30 Day Challenge- Day 10 Best Trip of Your life

Hey Guys

Due to technical problems I have not been able to get this post up before today even though it was meant to go up on Sunday so I am sorry about this but at least you can read this now which is better than never been able to rather than never been able to read anyway on with the post.

Back in February 2010 more and the rest of family took a trip to Thailand the reason behind this was because it was one of my uncle’s 60th birthday in the August of that year but apparently it would have been the rainy season so that is why we didn’t go then. He choose Thailand because he actually has a house out there as well.We went on the trip with all of my aunties and uncles from my dad’s side of the family and one of my cousins.

I don’t actually have any photo’s of trip well I do but the reason behind this is because they are hard copies and without having to scan them and I am unsure if they would like to be featured on my blog and because it is 4 years ago they are so embarrassing for me.

What was your favourite trip?

Charlotte x

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9 What’s in my bag


Hey Guys

As you may remember I told you that I was going to complete the end of the 30 day blogging  challenge this month that I started back in July and just didn’t have the time to complete. I must admit it doesn’t feel like a month ago since I started this.

So today I am going to show you what is in my bag now I did take this a few days ago after a shift at work because this is about the only time that I carry a bag around at the moment due to the fact I have hardly being going many places since I have returned back from uni for various reasons.



This is the bag which I have been using and now I have ripped it and I need to find a way of fixing it anyway I got this bag reduced in Next Outlet at Cheshire Oaks back in May when my family came to see me just after my birthday. I think the is bag was reduced from £35 to £15 I wish I had bought two because I love this bag so much. It could fit loads in which meant it was amazing when I needed to carry everything to uni from my halls.


As you can there is not that much in my bag but I am going to go through what is in now starting at the top this is a ticket wallet from Cath Kidson now I know it is one of their old prints so you can’t get it now but in here I always have my railcard because lets face it you never know when you are going to want to take a train to see people or go see my boyfriend when he is back.

I also have my passport it is the only form of ID that I have so this means that if people don’t think that I am 18 I can be complimented and then it also means that I can drink alcohol which makes make happy because it relaxes me nooo I am not an alcoholic!!!!

There is my purse which I bought about a year and a half ago from River Island I love it because it allows me to have the notes straight so the stupid scan it yourself accept them and also it makes me feel like I know how much money I have which is usually not a lot been a student also it has a lot of room for your cards which mean that I can have more discount cards which I love.

You can also see the case for my camera which I just bought off Ebay not long ago and the reason which this is in my bag is due to the fact that I didn’t want my camera to get any more mark on it from the key which I in my bag and the rest of the things that are sharp.

I also have my back up charger in my bag because having an iPhone means that my phone is always running out of battery faster and faster so this means at I can charge it when I am on the go which means I can always be in touch with you guys and my family which is always good because I love been on social media a hell of a lot.

I also have my diary which reminds me when I am going to do things such as work and also when blog posts are going up because I will admit to you that I do schedule some of my posts when I know I am going to be busy so this reminds me when a post is going up and also what the post is. I don’t know water I would be without my diary now I do have an academic one because it is easier than having to change diary half way through a uni year. I always by my diaries from the works because I just find that they are a hell of a lot cheaper than the ones which you get in whsmiths and I like to save the pennies. 
I have my front door key because otherwise I would be locked out of my house a lot because they are never in the house due to working and other things which they choose to do. I just ha a love heart on my key which has the rugby club I supports logo on because it is something to make sure I know it is my keys and not somebody else’s.
You can also see my iPad which I carry around so I can wrote blog posts when I am on the go like now i am finishing this post off on my iPad it means if I get time when on some thing like a bus I c an who it and then publish when I get internet. I have the iPad mini 32gb and now I can’t imagine life without it it had made things so much simpler. I even use it in lectures for making reference to the slides which I can get on it even though my lectures think I am playing games on it. I have a standard black and white poka dot case on it which I bought off amazon because I need something to keep it in good condition.
The last thing which you could find in my bag is some book page markers which are like post it notes these are amazing when I need to mark a page in a uni text book because I need to read that chapter and they are also handy it I need to make a note about something and I don’t have the ability to write it in my phone due it been dead.
Usually my phone would be in my bag but that at the time was on charge shock and usually my camera but this was in my hands been used I always have my camera in case something excited comes up. Make up is usually in my bag as well though I had removed it because I wanted to do a post about make up in my bag which will be coming up soon.
What is in your bag I am intrested to know leave a link to yours in the comments below
Charlotte x 

FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam & After Cleansing Serum Review


Hey Guys

Today I am going to share with you my views on the Faceb4 daily cleansing foam and also their after cleansing serum. I was sent this product just after I had finished uni at a time when my skin was dreadful due to the stress and also rubbish I had been eating as I didn’t have time for proper meals.

This is a two step system you wet your face with water then apply the antibacterial wash leave this on for a minute and then rise off followed by adding the serum which you just leave and get on with  the rest of your day. This is done twice a day and for me this meant in the morning time and then again just before I was ready to go to bed.

The cleansing foam wash is a pump which has two bottles inside one which is a cleanser and the other bottle is a toner one thing which I don’t like about this it that it makes the packaging so bulky which would not be ideal if travelling and this is something I do a fair bit between home and uni. I  did like the foam which came out as a result of pumping the product down it was so lightweight which meant that it didn’t feel like it was clogging up my skin. I am a lazy girl sometimes and would try and use this to take my make up off which it didn’t do so I would recommend making sure that you have removed all your make up first to make sure you see the best results possible.

The after cleansing serum is supposed to help prevent blemishes and who knows if something ever really does that but hey it is always good to believe some of it right. The serum is very hydrating which is always a good thing when the sun is out because you lose so much moisture from the suns rays. If truth be known I don’t know how much better this serum is than other moisturisers which I have used which have had a lower price tag than this for example the simple one and also the derma v10 one both ones which I really enjoy using.

Overall I loved the products even  though they broke me out me out at the start which is perfectly normal when you change your skin care it is a sign of the new products working, Once I got over this stage which lasted on me a week maybe a week and a half I had some kind of reaction I think to thyse products because my skin started breaking out more and more. I stopped using them too see if it was this and it did stop but I am unsure if it is the products or something else such as stress and sun. I think I will put them up to the test for sure if/when I repurchase when back at uni and I am stressed with assignments and all that good stuff..

You can purchase the cleanser here for £14.95 and the serum here for £14.95 also.

Have you tried these products or any others similar that you think I should try let me know

Charlotte x

The Summer Tag

Hey Guys

Recently the weather has become nicer which has made me want to do the summer tag because I almost believe that it is summer. I have not been tagged to do this but decided to do it off my own back this post is currenlty been written with me laying in the garden.

1 What’s your favourite thing about Summer?

Having the sun on my back and been able to read for pleasure which is not something that I get to do when I am at uni because I have to read around my subject.

2.Do you have a favourite summer drink?

I don’t really I don’t have a drink which I in the summer months but I guess you could say that I drink more smoothies in these months when it is warm I may do some posts on the ones that I have made recently.

3. Is there a location that you like to go to every summer?

There is not but I do like been able to the sea side to get some fish and chips after a nice hot day this is something we actually got to do this last week and it was amazing due to the fact that I think it is one of the only things that you can do when it is too warm for all other food.

4. Favourite Make up for Summer?

Is it a shock that in the summer months I hardly wear any make up concealer mascara and blush and sometimes a dash of lipstick and that is usually me done even more so when it is really warm and I am trying to get a tan.

5. Dresses or skirts?

Shock I don’t own a skirt actually I may own one so for me it would have to be dresses or shorts I just think that they look better on me.

6.  Sandles or Ballet Pumps?

It would have to be ballet pumps for me I just think that they look nicer and it also means that you don’t have to have your toe nails painted which saves a lot of time it is always a blessing preferring pumps to sandles and I also think that they are easier to put on and don’t seem to rub on me.

7.  Do you prefer you hair up or down for summer?

On hot days when I have things to do I prefer it up so it is off my face and not in the way by getting stuck to me gross I know but when I don’t have things to do I would have it down because I hate always having it up maybe it is just me

8. Deep smokey eye or bold lip?

I would say bold lip because I think it screams summer to me more than an a smokey eye does but I do sometimes do a smokey eye when I am going for a night out but for every day in the summer months I would have to stick with a bold lip.

9. Favourite summer scent?

I am one of those people who change their scent not very often but in the summer months I change it so that I can use some of the smaller bottles of things such as body sprays and perfume that I have a little bit left of but if I am going out it has to be CK One Shock I love that so much. I feel a blog post to that beauty coming up

10. Finally favourite music for the Summer?

I am sure that summer is one of the only time of the year were I listen to what is in the charts this is because usually the must is uplifing and makes up think how amazing summer is which can be true I guess them back to what some people may call emo music in the autumn.

What’s you favourite part of summer?


The Fault In Our Stars Book Review

Hey guys
I decided to let the hype get to me and read one of the most popular summer book the fault in our stars. I wanted to read this before I went to see it in the cinema and I have still not been to see it and I might wait ch now till it comes on dvd.

The Blurb

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

My Review

To be honest, I might not have read this book if it wasn’t for the amount of praise it gets everybody at uni was speaking about this book before I finished,.So when I finally picked this up I was expecting to love it as much as everyone else, cry as much as everyone else I know people who have been in tears for up to an hour after they had finished reading it and also cried during it.

Me on the other hand had to keep trying to find what it was that everyone loved about it I kept thinking it was very simular to other books that are cancer books.It’s sad, yes, but what do you expect from a cancer book? I didn’t cry at all while reading this and I am not scared to cry at a book if I need to. TFiOS wasn’t anything like I expected, and not in a positive way. I didn’t find anything special about this book; it’s like any other one which doesn’t have as much of a hype.
I’m not saying TFiOS is horrible and you shouldn’t read it you might enjoy it but I am saying that you maybe disappointed because it might not live up to the hype in your eyes as well. This could be due to the fact that I seem to read more books than them who just decided to read a book when there is a huge hype about it.

What did you think about this book?

Charlotte x

Graze Box for Kids

Hey Guys

I am sure that most of you have heard of the company graze box a lot of bloggers have them and also advertise a lot with companys such as asos and also inside magazines.For those of you who have not graze are a company that send you a  personalised box which has 4 snacks inside. These snacks can be anything from flapjacks and brownies through to nuts, omega-3 rich seeds and beef jerky. You can choose from 100+ tasty treats and get your hand-picked snack box delivered to your home or work for free.

A while ago with my asos order I got a code for a free graze box. I have seen people who had them before who have done similar and reviewed them on their blog but I noticed people where getting things in them which I didn’t fancy so when I went on Graze.com I noticed that they have a children’s box which is the one which I ended up choosing.

As you can see in my box I received golden flapjack which tasted amazing. They taste than the ones which you get in a packet. I have not managed to get through the rest of the box which is a shame but I have tried a little bit of each of them and I must say that I was amazed by the quality of the products I didn’t excepted it as it has been in the postal system. I am really looking forward to having the rest of the chase balls and tomato sticks. Another good thing about graze that they fit through the letter box so it means you don’t have to be in when it comes. With it been the children’s box it has your name on it which makes you feel special no matter how old you are. 

If you are a new customer graze will send you a box free which allows you to try  the service and see if it is for you just visit graze.com. If you fancy it you can have a free box on your 5th box and 10th as well as your first using my code 


Have you tried Graze if so what did you think

Charlotte x

What’s on my nails #8 – Essence Spalsh

Hey Guys

Please ignore the state of my nails they are only in this condition because I have been trying to tidy my room and I seem to be losing my nails in the process which is not good. Hopefully this will stop now my room is nearly done.

I haven’t been painting my nails in such a long time so this is why you have not seen these types of posts for a while but hopefully while I am off for the summer I will have more of these.  For the base coat I used the Essie all in one base coat the bottle I have is a different colour but I assume this is the same product. I find this base coat doesn’t allow nail polishes which stain my nails to do so. I know it is not the cheapest base coat on the market but when you find one that works for you repurchase.

On my nails the main colour colour is Essence Splash! they launched now in the UK been sold in Wilkos stores and also they will be online at the end of July. I picked this colour up when I attended there launch in Manchester which you will see a post about soon if not already. This is only two coats on and as you can see you cant see my nails which is always a benefit because it means you have more applications in a bottle.Currently I don’t know the price which this product is going tyo retail for I think it is going to be around the £2.50 mark if I remember correctly. This lasted on my nails around 3 days without chipping which I seem to think is a good lasting power when you are always using your nails.

I decided that for my top coat I would use the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat which I seem to have had for ages and really should use it more because it is a products which works so well. I have not seen too many people who speak about this product at all but if you use your hands a lot and really like shiny nails this is the top coat for you. I have noticed that this is currently out of stock and has been out for a while so I am unsure if this product is been discontinued.

Are you looking forward to trying Essence nail polishes

Charlotte x

North West Bloggers Meet Up – 1st June

Hey Guys

Back on the 1st June I went to what was my second meet up hosted by Hannah and was held at  Revolution Bar in Liverpool’s Cavern Quarter. I met Rach and jumped on the train to Liverpool together. We was talking so much on the train we had to run to jump of the train because we had no clue we was at the stop we needed to get off till we asked people next to us.

We meet up with some other lovely bloggers before all heading to the event this is when we grabbed the biggest table that we could and started ordering cocktails as time went on we were having more and more of a giggle before been told to go upstairs were the event was actually been held. The girls I meet were Laura , Anita , Helena and finally Leanne . I am sure I have missed some girls out and if I have I am sorry about that I didn’t mean to.
Upstairs again we grabbed a big table towards the bar so we could continue having cocktails there were so delicious we couldn’t stop. We all grabbed a Krispy Kreme and this is is when a funny accident occurred but to find out what is was head over to Rach’s blog. 
There was a number of stalls one was a girl who was airbrushing make you but I didn’t manage to get any pictures of this I was to busy with the girls but I am sure it was amazing. There was also a stall which was showing you how they do semi permanent lash but this is not something again I managed to get a photo of.
There was a beautiful stand by green bubbles which are a brand that make beautiful soap,bath bombs and also other goodies such as lip balm. There was a couple of their items in the goodie bag which was a kind gesture. I also purchased two bath bombs which were lime and coconut and also a raspberry ripple which I will review here when I have used them .

There was also a lovely stall by teardrop who sell some amazing pieces and you can get hold of some of them on asos as they sell on the marketplace on there. I would have loved to buy some of them but I am actually in the process of going through and getting rid of my jewellery that I am not using and haven’t in a while.

We recieved some amazing goodie bags which included the following brands  Argan DewFemFresh,ViridianESPABenefitNair,  GreenBubbles, Hurraw!Nourish, Stylfile and
 Washi.I will be reviewing some of these products for you guys over the next few week and months and will be post them on here.

Did you attend or have you got some events coming up

Charlotte x

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 8 5 Current Goals

Hey Guys
Today in the second part of this challenge I am going to share with you 5 of my current goals. Some of them are my personal and some are my blog goals. I love been able to set goals because of the fact that I feel better when I achieve them.
My first goal is to in two years time have a sports science degree this is something which I am currently studying for. I may have only just completed first year but this doesn’t mean that I have not had sleepless nights and nights been up all night in order to revise and also complete assignments. Hopefully all of my hard work and the work which is to come means that I will have a good degree classification. 
Another goal is to be able to keep a long term relationship I know this is something stupid for people to say when they are young but I have not had a relationship which has lasted longer than a year and half and the other ones that I have been in have not even made it past two months. I think that now I have found someone who I want to stay with a long time the thing is we can’t be together now but hopefully very soon we can make it official even though we class us as together now.
The next goal is I would love to get a job because currently I don’t have one because my boss when I came back from uni said that I couldn’t do what I have been doing in the previous year so I am having to look for a job and tomorrow I have an interview at Mcdonalds so hopefully I get it so I can spend some money on beauty products again instead of always shopping in my stash.
I would also over this summer to start doing youtube because now I have the time to do with this and now I feel like my blog is getting bigger it is at the stage where I will be able to get some of you to subscribe to my youtube the one things that I will have to get over is not been able to stick my accent because of the fact I hate it and think that you will all not be able to understand me.
The final goal I have is to make sure that I work on my blog as much as I can so that I thank you readers for sticking with me when I have been studying for my exams so I feel like I have to pay you back so this is something I would like to do post more than I have been currently
What are you current goals?
Charlotte x

30 day blogging challenge – Day 7 5 Favourite Songs

Hey Guys

In this post I am going to share my 5 favourite songs with you. They are my favourites songs because most of them have a reason behind them been in this list at the moment obviously these do change over time because I have large range of music taste.

Lara Del Rey- Summertime Saddness

This song is on this list due to the fact that this was the song which my boyfriend has blasting out of his car the first time he came to see me at uni. I hadn’t seen him in a long time because of him been in the army and he came a day earlier than I though so this song makes me feel happy even when he is miles away like he is currently. I can listen to it and think he is coming up the driveway again as a surprise.

Status Quo- Rocking All Over The World

This is one of my favourite songs because it is one which I have been brought up with since a very young age and it also is linked to one of my memories when my rugby club won a big cup back in 2005 this was one of the first songs which played out at the stadium so this is one of the reasons I like this song so much because it brings back these memories.

Emile Sande- Read all about about it 

I don’t really have a reason behind why  love this song so much I think it is because I am not scared to tell people how I feel. If I don’t like someone I will tell them that and this song is just is one which makes me think that it is not bad to do this. I haven’t really listened to much of Emile Sande but I think I should be listening to more.

Passanger- Let her go

I love this song again this is a song that I don’t know why I love so much well I think it could be due to the lyric Only know you love her when you let her go because I have been in the situation of someone thinking that he could do without me but then when I left he realised how much I meant. This song reminds me just because some one says that they love you doesn’t mean that they really do.

Avvcii – Wake me up

I love this song due to the fact that it came out in period of time which was not the best for me so the lyric wake me up when it’s all over makes me think that no matter how hard the situation you are in it will be over soon you can sleep through it and then you will wake up and it may not be so bad. This is  one of the songs which gave me hope when I was in a bad place.

What are your top 5 song?

Charlotte x