Our Weekly Meal Plan 21st January

Another week has passed which means that it is time for another meal plan. This week is going to be a little bit of a busy week. We have a vets appointment with Marshall. Jess has a school trip this week which we know she is going to be shattered after it’s outdoors all day and then she has a taekwondo session only one this week. So I have had to factor that into the meal plan this week.

Friday-Burritos or a pasta dish. Joe and I have a burrito which we can heat up quickly these are supposed to be hot these are from the wicked range at Tesco. I am going to make the kids a pasta dish because we will have to pick Marshall up after his day at the vets. We have been told it’s likely to about 6.30 when we can pick him up. No doubt the whole family will want to come and get him and the specialist is nearly an hour away. Fingers crossed we get some answers on what’s wrong with him.

Saturday- Garlic Mushroom Pasta Bake, this is a meal which I have been meaning to make for a long time we even have the ingredients in. This is a meal which I am going to finally get around to making. I have picked up some salad to go with this for me so that I can add some colour to my plate.

Sunday- Out, we are actually going for a meal out with my parents, brother and his girlfriend. So who knows what we will end up eating we are going to a pub so no doubt I will end up choosing sometime I wouldn’t make at home.

Monday- Chinese style Curry and Rice. Again this is a meal which we have been going to make for a long time. However, sometimes there is days where the meal plan just ends up going out of the window. So this is why this meal has not been made yet. I am going to make this at the start of the week. So this doesn’t roll into another week again. I am going to serve this with rice. I seem to remember that this is a meal which I originally found on Pinterest.

Tuesday- Veggie Haggis with Mash and Mixed Veg. It’s burns night on Tuesday so we decide we was going to have some haggis. I did purchase some veggie one which I managed to get hold of in Aldi. I think we have a normal one and a veggie one. This is going to be served with either mixed veg or beans depending on what we fancy.

Wednesday- Mushroom Kiev with jacket potatoes. This is a recipe which I saw in a cookbook which I have borrowed from the library. I seem to think that this is in the £1 meal veggie book. Kiev is not somethings which we have had in a long time so I decided that I was going to make some of them myself. I think I might have salad as well as the jacket potato.

Thursday- Veggie Chicken Pad Thai, this is a meal which I was supposed to make last week and never did. I think it was because I was so tired by the middle of the week we never made it. This is a recipe which I saw on Facebook. Pad Thai is something which I love It is found to be really nice to be able to make one myself at home. This is a quick meal which we need because Jess is supposed to be at Taekwondo.

What meals do you have on the menu this week?

Charlotte xx

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One thought on “Our Weekly Meal Plan 21st January

  1. It does sound like a busy week. I hope it all goes well.
    You have a tasty week of meals planned. I love the sound of the garlic mushroom pasta bake and the haggis. I forgot all about it being Burns night.
    Have a great week x

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