Our Weekly Meal Plan 4th September

Today I am back with a meal plan this is something which I have not done in a while. However, it is something which I need to keep doing in order to keep on top of the shopping. Nobody wants to end up spending more than they need to on food. Plus with Jess starting school in a couple of weeks we need to know what we are having for tea and not panicking. So I have decided to start meal planning again and it might help me keep healthier. I am trying to lose a little bit of the baby weight again. This is why this week a lot of the meals I am going to be making are from a pinch of nom.

Saturday- Pizza, this is going to be one of my cheat days to be honest. I think we are going to end up getting one of the meal deals from Tesco with it. Fingers crossed this is going to be something which is worth it. I have not had a pizza like this for the longest time. I think we are going to have sides as well. I need them after walking miles and doing a lot of exercise this week to be honest.

Sunday-Out, we are going out for a meal with my parents who have had Jess for a couple of days. I think we are going to be going to a local fish and chip restaurant. It will be nice because we have barely been out for meals out this year even since some of the the restrictions have lifted.

Monday- Chipotle turkey meatballs, spaghetti and garlic bread. This is a meal which we have had in the past and really loved. We are not going to make it too spicy as we are going to give some to Troy as well. This is something which we loved. With this been a pasta dish it means that it should go down so well with the whole family.

Tuesday- Hunters Chicken and Jacket Potato, this is a meal which I have to love. This is something which I would order should we go to a pub. This is just one of those meals which is so simple to make as well because you use the slow cooker. For sure this is one which I am looking forward to because it is so easy to make and when the weather seems to be turning is a great meal to warm you up.

Wednesday- Melt in Middle Fishcakes And Salad. This is another pinch of nom recipe. We have never tried making our fish cakes which melt in the middle before. We have made fishcakes before which have worked really well so I thought that I would take up the challenge. This is one which I am looking forward to making because it will be a challenge. This is going to be served with some salad so fingers crossed its not a cold wet day.

Thursday- Mediterranean’s Tuna Pasta, since pasta is something which we all love in this house I thought I would add another pasta dish. Fingers crossed this is a meal which everyone in the family is going to enjoy of course, it is always a risk when you make new meals. There is a lot of veg and warm tuna in this meal so it is one which I reckon is going to have a lot of taste.

Friday- Cherry Cola Pulled Pork, we have made pulled pork in the past. I am unsure if I have actually made this exact recipe. Pulled pork again is something which we love in this house. It is so simple to make and this is a bonus as we have Jess’ teacher coming over on Friday. This is a slow cooker meal which means I do not need to worry about food should she be here longer than we think or she comes later.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx



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