Our Weekly Meal Plan 27th November

Today I am back sharing with you our weekly meal plan. This is something which I have not done recently. I think this was due to the fact Joe was away and Troy was unwell. Then since he has been back I have still been neglecting my blog because I have had Christmas to plan. For some reason this year everything seems a bit more stressful this could be because we are having to post everything. Anyway on to the meals which we are going to be consuming this week. Again they are all slimming world approved meals even though I am not on a diet. At the moment I am still trying to eat really healthy where possible.

Saturday- Pizza and Garlic Bread, we have some pizza bases which need to be used up as they are close to date. I have decided to get a few toppings to use them up. Recently we have started making our own pizza sauce as well because it is so easy and actually cheaper. I have ordered a garlic bread as well to go alongside this.

Sunday- Meat and Potato Pies with Chips and Mushy Peas. This is a meal which I saw on Bec’s Bites instagram highlights. It sounded something a little bit different for us. Pie is not something which we would have very regular and we already had the taco boats which we could use. Hopefully this is a meal which is going to see clean plates once again.

Monday-Slow Cooker Turkey Meatball Pasta, this is a meal which we was supposed to be having last week. However, it did not get made. I have decided to stick it into this weeks meal plan so basically it gets made and the ingredients do not go to waste. This is a meal which I am excited to try I have never made meatballs in the slow cooker before so this is going to be a new experience.

Tuesday- Hunters Chicken and Wedges, another slow cooker meal. At the moment I feel like I am always so busy so it is easier to make slow cooker meals. This is one which we all love I used Katy’s recipe. Plus it is something which I would order in a restaurant since we can not go out at the moment why not make it at home myself.

Wednesday- Slow Cooker Chilli With Quark Rice and Dips. A chilli is something which we all love in this house. It is a perfect autumn/winter dish so I have decided to make it this week. I am going to be using some of the meatfree mince which we picked up so cheap last weekend. I am going to use this and see what it is like. We will not be making this chilli too spicy because of course,  Troy will be having some too.

Thursday- Cajun Prawn Carbonara,   this is another meal which I saw on Bec’s Instagram. Carbonara is something else which I love who doesn’t love pasta at the end of the day. I am sure this is going to be a tasty meal even though it doesn’t use double cream and it uses quark instead. This is going to be when the other garlic bread is going be used up with.

Friday- Tikka Turkey Burgers, this is another recipe which I have found somewhere. This I am sure ia a pinch of nom recipe. I thought that sounded as little bit different. I do love a chicken burger but you can easily become bored of them. Tikka is something else which I like so I thought that I would combine to the two and make this. I think we may be having this with some home made chips.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx


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