Our Weekly Meal Plan 28th January

Another week has flown by here and it is time to make another weekly meal plan. This week we are trying to use up some of the things which we had in. There is a couple of meal which I think have rolled over because sadly I did not have the right things in last week. The local shop was closed because it was getting some work done to so this has rolled over. Anyway on to the meals which we are having this week there is so beautiful sounding meals on this menu. So on to the meal plan.

Friday- Steak, Chips and Salad. These are some steak which we picked up reduced which now need using up. I tend to try and pick up some of the veggie meat when they are reduced because this is the best way to try them out. This is a meal which I am. These are the garlic steaks from Tesco, this is going to be served with some chips and also a side salad.

Saturday- Sloppy Joe Dogs, this is a recipe which I picked out of one of the Bosh books. I have borrowed these from the library and am loving them at the moment. Sloppy Joe’s is something which we love anyway so when I saw this I thought it would be one to try. I am sure this is one which I will do separate for Troy so he is able to eat this.

Sunday- Curried Toad in the hole, Mash and Veg. Again this is another bosh meal. It sounds like a great take on your typical toad in the hole. Hopefully this is something which we do enjoy. It is not going to be super spicy having a look. It is mean to be stormy so this does sound like something which we may really enjoy. I am going to make my own mash and have some mixed veg with this meal.

Monday- Chinese Style Curry and Rice, this is the meal which we could not make. This was because we had no onions and peppers which meant that it could not be made. Hopefully this is one which we can get made this week because it seems to have rolled for a few weeks now. I think this is one which I am actually really looking forward to as well.

Tuesday- Spicy Don Don Noodles, this is another meal which is from the Bosh book. This is a meal which we are having because it is Chinese New Year and this is something which we like to celebrate if we can with a Chinese dish. This is one which is pretty quick which is something which we need since Jess is at Taekwondo again.

Wednesday- Happy Chick’n Parma, this is a recipe which I thought again looked really interesting to be honest. It is not something which we have made before. I am sure this is a meal which everyone is going to enjoy. I know this is a meal which is super popular in the north east. This is a simple meal which I am sure by the middle of the week is going to be something which I really need.  We are going to have this with some salad as well.

Thursday- Greek Gyros, this is a meal which we have rolled over a couple of times. I think this is one which we are actually going to make this week before the mushrooms end up going bad. Greek Gyros are something which we loved when we have made previously. This one is using mushrooms instead of meat or meat free pieces so it will be interesting to see how this works.

What is on your meal plans this week?

Charlotte xx



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