ELF Discount

When flicking through my emails tonight I have noticed that ELF have extended their 50% off for St David’s day till 10.30am GMT on the 5/3/13. This is tomorrow morning girls I thought I would tell yo about this just in case you hadn’t see this and are thinking about now placing an order. The […]

Nail Varnish Tag

Favourite nail polish company? I think I would have to say w7 or nail inc depending on my mood Glitter or no glitter? Glitter but I hate removing it OPI, China Glaze or Essie? I have only tried Essie so I guess that When do you change your nail polish? I change it when it […]

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Massive thank you to Alexia you should all go and check her amazing blog.The Liebster Blog Awards rules: Share 11 things about yourself Answer 11 things about that your tagger has given you Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 GFC Think […]

8 Things I looking forward to in March

The weather becoming warmer hopefully allowing me to get ballet pumps out Easter  Been able to talk to someone soon My best friends 18th Weekend away in London Using some products up and getting the bank balance up Having more fun with my blog 2 weeks of college What you looking forward to in March? […]

On my nails this week #1

As you can see this has started to chip this is because I should have taken a picture when I did instead of 3 days after painting them. I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date and it is the only one I own now in […]

Whats’s in my Avon bag #1

I thought seen as my Avon order came recently I would share what I purchased with you guys. I don’t think that I have seen any blogger do this kind of haul so that kind of why I started this.Starting at the front then the pink coloured lipstick packaging is Color trend kiss’n’go lipstick in Heartbeat Red I actually bought this […]

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