Pancake Day- What do you have on yours?

Pancake Day is just around the corner would you believe. I know this is an occasion which many people look forward to every year. Pancake day for me has never been that huge. I prefer savoury things over sweet which could be one of the reasons. However, it is something which I can see Jess been very into because I know people will be speaking about it at Nursery. Since we have our own house this year I may give this tradition another try. I think I may make my own pancakes and see how they come out. Something which has always interested me about Pancake day is the range of different toppings people have.  I asked a number of bloggers to share what toppings will be donning their pancakes this year.

Lemon and Sugar, this is a traditional topping but it seems to still be one of the favourites. With Sophie,  Rebecca and Katie , Christy, Kate and Jess all opting to top their pancakes with this option. While Lianne takes this combination a little bit further and actually adds some blueberry jam to the topping for a twist on a classic.  Katie also has sugar but with vinegar a recipe from her Great Grandma which happened because lemon juice was very limited in the war times.

Nutella and Bananas-  I can see why people love this as it’s chocolate. This is not one which I will be opting for as I do not love Nutella, well any chocolate spread. Despite saying this I do actually want to try the maltesters one.  I know many people who love it though so I can see why it is so popular.  Apparently, this is the only way for Jenny to go when it comes to toppings.

Lotus Biscoff Spread and Vanilla Ice Cream this sounds like it could be really nice. I have seen so many people rave about the Lotus spread recently I still haven’t tried it.  Kate may have inspired me to try this one because it is not something which I would have ever thought about before. I am always up for ice cream for sure it’s amazing . I would never have thought of having it with pancakes. Several people have said they have ice cream as a topper.  Anna, however, has a topping of ice cream, tinned cherries and also chocolate sauce.  This is one which I can get involved with as well because it has some fruit which I seem to be loving at the moment.

Golden Syrup– Oooo this is something which we do have in which means I would not have to by more. I think this would be a bit too sweet for me let alone sticky.   Golden Syrup is something which I do enjoy when it is in something like a flapjack so I may be able to get away with it and be like Erica and Chantelle. 

Strawberries and Cream- Erica and Katie both said their children love to have strawberries and cream on their pancakes. I adore strawberries and they remind me of the summer. This could be a winner for me because it is not going to be too sweet. Plus it does mean that you can have strawberries and cream after Pancake Day.  If you want a fruity element without the cream Laura has blueberries and strawberries with Nutella which is another way to incorporate fruit into pancake day.

Chocolate, Squirty Cream and Sprinkles now this sounds like a child’s heaven of course. It is not surprising that Jess and Eva stated that this is something their children love. I can see if you have a sweet tooth how you would be able to eat this but for me, it would be too much sugar. Jess would love sprinkles,  I think this could be due to looking pretty.  This topping may be one which I do for Jess and we have nearly everything in.  I am sure that this topping is very popular with the younger ones and it would look amazing on Instagram after all.

Strawberry Jam- this is something which I think is very different. Jam is something which of course I adore and have in because I use it with toast.  If this is a topping I am not a huge fan of like Jenny  I know Jess would finish the rest of it because it is one of her favourites.  This is one which I can imagine could get messy but I think that is half of the fun when it comes to pancake day.

Maple Syrup and Sugar- Now this is a combo according to Nikki who says it is what she has on her pancakes it is the flavour of the syrup and the crunch of the sugar which makes it so good.  This is one which I am not going to try.  Personally but I always think it is very interesting to see what different things people like their topping.  In a similar kind of vain Janet and Joanne like to put maple syrup and bacon together on top of her pancakes, I know this is a very American and Candian thing. The mix of sweet and savoury is something which I know I would struggle with. I know people say do not knock something till you have tried it.  For me, this is not something I fancy.  I will keep bacon for sandwiches instead.

Grated Cheese– now I know that you are all thinking that this is a very strange one. However, pancake mix is the same as Yorkshire puddings so there is nothing saying your topping has to be sweet.  Cheese is something which I adore according to Hayley you melt the cheese and then fold the pancake. This almost sounds like it is going to be like a calzone. I love cheese this sounds like it could be a perfect topping for me I am a cheese fiend.  If I do not try that this year for Pancake day it is something which I am going to try at some stage.

Tuna Mayo and Grated Cheese- now apparently this is one which you can not knock til you have tried it according to Julie.  For sure this is going to be one which most people would not think about at all because most people go for sweet things. I actually love tuna mayo  I am unsure if this is something which I would put on top of pancakes. I wonder how many of you are actually going to end up trying this one now.  Jacket potato I can imagine this on but not pancakes for sure this is different again I want to know how she actually ended up coming up with this combo.

Apple Sauce and Cinnamon- this is something which screams America to me for some reason. Maybe it is because they seem to love cinnamon out their. This sounds intriguing to me because it sounds almost like an apple pie of some sorts without the pastry. I  can imagine that this one is not going to be super sweet either.  It also has a lot of things which people may have in because there is nothing worse than only using something once and then having it in the cupboards for months. Thanks for sharing Jenni this different combination.

Melted Creme Egg– Now as someone who prefers their cream eggs cold and straight from the fridge this does not appeal. This could be super sweet it does sound so naughty but of course, if you are on the team which love creme egg this could be one for you to try. I think that it will be one which I will give a miss.  I do actually wonder how Beth came to find that she liked this combo.

Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Sauce– this is something which does actually sounds amazing because one of my favourite ice creams is this flavour.  The dark chocolate is going to help if the raspberries are actually bitter this does sound like one which I would love to try. I may have to try and get my hands on some dark chocolate sauce.   It is not one which I would have thought about doing before Emma shared this as her topping. It may be a contender for me now if I choose to make some pancakes this year.


As you can see there is a wide range of different toppings that people have on their pancakes. Is what you love on the list or has nobody mentioned it let me know in the comments below.

Charlotte xxx






Meal Plan 1st March- #9

So it is the start of a new month how quick did February go. I can not believe that it is now March.  Today I am going to be sharing with your our meal plan for this week there has been some different meals this week. Again we have been trying to use some things up which we had rather than always buying it in.  This was another week where we only just managed to spend enough to do this click and collect due to doing this again this week.

Monday – Chicken Fajitas, this something which we love to consume in this house. We did actually have a kit in with all of the spices which you need, I love to add peppers and onions into the mix with the chicken. We tend to only get the spicy one because we are both fans of the heat which is something which I am glad about.  Sour cream,  guacamole and salsa will also be on the table so we can use it and make the fajitas saucy. I think Mexican food is one of my favourites I could eat Fajitas every week if you let me.

Tuesday- Fish,  Chips and Mushy Peas, this is something which we fancied when meal planning. We have chosen to get some fish in and cook it at home the same for the mushy peas. I think we are going to treat ourselves and pop to the chip shop for the chips.  This is like having a fakeaway chip shop. After all, you have to treat yourselves sometimes and we are saving money not getting an actual takeaway.

Wednesday- Vietnamese Pho, this dish is something different for us.  We actually saw a kit when we were in one of the supermarkets it is not something which we usually would have picked up. However, we are enjoying trying a lot of new food recently and this does sound like something we will enjoy as it is soup with a huge twist. I will report back how this is I think it may be one of the meals which I am looking forward to the most this week.

Thursday- BBQ Chicken, Wedges and Mixed Veg. This is a meal which we are having as it is going to be pretty easy as it basically all goes in the oven. Jess has her injections on Thursday so in case she is not feeling 100% we want something easy.  She may be eating with us or I may treat her to a McDonald’s depending on her behaviour. I have a Lexi Roots Marinade which I am going to use to make the chicken BBQ, I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out. Hopefully, it will be full of flavour.

Friday- Mexican Fried Rice, this may sound like a random meal and more of a starter. I think I am just going to make more of it in order to make it a meal. Again Mexican food is something which I adore I saw this recipe over on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try. To be honest I had all of the ingredients in as well for this meal which is always a bonus.

Saturday- Spagetthi Bol, this is something which Joe loves to cook. I am making the most of having him at home and he will make this meal. I am unsure what he actually does but whatever it is so full of flavour.  Garlic bread may be served with this meal and is goes so well. Jess is likely to consume so much of this meal. It is also something very simple to do should we have a busy Saturday doing this like we usually end up doing.

Sunday- Pizza, we are making these ourselves using the base from Home Bargains. We have some peppers some onions, sweetcorn and pepperoni which we are going to use as the toppings. This is a tea which Jess can get involved in which is always a bonus as there is not that many that she can do this with.  We are going on a day out which means we will be home later but at least this is something quick which we will be able to make.

There is a range of meal this week some of them so simple for us to cook.  It goes to show you do not have to have anything fancy all of the time.  Sometimes the simple meals are the best.


What are you having for your meals this week?


Charlotte xxx





World Book Day 2019- Outfit Inspiration

World Book Day 2019 is just over a week away.  I can not believe that it has come around this quickly. I know most schools and nursery’s mark the occasion . Usually by allowing the children to come dressed as their favourite book character. I like to try and be organised by getting Jess’ outfit ahead in order to save some money. You will still have time as this post goes out to order online from places and also eBay if your like me. In today’s post though I am going to focus on the offerings from the supermarkets. So all you need to do is pop on in your trolley when doing the weekly shop.

Simba- with the Lion King Movie coming out again in the cinema this summer. This is available from ASDA for £14.  I think this outfit is just amazing it only goes up to age 3-4 so this is one for the younger children. It looks like it is going to be a super soft material which means that you can use this as a onesie. I think this is something which Jess would never take off if we were having a pyjama day. The simba outfit is doing to be more than £14 in the disney store when the film comes out. 

T-Rex- being a dinosaur is something which Jess adores to do. She will come up behind us and roar so this is sone which would be perfect for her. This again is from Asda and is £14. I would say that this is going to be a thick almost onesie material. This is something which you could use for a range of different occasions. I know Jess would love it even when she is just playing because who does not want to be a dinosaur. I wish they did these in adult size because this would be fun to wear when I am working at my desk. This does actually go up to size 7-8 years so this would fit some of the those who are at school. 

Moana– this is one of my favourite Disney films and it actually has become one of Jess’s too. This looks like one of the more covered up Moana outfits I have seen. This is another one from Asda and is £15.  As world book day is actually in March you do not want your child dressing up in a crop top. This is actually more covered up and I would let Jess wear this. This looks like this could be very good quality and there is so much great detail. If you have seen the film Moana you will know that she has a really detailed outfit. I may have to pick this up for her after world book day when they are reduced because I already have her outfit for this year. 

American Dream Girl– this is what the outfit is called from Asda and this is £15. To me this reminds me of Captain America who is one of my favourite avenger. Jess does have a Captain America Bear and I think she may like to match the actually bear. I think it is amazing that Asda are doing girls superhero outfits as it is something you rarely see. This is £15 and it does actually come with the shield as well which I love. I think you would have to put tights on with this outfit is you are using it for book day as it could still be pretty cold. I think I am going to look at purchase this for Jess after world book day because it is something which she could play in. 

The Gruffolo – I wish I had seen this before I picked Jess’ World Book Day outfit. One of her favourite books is the Gruffolo you can get this outfit for £16 from Sainsbury’s. There is so much gruffolo thing this year as it is 20 years since the book was released. This does look like it is going to be a thick onesie material great for keeping warm. I know Jess would adore this when she is just wanting to chill out. They do this all the way up to 7-8 years, I am tempted to get one in the size up so that Jess can have this in the autumn months. 

Today I have shared 6 outfits which I would love to purchase for Jess’ to wear this world book day. They are all available from the supermarkets which means you do not have to make a special trip to a different store. I know this can be a hassle when you have got children when they do not love shopping. 

What are your children dressing up as this world book day?

Charlotte xxxx




Meal Inspiration Monday- Pork Schnitzel

It’s Monday so it is time to share with you another recipe which we have made recently. Today I am going to be sharing with you a recipe for Pork Schnitzel. Like last weeks this is something which Joe choose out of one of the cookery books we have. I seem to remember it is a Hairy Bikers Recipe. I will admit that Pork is something which we do not consume that much of for some reason.

Ingredient- Serves 2

2 Pork Loin Steaks

50g fresh breadcrumbs

Finely Grated 1/2 a lemon zest

1tbsp Thyme

1 tbsp Paprika

2 tbsp fat- free natural yogurt

Salt and Pepper


Preheat the oven to 200/ Gas 6.

Cut any fat off the pork steaks and place between two pieces of cling film. Bash the pork with a rolling pin. (My favourite part). Try and keep the shape you want to bash the pork till it is around 1cm thick.

Remove from the clingfilm and season with salt and pepper.

Place the breadcrumbs in a bowl with the lemon zest, thyme, paprika and a good pinch of salt and some black pepper. Mix this all together well.

Scatter a 1/4 of the mixture over a large plate ready to make the pork schinitzel.

Put the yoghurt into bowl. Take a pork steak and then dip it into the yoghurt until lightly covered on both sides.

Press the crumbs on to the pork until evenly covered on both sides. Put the pork schnitzel on the baking tray and then bake for between 12-15 minutes.

This meal was so easy to prepare so it could be very easily made on a weekday. There was so much flavour in the meat which is not something you get with the supermarket offerings.

Have you ever made your own pork schnitzel?

Charlotte xxx

Lush £100 Regular Item Tag

I was actually tagged by Luke in the What Regular Items Would You Buy If Lush Gave You £100 Tag. Lush is a store which I have been obsessed with for a number of years. I have not been purchasing so much in recently since we moved house. So I am going to get on with the rules of the tag before sharing my answers with you.


1. All items must be available all year round and can’t be from any of their limited edition ranges.

2. You must show the prices of all of your chosen items.

3. The total of your items must not exceed the £100 allowance.

4. Nominate three people to also do the Tag.

The Comforter Bubble Bar – £5.25. This is one of my favourite scents which Lush do. It makes so many bubbles which smell of Blackcurrant. I wish I could still get this as a shower gel but sadly Lush no longer sell this.

Seanik Shampoo Bar- £7.50. Naked shampoo bars are something I adore. I have trained my hair so it only needs washing once a week maybe twice with the gym. They have left my hair feeling like it is in much better condition and actually growing. I love there is no plastic as well because they are so easy to travel with in metal tins.

R&B Hair Moisturiser – £13.50. This is a product which I have been using for years as well. I rarely use conditioner due to how often I wash my hair I can get away with using this instead. This is a thick moist riser which actually stops your hair feeling like it is dried out and frazzled.

Scrub Scrub Scrub – £12.95. I think this now could be my favourite lush scrub which they do. It smells amazing it is a mix of lord of misrule which is the best anyway and then the comforter. If you can get over the fact that the body scrub is black then you may love it too. I have had complements on how smooth my skin is when I have been using this product.

Brightside Bubble Bar- £5.25. This is one of the only bubble bars which I have repurchased. It is one which I would buy because the orange scent is one which makes me feel uplifted. Plus who does not want to bathe in a bath of orange juice if they are feeling a bit down.

Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask – £7.95. Another lush cult classic this helps so much if my skin is having a horrible time and breaking out a lot. This a product which I usually have one at least in my house of. For sure if you have not tried this and you have blemish prone skin you need to.

Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask – £8.50. Wow I did not realise how expensive the fresh face masks are now. This is one which picks me up and refreshes my skin when it is looking tired and horrible. I like using this one in the bath when I am reading for some reason. I think its the lemon juice in it that makes me want to use it more.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub – £6.50. I actually love using the lip scrubs I dread to think how many of them I have now. Using them helps matte lipsticks look a lot better. I find them so handy as you can just throw them in your bag as well.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel – £10.50. I think this may be my favourite regular line lush shower gel. It is one which if you use in a morning you know it is going to wake you up because of the grapefruit which is included. I need things to get me up and motivated at the moment so maybe I should go and purchase this shower gel.

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment- £7.95. Spots on my face are something which I can not pop which means that I need to use something. I have noticed that when I put this product on the spots they seem to considerably reduce in size overnight. For me a bottle of this last such a long time so it is worth the money.

Berlin Lipstick- £13.50,this may be classed as cheating as you can only get this online. However, Lush lipsticks are something which I loved before they changed them all. I would love to try them now and see if I like them anymore. Without seeing them I have had to choose the one which I think I would be most likely to wear.

My total £99.35

I nominate anyone who wants to do this tag because for sure it is fun. What would you spend £100 on in Lush. Or what if your favourite Lush Product let me know in the comments.

Charlotte xxx

Meal Plan 22th February #8

Today I am going to be sharing with you this weeks meal plan. I will admit that we had a cheap shop this week we struggled to spend the amount to do click and collect. I am trying to get some things used out of the freezer still this means that I am going to have more room for things like ice cream in the summer. Without further ado, I am going to share with you the meals which we have eaten this week.

Monday- Prawn Thai Curry, I actually had some prawns in the freezer which we had purchased reduced. We also had some Thai curry sauce which could do with using. I am going to serve this with rice. Curry is something which we have not had for a while so I am looking forward to this meal.

Tuesday- Nacho Chicken , Jacket Potato and Mixed Veg. This is a meal we are having because I picked up some Nacho Chicken from Asda on an offer last week. They sound like they are going to be nice because Nachos and Chicken are two foods which I love. To be honest we both seem to love any Mexican food. I am going to serve this with Jacket Potatoes which we have in and some mixed veg like always.

Wednesday- Creamy Bacon and Sausage Carbonara.  Again this meal has come around due to us having meat to use up we had some sausage left over. I thought that I would use them before they go out of date and I found a recipe which allowed me to turn them into this Carbonara. This is not a meal which I have ever made before but it sounds nice. I think the sausage should make a good twist to this meal.

Thursday- Chicken and Broccoli simmer in soy and star anise. I had some broccoli which I needed to use up. When I was flicking through one of the recipe books which we have I noticed this recipe. For me, this sounds like it is going to be something different which I am all about. Even Joe said it will be nice to see how this one comes out so who knows. I will report back on this one.

Friday- Sloppy Joes’ and Wedges. I have to thank Cheryl from Madhouse Family reviews for this meal. She included it in a meal plan a couple of weeks ago. I have been thinking about it and thought I would push myself to make something different. I am actually looking forward to it because it is like nothing else which we have on the meal plan this week. This is going to be served with simple wedges as I think the sloppy Joes’s should be the main element.

Saturday- Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta. I actually have some salmon in the freezer. I thought I would turn this into a smoked salmon pasta for sure this is something which Jess will eat. This is what I try to do on a weekend a meal which I know Jess will enjoy. She always asks for pasta. This is going to be a simple meal to do it will not require us to spend a lot of time away from her to cook it.

Sunday- Pork Goulash. This is a meal which came around because we have some pork steaks which we wanted to use. I was flicking through Pinterest . I found this recipe. Again this is something different I do not even know if I have ever had goulash. I am not sure what to expect but I will be looking forward to Sunday and having this meal.

This week as a range of different meals some which I never have ever cooked. Of course, I am looking forward to that because it is always fun to test your skills. I hope there is something which has taken your eye on this meal plan.

Of course, this meal plan is part of the linky which Katy Kicker runs every week. I get so much inspiration and I am noise so I love to know what other people are eating.

What are you having for your meals this week?


Charlotte xxx

Days Out- Room On the Broom Trail

Being outside is something which Jess loves so much. She adores to be able to run around like a lunatic, it means that she is tired. I think this is always the sign of a good way out when your child is shattered at the end. A couple of weeks ago we did a Room on the Broom Trail which is at Anglers Country Park in Wakefield. Unlike most of the trails at the other country parks this one is permanent. This means we can do it as many times as we want we only live half an hour away.

There is a lot of parking which is amazing. I can imagine when it is very warm the park will be busy. Parking is free which is always good because I know it can be expensive. I know it was around the £10 mark when we parked at Dalby Forest. The only cost is if you choose to the the activity pack to do the Room on The Broom Trail which is only £2 per pack. You get them from the activity centre however, sadly it was closed when we visited.

I think Jess would have been too young to have enjoyed the activity pack. When she is older I am sure she will be able to do the activity pack. From what we saw, there looked a lot of word games. So this may be better if you actually have children who are at school rather than Jess’s age which is 3. I know there is also rubbings to do which you get with the activity pack. I think Jess may have wanted to do it if it was not as cold. She may have needed a helping hand so be aware of this.

Just because we did not do the activity pack it did not mean that we did’t have fun. Jess loved looking at the carvings which I must admit are very well made. There is one of very single character I seem to remember who in the book Room on The Broom. She loved to actually to take pictures of the carvings. They made her motivated to move actually because even though she likes to be outside she is not always the greatest walker sometimes. There was a lot of chasing her because there is spaces where she could run. At one stage we even threatened to throw her in the lake.

Sometimes we did not realise till we had completed the trail it was actually a 2 mile walk. This may mean you want to do take your child’s bike if they are not the greatest walker. This is a very flat walk which is always good when you are with children. Due to the fact that we went in the winter it does mean that it was muddy and a lot of puddles. Jess did love to have a lot of fun jumping in the puddles which I blame peppa pig for.

There a few benches around the lake if you feel like you need a rest while doing the trail this is something which you can do. This may be great if like us you are doing it with children who are before school age. There is a lot of space near the lake I even said to Joe this is somewhere which we could have a picnic in the summer when the weather is warmer. Talking of picnics there are several benches near the park.

I know this is a place which we are likely to visit again in the summer because who does not like a nice country park. When the weather is warmer and we can have a picnic there it should be even better. I will purchase the activity pack for Jess and see how long she actually bothers with it. For £2 I feel like it is not something that you are wasting your money on. Room on the Broom is a book which Jess loves so I am sure that she will demand we go back so she can see the Characters.

Have you been to the Room on The Broom Trail?

Charlotte xxx

Meal Inspiration Monday- Italian Chicken Bake

Chicken is something which we love to eat in this family. I think one of the reason why this is the case is because there are so many different things which you can do. The Italian chicken bake is supposed to be a twist on actually pizza because it does have the same ingredient as the pepperoni pizza. I know if I was going to make this Italian chicken bake again I would actually serve with pasta in order to make sure this soaked the sauce up. This is one which I could make easy on a weekend because it does take around 45 minutes. This includes the preparation time.

Ingredient- Serves 4

1 Chopped Onion

1 tbsp Olive Oil

3 Diced Chicken Breast Fillet

2 Peeled and thinly sliced garlic

2 tsp Dried Oregano

2 x 400g tins chopped tomatos

125g Mozzaraella cheese thinly sliced

50g Sliced pepperoni


  1. Preheat the oven to 180f
  2. In a frying pan add the oil and then fry the onion until this is translucent.
  3. Add the diced chicken and fry until brown for 5 minutes. Add the garlic and oregano for another 1-2 minutes.
  4. Pour in the tomatoes and then allow it to bubble for 5 more minutes.
  5. Pop the mixture into an ovenproof dish topping it with mozzeraella and then pepperoni.
  6. Bake for 25 minutes until the pepperoni starts to curl.

The Italian chicken bake is something which we shared served with the garlic bread. You may have seen this in our meal plan a couple of weeks ago. For sure this is another meal which I will be making in the future, it is one which I would not have thought about. I think this is going to be a meal which I could serve with in the summer with salad.

Have you made something like this Italian Chicken Bake?

Charlotte xxx

Boom25 – Shop Online & Win Your Order Back

When I am shopping online I am always looking to save money. Whether it be getting money off vouchers and been able to save that way. Or using cashback and getting money back from my purchases. Well this was until I was introduce to Boom25. This is a new cashback site hitting the UK with a twist you have a 1 in 25 chance of actually winning back your full purchase for your items.

Making sure I get the best deal on something is one of my passions I hate spending more money than I need. One of the best things which I have found about Boom25 is the fact that there no sign up fee. This does mean it is not costing you to earn money. You have a 1 in 25 chance of winning you whole shop back which means essential you getting things you need for free.

For me this is a fun experience while online shopping because let’s face it we all do everything online now. You have to be the 25th person to order from that retailer. They also have daily booms on which means that you may only have to be the 10th person. This mean that you have 1 in 10 chance of getting your purchase for free. As you can see today Groupon is a 1 in 15 chance of winning. Even if you do not manage to win you get a small bonus so when you do win you get even more money.

One thing which I have found when I have used cashback sites in the past is sometimes the lack of retailers on it. This is not a problem which Boom25 have there are over 900 stores to be earning from. These are from a range of different sectors as well. It also includes Ebay now you will know if you have been following me for a while this is something I use regular. I would love to win some of the purchases which I make back. Something which I think I am going to do is any purchase I do win put the money towards Christmas presents. You do not even have to share bank details or anything as you get your money through paypal. This does mean it is even more secure which I know for me is a huge bonus.

It is so simple to set up because who wants the hassle of lots of forms when they are wanting to do some shopping. Boom25 only need your email address a password and your name. This means that you can have your account set up in a couple of moments.

Once you have your account set up you can either click through the categories to find the one you want. There are hundreds of course, ranging from travel, sport and health and beauty. You can also keep scrolling down and find the popular area. This has the brands which people are using the most so currently companies such as Justeat, eBay and deliveroo. This makes it even easier for you to be able to get cashback on the companies you love the most.

You find out if you have been the lucky winner when Boom25 send a spin the wheel email out. This will show you who the lucky people are to have won there purchases. It its worth noting that when you win your purchase back you do not get the paypal fees which I seem to remember are 3.4% + 20p.

This is a good way to save money on your purchases. For me it is going to be a cashback site which I use regular. It may not replace the one which I use completely but it is a contender. For sure, I will be using it for sites which I can not get cashback on otherwise. The biggest win someone has had is £4.445 which is amazing I would not be complaining at that back.

Why not try Boom25 out for yourself and see if it can work for you. You may be able to get all of a purchase back rather than 1% which some other sites may offer you. It could be worth having a good it’s money you would never have had. That is the way I actually see it.

Have you tried Boom25? If so what where you thoughts.


Charlotte xxx

This is a collaboration post however, all words are my own.

Meal Plan 15th February #7

Another week has passed which means that it is time to share another weeks meal plan. This one of course has Valentine’s Day included so it does have a few special meals in. This week we did go slightly over the budget which I like to spend on food however, we do have some meals for next week planned. Of course, Joe is still home which mean the meal plan is for a couple of people. I hope you manage to get some inspiration from this meal plan.

Monday- Gammon, Egg and Chips. We actually has purchased the Gammon last week as part of an offer. We also had another piece of gammon in the freezer which we thought would be good to use up because then we can have some more space. Eggs are something which we always have in and I think I am going to make some homemade chips with potatoes which we already have in.

Tuesday- Smoked Haddock, Potatoes and Mixed Veg, I was actually unwell on Friday which meant this was a meal which we had not consumed. So we do want to get this consumed before it goes out of date. We have a ton of potatoes which we can use with this meal and also some mixed veg will be served with it. This should be a nice clean meal which is something I am trying to do more and more.

Wednesday- Pork Schnitzel, Potatoes and Mixed Veg, this is a meal which Joe decided he fancied after he saw it in another cook book. This is not something I have had for a long time so this is going to be a change. It is at least a few years since I had it. I know we are going to be having potatoes and mixed veg again but this is something which we like so will both enjoy.

Thursday- Valentine’s Meal Deal, Sirloin Steak, Jacket Potatoes. We are having a three course meal deal which we purchased from Asda. We are having prawns, sirloin steak with jacket potatoes and garlic mushrooms. Of course , we have cheesecake for desert. This is something which we may end up having another evening. This all came with a bottle of wine which I will end up having another day. It is a school night after all.

Friday- Cajun Chicken, Potatoes and Mixed Veg.We have a some Cajun spices in which could do with been used up. We have had it a while and I thought a good way to use this in a meal was to rub into the chicken. This should give it a very nice flavour which is key.. Then I am going to serve this with potatoes and mixed veg which seems to be the staple of this meal plan this week.

Saturday- Beef Stronganoff and Rice, this is another meal which we have not had for a long time. I do not think I have actually ever made this meal which is going to be a challenge for me. I do like picking up new meals. This is going to be served with rice in order to make sure that some of the sauce is absorbed. This is a meal which Jess has never tried so I am hoping it is one which she loves to consume.

Sunday- Lasagna and Garlic Bread, this is a meal which I really fancy. We have not had for a couple of weeks and I fancy it. It is proper comfort food for me and I am still loving that. I know that Jess is going to eat this because she has in the past. I actually have everything I have in for this meal which is always a bonus. All I need to do is get is the garlic bread towards the end of the week. I am looking forward to this a lot.

Of course this meal plan is part of the meal plan linky ran by the lovely Katy Kicker. This is an amazing place to get some inspiration for new meal ideas and it is somewhere where I get my inspiration from too.

What are you consuming this week for your meals?


Charlotte xxx