and Vanilla Ice Cream this sounds like it could be really nice. I have seen so many people rave about the Lotus spread recently I still haven’t tried it.  Kate may have inspired me to try this one because it is not something which I would have ever thought about before. I am always up for ice cream for sure it’s amazing . I would never have thought of having it with pancakes. Several people have said they have ice cream as a topper.  Anna, however, has a topping of ice cream, tinned cherries and also chocolate sauce.  This is one which I can get involved with as well because it has some fruit which I seem to be loving at the moment.

Golden Syrup– Oooo this is something which we do have in which means I would not have to by more. I think this would be a bit too sweet for me let alone sticky.   Golden Syrup is something which I do enjoy when it is in something like a flapjack so I may be able to get away with it and be like Erica and Chantelle. 

Strawberries and Cream- Erica and Katie both said their children love to have strawberries and cream on their pancakes. I adore strawberries and they remind me of the summer. This could be a winner for me because it is not going to be too sweet. Plus it does mean that you can have strawberries and cream after Pancake Day.  If you want a fruity element without the cream Laura has blueberries and strawberries with Nutella which is another way to incorporate fruit into pancake day.

Chocolate, Squirty Cream and Sprinkles now this sounds like a child’s heaven of course. It is not surprising that Jess and Eva stated that this is something their children love. I can see if you have a sweet tooth how you would be able to eat this but for me, it would be too much sugar. Jess would love sprinkles,  I think this could be due to looking pretty.  This topping may be one which I do for Jess and we have nearly everything in.  I am sure that this topping is very popular with the younger ones and it would look amazing on Instagram after all.

Strawberry Jam- this is something which I think is very different. Jam is something which of course I adore and have in because I use it with toast.  If this is a topping I am not a huge fan of like Jenny  I know Jess would finish the rest of it because it is one of her favourites.  This is one which I can imagine could get messy but I think that is half of the fun when it comes to pancake day.

Maple Syrup and Sugar- Now this is a combo according to Nikki who says it is what she has on her pancakes it is the flavour of the syrup and the crunch of the sugar which makes it so good.  This is one which I am not going to try.  Personally but I always think it is very interesting to see what different things people like their topping.  In a similar kind of vain Janet and Joanne like to put maple syrup and bacon together on top of her pancakes, I know this is a very American and Candian thing. The mix of sweet and savoury is something which I know I would struggle with. I know people say do not knock something till you have tried it.  For me, this is not something I fancy.  I will keep bacon for sandwiches instead.

Grated Cheese– now I know that you are all thinking that this is a very strange one. However, pancake mix is the same as Yorkshire puddings so there is nothing saying your topping has to be sweet.  Cheese is something which I adore according to Hayley you melt the cheese and then fold the pancake. This almost sounds like it is going to be like a calzone. I love cheese this sounds like it could be a perfect topping for me I am a cheese fiend.  If I do not try that this year for Pancake day it is something which I am going to try at some stage.

Tuna Mayo and Grated Cheese- now apparently this is one which you can not knock til you have tried it according to Julie.  For sure this is going to be one which most people would not think about at all because most people go for sweet things. I actually love tuna mayo  I am unsure if this is something which I would put on top of pancakes. I wonder how many of you are actually going to end up trying this one now.  Jacket potato I can imagine this on but not pancakes for sure this is different again I want to know how she actually ended up coming up with this combo.

Apple Sauce and Cinnamon- this is something which screams America to me for some reason. Maybe it is because they seem to love cinnamon out their. This sounds intriguing to me because it sounds almost like an apple pie of some sorts without the pastry. I  can imagine that this one is not going to be super sweet either.  It also has a lot of things which people may have in because there is nothing worse than only using something once and then having it in the cupboards for months. Thanks for sharing Jenni this different combination.

Melted Creme Egg– Now as someone who prefers their cream eggs cold and straight from the fridge this does not appeal. This could be super sweet it does sound so naughty but of course, if you are on the team which love creme egg this could be one for you to try. I think that it will be one which I will give a miss.  I do actually wonder how Beth came to find that she liked this combo.

Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Sauce– this is something which does actually sounds amazing because one of my favourite ice creams is this flavour.  The dark chocolate is going to help if the raspberries are actually bitter this does sound like one which I would love to try. I may have to try and get my hands on some dark chocolate sauce.   It is not one which I would have thought about doing before Emma shared this as her topping. It may be a contender for me now if I choose to make some pancakes this year.


As you can see there is a wide range of different toppings that people have on their pancakes. Is what you love on the list or has nobody mentioned it let me know in the comments below.

Charlotte xxx






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