Siblings May 2020

Another month has gone past that we have spend in lockdown. Of course, this means that Jess and Troy have been spending more time together. At nearly 5 months old this means that Troy is getting more of a personality. He is fast becoming my cheeky little monkey. This is something which Jess has loved […]

Newborn Baby Essentials

Today I am going to share with you some if the products which have been essential for us since we had Troy. I actually wrote this post when he was 3 months before lockdown happened.  The majority of the things we have had to purchase as we had sold or got rid of. After all […]

Books I Have Read In April 2020

This month there is more books than normal which I have read. I have managed to read a lot more because of the nice weather and lockdown. It has meant that I have been able to get some of the books in my collection down and read. I have been reading in an afternoon when […]

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