8 Fears

Hi Guys

I warn you this post is not going to be one of the most happy post that I have ever done

1. I am scared that I don’t fit in because I am too strange/ random and this is something that I worry about when I do anything new.

2. I am scared that I will end up self harming again because I have had a few testing times which I could have ended up doing it again but this is not something I want to do

3. I am scared of the dentist I think it is because I had a horrid one when I was a child and it all stems back to this.I seem to have a pretty nice one at the moment 

4. I have a fear of been burgled I have no clue why maybe its because I don’t want anyone to go through the things I own and that really freaks me out for some reason

5. I am scared for life without electric because everything seems to run on this now and I would be so lost without this to think I would not be able to blog wow that would be strange.

6. I am scared of falling in love because I have developed trust issues and this is not something nice to have because you doubt everyone who seems too nice.

7. Not having money scares me because I want to always be comfortable so that I can do what I want in my life and if I want to move to Oz I have to have at least 5,000 in my account to get a visa

8.  I am scared of opening up because when I have done this before people have hurt me and this is not something which I want to happen to me again

What are you scared of

Charlotte x

9 Loves

Hi Guys

Here are the 9 loves and this was hard just to limit this to this number

1. My family they mean the world to me I have realised how much that they mean to me now that somethings have not gone the way I want them to in my life but at least it has brought us closer as a family and this is something I am glad about. 

2.Sport there is something about this that I really do enjoy I am unsure what it actually is but it always draws me in and if you ever come to my house I bet you that sky sports news is on even more so if I am alone.

3. Beauty otherwise I would not have a beauty blog it would be about something else so this may see very obvious but it needed to be said

4.Travelling I am going to do a section on my blog soon about places in the world that I want to go and see I may not have seen much yet but this something that I really want to change in the next few years.

5. I love my goldfish because I feel like he is one of the only people that can’t judge me and then I can tell him anything and we will not share it because he can’t

6. I love the internet because I have met so many people through it that I don’t think that I would have ever met before in my normal life/

7. I love books because it helps me forget parts of my life for so long and makes me believe like I am actually in the book where everything seems so simple

8. I love pasta I have no clue why but this has to be my favourite food I would have it for every meal if I could but I know I can’t

9. I love sitting in the dark with the candles on because I find it so relaxing and I love it even more if I am alone for some reason strange I know

I hope you are enjoying this series 
Charlotte x

10 Secrets

Hi Guys seen as I have got lots of college work to do I have decided to this as they are very easy to do any seem popular on other blogs.

So 10 secrets

1. I don’t want children I never have one day maybe I might adopt who knows but I know now that I don’t want to create a child myself because they are so many children in the world who are born without parents who want them.

2. I was a tom boy I started wearing makeup properly at 16. I still wear some things that you might class as boy clothes but I don’t care I wear what I like and feel comfortable in.

3. I really want tattoos but I want to wait till I know what I want because I know that they last forever and I don’t want to rush into getting something and then regretting it for the rest of my life.

4. I have never broke a bone as I write this I have soft tissue damage in my left foot though so it shows I am still human

5. I didn’t have a boyfriend till the age of 17 we went out for 2 months and now we don’t speak

6. I am a massive fan of rugby league and one day want to be a sports physio for a club in Australia

7. I have had penpals but then they always seem to stop writing to me after a couple I wonder why

8. Since creating my blog I have spent more time looking at other peoples and taking inspiration and buying more products.

9. I would rather be in on a Friday night than out because I am a homebird this might change when I can legally drink

10. I never have owned anything from Lush which hopefully I will change soon so recommend me some products below.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Charlotte x 

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Guys 

I have kindly been nominated for this award by Jenni from Jenni My Style. I am so suprised about this as I have only been blogging a short while and irregular recently.

Firstly, here are the rules:1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Include a link to their blog3. Select 15 new blog/bloggers you’ve recently discovered4. Nominate these bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

So here goes…

1. I love reading books and must have over 100 to read
2. I love playing apps on my iPhone
3. I never have a job as none wants me
4. Only a few people know about my blog
5. I like meeting new people from other countries
6. I would love one day to live in Australia
7. I adore sports

I have only selected 4 because I have found it hard to find anyone who hasn’t done it but if you want to do and haven’t I tag you

Louise / confessionsofasecretshopper
Sarah /sarahsbeautyemporium
Haley/ girlmeetsglamourworld.blogspot

Charlotte x

Use Up Challenge Beauty Update #1

Hi sorry for no posts last week had only mobile internet.

I thought that I would update you in the use up challenge so you  know how I am doing.

The Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter

I have used this a few times this week after I have had a bath. I have now hit pan on this product I would say that I still have around 25% left which is pretty good if I keep using it at this rate hopefully by the end of the month this product will be empty. 

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

I have been very bad this week and only actually used this once this week naughty me I know I should use this every night but I have been so in need of my sleep this week. I would say that there is also around 25% left so if I want to use this up this month I need to use it more regular.

Palmolive Soft And Gentle Roll On

I have had not used this this week because of the fact that I have been using my impulse to try and get rid of that it is hard to judge how much of this product is left but hopefully I will get this used up by the end of the month I guess I might if I start using the product.

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Toner

I have used this product once because this week I have been rejecting my skincare routine over sleep but I noticed that there is around 10% of this product left so I use this normally this week I might soon have this used up maybe this week or next.

Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze

This I have used once because of the fact that my nails  have only been painted once this week . There is still around 50% left which I am not happy about as I really am not liking the product and can’t see me using this up this month.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo

I used this once when I was in a rush the other day so I have not used an amazing amount of this product this week but I think that there is only around 20-25% left of this product which means I will need to by a new one soon.

Avon Nail Experts Nail Varnish Remover

I have used this once on myself and once on my mum this week but I feel like this product is not going down but now there around 10-15% left so depending on how much I paint my nails this product could be gone in a couple of weeks.

Fergie Outspoken Perfume

This I have sprayed when I have been going out which has only been a couple of times this week so I will not have used that much but this product seems to be ever lasting and I still have around 25% of this left so it is unknown if I will get it finished this month but hopefully.

Solutions Vibes Cleansing Pads

Ewww this product that I hate so much really don’t like using so I am glad that there is only 8 left of them so if I use one every time that I get a bath they should be gone before the end of the month which I will be so happy about.

Belle Cuticle Oil

I have used this twice this week which is not bad for me because I used to forget about using it which is not good but after these uses I have found that there is around 5% left which makes me sad because liked this product but I can’t find it anywhere so I have had to buy another brand of cuticle oil.

Impluse Goddess

This I have used 5 days out of 7 because I have not been doing to much that I can’t use it so this has left me with around 10-15% of it left it is hard to tell when it is in tin though. I will not be using this as much from now on as I am back to college tomorrow and can’t use it for that so its back to after baths where I don’t shave under arms. Hopefully this will be used in the next few weeks 

Outspoken Intense Body Spray

I would say that there is about 80% of this left if not more I have not been using this as I have been trying to use up the Impluse Goddess first as I know there is less in this so maybe I will not get this used up this month.

What products are you trying to use up.

Charlotte x

Use Up Challenge Beauty #1

Hi I have decided that I am going to do a challenge to use some of the product that I own up so I can have some more room and also try other products. I am going to do one month beauty products and the next month make up so that I always have some to use.

The Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter

Don’t get me wrong I love their body butters but I am sick to death of this winter/christmas smell I have had it on the go since around January time because it is so thick and the tubs are so large they last for ever and I have loads of small body butters to try out so this is why.

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

I have had this bottle on the go since around October time I feel like it maybe is not going anything for my skin now because I have been using it for around 2 years just different bottles. I think I have one more bottle of this in my stash but if I don’t I want to try Superdrug’s own Tea Tree Cleanser because it is cheaper than this one.

Palmolive Soft And Gentle Roll On

I have had this open for as long as I can remember and basically I am just sick of seeing it so this is the reason I want to get this product used up. I don’t really enjoy using roll on so this is another reason that I want this product gone. 

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Toner

I have had this bottle on the go since around October time I feel like it maybe is not going anything for my skin now because I have been using it for around 2 years just different bottles. I think I have one more bottle of this in my stash but if I don’t I want to try Superdrug’s own Tea Tree Toner because it is cheaper than this one.

Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze

This is a product that I really don’t like I feel that it doesn’t it freezes my nail varnish it makes little bumps on the nail varnish and I also think that you can get a cheaper alternative which I will be featuring soon. I have had this since last summer so will not be sorry to see it go.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo

I got the plan one and this is not something that I really like I would rather have the one which smells of something like the tropical one so I want to use this one up so that I can use the ones which I like best even though I will have to purchase this.

Avon Nail Experts Nail Varnish Remover

I only want to get this product used because I have a lot of nail varnish remover to use up because of the fact that I always seen to lose it and then end up purchasing some more.I would repurchase this again when I have used some more up.

Fergie Outspoken Perfume

I must have had this for around 1 1/2 years it is a perfume that I don’t mind but I am starting to get bored of the smell and also it is now it is really hard to get any of it out because of the fact I think that the pump has decided to give up life.

Solutions Vibes Cleansing Pads

I bought this from Avon because I thought that they would be good on the machine that it came with but I have found that they leave my face really foamy which means that you have to wash it off and then it feels like there is no benefit to your skin from using this product.

Belle Cuticle Oil

The only reason that I want use this product up is because of the fact that I have lost the lid and this means that I am scared that I will knock this product over and end up wasting the rest of it which is not something that I want to happen.

Impluse Goddess

This product I want to use up because of the fact that I think that it is close to been used up and also it is not that amazing when you are doing a lot during the day I feel like it doesn’t actually give you enough support so this is why I am not that bothered about using it up.

Outspoken Intense Body Spray

I want to use this because of the fact it is not that amazing when you are doing a lot during the day I feel like it doesn’t actually give you enough support so this is why I am not that bothered about using it up.

What products are you trying to use up comment below

Charlotte x

On my nails this week #3

Hi Guys

I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. Feelunique see this and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there. I know I say the same ever time but you really do need to own this.

For the main nail polish I have used Essie Nothing Else Metals. This is only two coats of the nail varnish and it has lasted around 4 days without chipping which is great. I chose to use this colour because of the fact that it is something that a lot of people give you compliments on and also it was the first one I found when looking for a nail varnish. I picked this up for £3 at The Original Factory Store but you can pick it up at Superdrug for £7.99 here. I have a random star pattern on my ring finger this was done by a lovely assistant in Hamley’s who was trying to sell me a stamping nail art set. I was good and didn’t purchase this.

Finally to seal my nail varnish I used Sally Hanson Hard As Nails which is the best top coat that I have used that is clear. I did pick this bottle that I am using up in The Original Factory Store for £3. You can purchase this from Boots here.

Do you own any Essie Nail Polish if so which one do you love? Leave a comment below

Charlotte X

Would you rather beauty tag

I saw this tag going around on a number of blogs and thought I would do it.

1. Only be able to wear eye makeup or face makeup?
Definitely only wearing eye makeup for me. I often don’t wear foundation because I like to give my skin a chance to breathe and I don’t feel like foundation lets it breathe.
2. Cut off all your hair or never cut your hair?
Never cut my hair because I hate doing it anyway
3. Always have to wear clothes either too big or too small?
I hate tight clothes so this would have to be too big
4. Only buy clothes or makeup if you were given £1000?
I would say clothes because I have lost weight so need some new ones
5.Wear lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick?
I think eyeliner as lipstick to avoid my eyes looking like a disgusting and sticky pink mess
6.Wear MC hammer (harem) pants or cycling shorts?
Neither but I would have to say harem pants if I had to choose
7. Never be able to fill in your eyebrows or use a sharpie marker to do them?
Never fill in my eyebrows because I never do anyway!
8.Never pluck your eyebrows or never shave your legs?
I would never shave my legs and wax them instead
9. Never shop at MAC or only shop at MAC?
Never shop at MAC because I only have a few of their lipsticks
10.Only wear one shade of eyeshadow or one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life?
I think only wear one shade of lipstick, I like experimenting with my eyeshadows too much to let them go.
11. Wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
I Live in England we don’t have seasons we have them all in one day
12. Never be able to paint your nails again or never wear lipgloss?
Never wear lipglodd I would use lipstick instead I paint my nails like twice a week and couldn’t stop so.

Have you do this tag if you have post your link below

Charlotte x

10 Things that I have enjoyed this week #3


I know this late but this is because I have had an amazingly busy week.

  1. Going to London with my best friend
  2. Eating at Nando’s which is not somewhere I have been for a while
  3. Going first class in a train for the first time
  4. Going on an Easter hunt with tesco to get free Malteaster Bunny
  5. Finally been able to tell people and not lying
  6. Having some time off college
  7. Finally getting a book to complete the I heart series 
  8. Finding some nice dress on ASOS with 25% student discount
  9. Getting my first easter egg this year
  10. Having a gorgeous chocolate cake
What are you looking forward to this week?

Charlotte x

Essie Nail Varnish Bargain


I you know that love nail varnishes so when I stumbled this bargain on Louise’s Blog. It was from Buyapow this site allows you to get it cheaper if more people purchase the deal this is a co-buying site. This product has gone down to the best price which is £6.95 plus £1.95 p+p.

I have not got that many Essie polishes so I decided that I need to purchase some more. There was only 50 of these available there is only 11 left now. The colours which you receive in the cube is binki so teeny,mojito madness,fear or desire and finally off the shoulder.

If you bring in the most co-buyer it means that you will get it for free. If you purchase one don’t forget to click on mine Charlotte Zealey in the co-buyer leaderboard so that I can get this possibly for free. Click here if you want the deal

Have you purchased this?

Charlotte X