Our Weekly Meal Plan 1st May

Another week is coming to a close which means that it is time to share with you our weekly meal plan.  I am still struggling to get a great meal plan as I do not know what I fancy. Meal planning is something which I usually find really fun but even I am struggling at the moment. Fingers crossed my meal plan can inspire you to cook some meals if your struggling as well.

Monday- Diet Cola Chicken with Rice, this is a recipe which we have had in the past. It is actually a pinch of nom recipe. It is something different to what we have had recently. If you have not made it before I would highly recommend it. For us it is almost as good as a Chinese take away but a lot cheaper and healthier for you as well. I am trying to watch my weight during lockdown.

Tuesday-Seafood Pie, we had some fish which could do with been used up in the freezer along with some potatoes. While the weather has changed and it seems to be a bit colder this meal is perfect. To be honest I do not think that we have ever made a fish pie but it was a fun experience.

Wednesday-Mexican Spicy Beef Tortilla, I flicked through a cookbook which we have I came across this meal. Again,it was something different and it appealed to us. I think this is a recipe which I may have to share in the future.  It was unlike anything we have had in the past and this was not a bad thing at all. For sure it went down a treat with the whole family which is a bonus.

Thursday-Pork Schnitzel , Jacket Potato and Spaghetti for some reason this is a meal which I have fancied. Pork Schnitzel is one of those meals which is super easy to make. I think it needs to be a short period of time between me making this again. I have linked the recipe which I used myself. It is super simple and quick to make great for when you can’t really be bothered.

Friday- Chinese Fakeaway, I miss having a Chinese this is not something which we do often anyway. However, I do not fancy waiting ages to get a takeaway at the moment. I have heard people say where I am there 1 1/2 hours for delivery. Instead we are going to have beef in black bean sauce and egg fried rice I think. To be honest this is something which I am looking forward to.

Saturday-Mexcicali Hash Brown Taco Casserole and Nachos, we have kit to make nachos which is why we are going to be making these. I also have some taco seasoning which I found in the cupboard and I was looking for a recipe. This is when I came across the Hash Brown Taco Casserole. It sounds something random and different after all Hash Browns are my favourite.

Sunday- Roast Dinner, this is something we have not had since Christmas Day. Usually we would have a new years roast however, we have not done this year because of Troy been born. We even have purchased some stuffing to have with the roast chicken and this is something which I am way too exited about.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx




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