Our Weekly Meal Plan 7th January


I can not believe that we have had a whole week of the year already. We have this week has back to school and this has been use trying to get into a routine. Next week we are going to have Jess back at taekwondo which means that we need some meals that need to be quicker. I have noticed that weeks meal plan has a lot of pasta dishes on. This is something which I must have craving when I was making this meal plan. I think I wanted a lot of comfort meals. I wasn’t feeling to well and it was also pretty cold last week. Anyway on to the meals that we are going to be having this week.

Friday- Cheesy Garlicy Bread Pasta, this is a recipe which I found on Pinterest. It sounded like something which we all would enjoy. This is a basic and really quick meal which we needed because Marshall had the specialist vets. We was unsure when he was going to be home or what time we would have to go and pick him up so a super simple meal worked for us.

Saturday- Cheeseburger, Chips and salad, there is so many offers on veggie burgers with it been veganuary. We decided that we would try some of the ones which are on offer. This week I have ordered the Beyond Burger because I have heard so much about them. We are going to have this with a side salad and some fries. This is one of the meals which I am really looking forward to this week.

Sunday- Lasagne with Salad, this is another meal which we have not made in a long time. We actually have no plans for Sunday is it does not matter if we have a meal which takes a little bit longer to cook. This is one which we are going to pack full of veggies as well. This is one which I know the whole family will eat because it is a pasta dish. I am going to put a side salad with this.

Monday- Creamy Piri Piri Nandos Style Chicken Pasta, this is a meal which we had last year.  I want for this to be a little bit spicy however, not too spicy that the kids are not going to eat this. I must admit I think I have forgotten what Nando’s tastes like anyway as we have not been for a really long time. However this pasta is one which we love.

Tuesday- Chinese Style Chicken Curry, a Chinese style curry is not something we have had in ages. I know this is a meal which is going to go down really well. I think we are going to use the mayflower curry. Which is one of the best to have in the cupboard if you have not tried it. I think that I am going to throw in some mixed veg or some random veggies which we have in which could do with using up. This is going to be served with rice.

Wednesday- Garlic Mushroom and Riccotta Pasta, this is another meal which I think I saw on Pintertest. This is something which I haven’t made before but the sound of having something which is cheese and with also with garlic. I am unsure how this is going to come out but I am always looking for something different to make. This may be a meal which I also serve with a garlic bread which we have in the freezer.

Thursday- Sticky BBQ Dirty Rice, rice is not something which we have had a lot of recently for some reason. Now this is a meal which again I saw on Pinterest. Dirty fries is something which I love so I decided that when I saw this recipe I had to make it. This is something which I knew that I would have to make. Fingers crossed this is a meal which we will be making again because everyone eats it. This is going to be one which is packed full of veggies too.


Karen is now to running the weekly linky. Where other bloggers do share there meal plans. It is always really interesting to see what other people are having for their meals.

What is on your menu this week?

Charlotte xx



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