June Empties 2015

Hi Guys

Today I have decided that I am going to do something which I have never done on my blog previously and do an empties post.  I realised how many products I have to actually use up and have open before I move into my new uni house.

The first product I used up was the Timotei Vivid Colour Conditioner  this is a pretty cheap conditioner for me to use to be honest. Saying that I did not find that I used a lot more of this conditioner compared to when I use Aussie. This is a conditioner which I would purchase again if I saw it and did not have the money to spend on Aussie or Tigi which I know really works for my hair.

I also used up The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub this is a lovely scrub it smelt amazing which is always a bonus when you are putting the product all over your body. I feel like this scrub was not too harsh on the body which is always a benefit, I am gutted that this scent of body scrub was special edition and they no longer stock it however I would repurchase a different scent in this.

Another product which I have had for a long time is the Soap And Glory Hand Maid Cleansing Gel I found this in one of my bags when I was changing bags and decided that I have had it for so long so I need to use it up.  I really loved the scent of this however I found this was a very watery product for for an antibacterial gel this could have been due to the fact that I have had it open for a long time and should have used it before. I might repurchase this again in the future however have started using on from Primark which is so much cheaper.

The Superdrug Vitamen E eye make up remover is something which I picked up on a whim because my other make up remover was running out so I just grabbed one when I was in the store. I have to report the fact that I actually really like it so much that I have repurchased it which is amazing for me because make up remover is one of those things I just change up. If anyone is looking for a cheap thick cream make up remover I would recommend trying this product,

Samples are a thing which I am drowning in currently due to the fact I used to have multiple subscription boxes and sometimes get goody bags at events which I get to attend through my blog, The Activbod cooling finishing lotion  is a sample which I received I think it was in January Birchbox. This is a product which I used to use on my feet after work when my feet felt like they where on fire and I must admit it was something which cooled my feet down. This product I must admit is very sticky which is one of the reasons I am unsure if I would repurchase this again however if ever see this product I may be tempted or if I ever see it on offer,

Primark Nail varnish Remover Pads these where something which I purchased one day when I was on my way somewhere and could no longer stand the fact of how chipped my nails were. However these nail varnish remover pads were not the best they were quite dry which meant that you used a few to get off tough nail polish, This tub is something which has just sat on my desk since that day and I noticed them a few weeks ago and decided that I would use them up so I did not have to move them. They are not something I would repurchase again but they did the job for what I needed at the time.

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads are something which I have heard may bloggers rave about so I decided that I would pick them up. Wow they are as amazing as everyone says they are. They are actually soaked in the product which for me is a good thing because I like the pads to be wet and they are. This is a product which I would definitely repurchase in the future currently I am using the gel version of this product which I got in a bundle when I got these. Currently these pads are half price at boots so if you are thinking purchasing these now would be a good time.

The final item which I have used up is just a basic aquafresh toothpaste which is something which we all have to use there is nothing special about this product and I will admit that I am not most loyal when it comes to toothpaste I will just grab whatever is cheapest or on offer and at the time I need it it most.

Have you tried any of these products let me know what you thought about them if you have?

Charlotte x

2 Shades of Pink

Hi Guys 
Today I am sharing with you two nail varnishes which I think I rotated on my nails constantly in the month of May. Both are different shades of pink one been a very light shade of pink almost a pastel kind of shade and the other been a bright almost neon shade,

The paler shae which is almost a coral shade of pink if that makes any sense is Essie Virgin Orchid. I picked up this shade a long time ago and it is one which I have rarely used. However when I was shopping my stash I found it and decided that it is a perfect colour which I should really wear more because it is a perfect colour and is not too bright.

The bright shade is Ciate Electronica which is a matte shade. This s a shade that I think I got in the advert calender which I had at christmas, I feel like it is a really summer shade and this is something which I have been trying to get in the summer mood. I really wish I could find this colour in a full size because this is only the mini.

What have you had on your nails recently?

Charlotte x

Boots Bits #1

Hey Guys

So in the middle of this month I popped into boots because I decided that I wanted to pick up some new bits because I was getting bored of what I had in my collection.

First I added to my basket the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 52 Vanilla  I decided to get this because I didn’t have a foundation which was not too heavy coverage and was more than a BB cream, I have read some reviews on this foundation and decided that I would pick it up and see what I think of it.

With the weather getting warmer I decided that now could be a good time to get a BB cream as I don’t like wearing foundation as much in the summer, I picked up the Rimmel BB cream Matte in light.I don’t know if it is just me but this seems to be a really dark shade for the start of a line however if I get a bit of a tan or fake tan this might be a match for my skin. Since then I have picked up the Bourjois CC Cream in Ivory and have fallen in love with it let me know if you want a review on it.

For when I wanted a higher coverage I decided that I was going to get the Revlon Colour Stay in Buff. I will say that this foundation lasts all day and gives a beautiful amount of coverage. I managed to have it on for around 17-18 hours and I could see it was still in place before I removed it so I would recommend this if you are looking for a hard working foundation.

The final base product I picked up was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 53 dark radiance now I will admit that I picked the wrong shade up when I was in store and I meant to get the lightest shade but I am going to work with it and see what I think due to the fact it doesn’t look that dark , However I am also going to get the correct shade that I need in the next few weeks in order to try it properly.

I seem to have had a stage of losing all my eyeliners and for the life of me can not think where they have gone which means that I have had to repurchase a new black and also a nude one.I decided that I would just go an repurchase the Rimmel Scandel Eyes Kohl Liner.I both shades because I know that I get on with these trusty products

The final eye product which I picked up is the Loreal Color Riche Mono in Chamilion . This is a beautiful shade when you are doing a nude smokey eye and a colour which can be worn every single day. There is not a swatch of this product due to the fact that I can not get it to photograph and it to show up.

The last three products which I picked up were the Maybelline Color Drama Lipsticks , In order of the swatches top to bottom they are In with coral,Fushia Desire and Love my pink. I have worn these shades a few times now since I picked them up and have found that they are so easy to wear and they last a long time even when eating and drinking. 
What was your favourite thing that I picked up in this haul and if you want to see full reviews on anything please let me know in the comments. 
Charlotte x 

Update Time

Hi Guys
I am really sorry not posed on here since way back in January. One of the reasons is I have been so busy with uni work when I have not been doing that the last thing I wanted was to come on my laptop and write posts. Hopefully this will improve now as I have 3 weeks off which will be spent revising followed by 3 exams. After this period of time I hope not to be working late into the night so can create content for you guys.
I seem to have something happening every weekend since the start of February and this does not look like calming down way into May, Some of the weekends which are coming up I might share with you. Up to now I have not done so due to the pure fact a few of them have just been to watch rugby or spend some time with family which has not really something which I thought you would be interested in let me know if I am wrong. 
I spent valentines day with my boyfriend which was amazing he cooked me a chicken stirfry and we watched Hanna. Watching films is something which we love to do to do together. I am gutted that we can not go and see the new fast and furious film together guess I will have to take my brother instead saying that waiting 3 weeks to see the new avengers film will also be a killer but due to the fact we can not be together any time sooner after it is released I guess I will have to wait. 
What have you guys been up to?
Charlotte x

Recently on my Face

Hey Guys

As you maybe know if you have read my post last week I am on a spending ban meaning I can’t purchase any more make up. This had made me look in my stash and see what old favourites I could find and that is what I have done and am going to share with you today.

The first week back at uni and my skin was looking really tired due to the lack of sleep so I  wanted a foundation which was going to make me look awake. This is when I decided to reach for my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory. I might have cheated a little bit here as I only purchased this just before christmas when I wanted more than a tinted moisture. This is a product which I can see me reaching for every day for a while .

For concealer I again decided to go with a product from the same range and it is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory. This covered any blemishes which I had which seemed to be a fair few after everything that I had eaten and drunk over the christmas period. It made my undereyes look reduced which is something I need after some horrid sleep. This is another product I can see me using for the long term.

Way back in June you may remember me going to the Essence launch. One of the products I received there was the Essence Silky Touch Blush in 20 Babydoll. It amazes me that this blush is only £2.50 it gives you an amazing subtle pink glow without been to shimmery. This is product is one which I must admit I have been reaching for a lot since around September time when I found it again.

Talking of Essence I have also been using one of their mascaras the Essence Lash Mania False Lash Mascara. Now I don’t know if this mascara really looks like I am wearing false lashes but I will say it does give me a lot of volume which is something I did not expect for a £2.80 mascara. This product is one which I only found in around October time when I was looking through my stash.

For my eyes I use the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion  I only have the travel size and I know it is in the old packaging this is because I have had it so long but I have nearly used it all up. I find this just makes my eye shadow stay on all day which is something I want when using cheaper eyeshadows which sometimes seem to disappear throughout the day, This is something which I love but want to use up before it completely dries up.

For eyeshadow I rediscovered the Avon 8 in 1 neutral tones palette now I will admit I have not bought anything for over a year from Avon so I have had this a fair time. I have hardly used any of the shades but I found this palette so wearable and easy to create looks everyday. I might do a review and show you some of the looks I have been creating with this.

To prepare my lips for when I have wanted to wear lipstick I have been using Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub. I feel like this has got rid of all of the dead skin which you get on your lips in the winter months and has helped me prepare for if I want to wear a matte lipstick in particular. I would recommend this to anyone I use it all throughout the winter months and a pot lasts forever.

When I attended an event last year in the goodie bag was a Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm. At the time I just put it into my stash and never used it until just before christmas when I found it again it is one of the most hydrating lip balms I have ever used which just make me so happy because I have horrid dry lips when I have not moisture them

What products have you been using recently

Charlotte x

Inecto Pure Coconut Nourishing Moisture Creme Review

Hey Guys

Today I thought I would share with you a body creme which is so thick it reminds me of the texture of the Body Shop Body Butters but that soaks into the skin at a much faster rate.

The body creme is 100% coconut oil which means it has an amazing smell everytime you use it and it doesn’t smell really fake like some products do. This product aims to hydrate dry skin and this is something I can preach for I have horrid dry legs after shaving in the winter months and this product has made my legs feel so much more normal and hydrated.

A small amount of this really goes a long way which is strange as you can get your hands on this product for only £2 from Chemist Direct usually with cheap body products the cheaper their are the more you can end up using.

Has anyone else tried anything from this brand?

Charlotte x

Enough is Enough

Hey Guys

While at home recently I realised how big my make up ,nail and other beauty collection. I thought about the amount of products that I have been lucky to receive to review or them which I have received at events or even bought myself which I have never tried out.

Been a student I don’t have a huge amount of money spare so I have decided until Easter or the day that I leave uni for it I can not purchase any beauty items unless I have nothing that I can use instead of the product which has run out.  When I go home for Easter I plan on bringing more of my stash so I can use even more products up.

This means that I will not be doing beauty hauls on my blog however you are going to see items which are in my stash which you may have in yours. Last night I took part in the #bbloggers chat on twitter and realised how many other people are doing this so lets motivate each other into using products up.

Let me know if you are using items up from your stash or shopping normally.

Charlotte x

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Deep Pore Treatment Toner Review

Hey Guys
I have decided that this year I am going to do more reviews on my blog as it is something that you all seem to enjoy reading. I have decided that I am going to kick this off with a toner as many people don’t seem to review them.
The toner which I have been using for the past few months is the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Deep Pore Treatment Toner a mouthful right. This toner is available for just over the £5 mark and usually can be found on offer. I had only heard good things about the brand Clearasil and for this price I decided I was going to try it out as it claims visibility clearer skin in as little as 12 hours,
I used this product twice a day morning and night like recommend on a cotton pad all over my face and neck. However I did not find that any dirt was coming off this could be due to the fact my cleanser was working. I also found that when I was using this toner my skin was getting tighter making my pores small which is always good but as well as this it was stripping all the oil from my face which meant that my skin which is dry already was becoming even dryer. 
I was glad to get to the bottom of this toner because of the reasons stated above. This may be good on other skin types but for me and my dry skin it wasn’t the most effective. I have now started the Lush Tea Tree toner so look out for a review on this in the next few months.
Have you tried this toner? What did you think about it?
Charlotte x

Christmas And New Year Nails

Hey Guys

I have decided that I am going to today share with you what was on my nails over the festive period. I usually use glitter around this time due to the fact I feel it is like the only time glitter is acceptable on yours nails anyone else feel like this.

The purple coloured nail is the one which I had for Christmas I created this by using my trusted Essie all in one base coat  to protect my nails from the nail polish staining. Two coats of  Nails Inc Holland Park created the purple I had picked this up a few days before it is one of their Neon range something I have not tried before but if I saw any more of their polishes from this range I may have to pick them up. While searching through my stash I found a silver glitter that I hadn’t used in a really long time and decided to use this it was a colourtrend glitter top coat in Silver Plated. I forgot on this occation to use a top coat so this combination ended up chipping in around 2/3 days as I was constantly using my hands.

For New Year I decided I wanted a similar look so again used the base cat which would be one of my favourite base coats ever I am sure. For the blue while I was flicking through I found a nail polish I loved all through summer Maybelline Color Show in Cool Blue. This is a colour I feel I am going to get more and more wear out of when the weather becomes warmer for £2.99 you can’t go wrong. The glitter is actually a gold topcoat from the colourtrend it is Gold Flecked . I did use a top coat it is the Sally Hansen Nail Shine Miracle. This has lasted a good 4/5 days I am going to top up the chips as I am going out tonight and don’t have time to change my nails completely.

What did you have on your nails this festive season?

Charlotte x

Blogmas Day 3- Christmas Candle

Hey Guys
Today I am going to share with you two christmas candles which I have been burning this festive season.  As you can probably guess they are made by the same company just by looking at the beautiful glass jars they come in something which I will be keeping so I can burn some other candles in them.
The red one is Glade Apple and Cinnamon now could this sound any more festive.  This scent reminds me of when you are walking around the Christmas shops and they all have this definitive smell which you never can put your finger on apart from it smelling like Christmas but this really smells like it to me which is good because as this post goes up it is  9 days till Christmas and I am still at uni. 
The golden one is Glade Warm Spice which reminds me of just winter time is smell so warm and amazing which is something which I need in my room because my room is one of the coldest place in the world which is never good. This candle has been making my room feel warmer and has also made me feel a little less stressed which is always good when I have written  4500 words in two assignment over this month which is why we are on blogmas day 3 when it is actually the 16th.
What candles have you been burning this festive season
Charlotte x