Use Up Challenge Beauty #1

Hi I have decided that I am going to do a challenge to use some of the product that I own up so I can have some more room and also try other products. I am going to do one month beauty products and the next month make up so that I always have some to use.The […]

On my nails this week #3

Hi Guys I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. Feelunique see this and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there. I know I say the same […]

Would you rather beauty tag

I saw this tag going around on a number of blogs and thought I would do it. 1. Only be able to wear eye makeup or face makeup? Definitely only wearing eye makeup for me. I often don’t wear foundation because I like to give my skin a chance to breathe and I don’t feel […]

Essie Nail Varnish Bargain

Hi I you know that love nail varnishes so when I stumbled this bargain on Louise’s Blog. It was from Buyapow this site allows you to get it cheaper if more people purchase the deal this is a co-buying site. This product has gone down to the best price which is £6.95 plus £1.95 p+p. I have not got that […]

On my nails this week #2

I know that I have missed out a week or two of what’s on my nail and this is because I have not been painting them. I thought I would update you with what I have this week on. I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. […]

10 things I have enjoyed this week #1

10 things that I have enjoyed this week Managing not to purchase anything that I didn’t need  Getting the grade I need to keep me on track to go to uni My favorite rugby team winning  Having a nice walk to clear my head Getting into double figures of followers on my blog Having a good catch […]

ELF Discount

When flicking through my emails tonight I have noticed that ELF have extended their 50% off for St David’s day till 10.30am GMT on the 5/3/13. This is tomorrow morning girls I thought I would tell yo about this just in case you hadn’t see this and are thinking about now placing an order. The […]

Nail Varnish Tag

Favourite nail polish company? I think I would have to say w7 or nail inc depending on my mood Glitter or no glitter? Glitter but I hate removing it OPI, China Glaze or Essie? I have only tried Essie so I guess that When do you change your nail polish? I change it when it […]

Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. Massive thank you to Alexia you should all go and check her amazing blog.The Liebster Blog Awards rules: Share 11 things about yourself Answer 11 things about that your tagger has given you Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 GFC Think […]

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