Our Weekly Meal Plan 19th February


How is it the end of half term already. For sure, we have loved not having the stress we have been doing more together. We have even had playdoh out which is something which we have not done for a while. The weather seems to have been a lot better which has meant we have been able to get some washing dry as well. For sure, this is something which makes me feel a lot better. This week I have decided to use a lot of pinch of nom because it was easier just to use the books this week while meal planning. On to the meals which we are going to be consuming this week.

Saturday- Sloppy Dogs with Chips, this is a take on the sloppy Joe’s burgers. However, in a hot dog from. This is something which I would have not thought about making in the past. Hot dogs are not something which we eat a lot anyway. There usually something which we would pick up on a day out rather than making them at home. For sure, I know this is going to be a meal which we all enjoy. I am going to make some home made chip to go with this meal as well.

Sunday- Smoky BBQ Chicken Pie and Mixed Veg. This is a meal which I thought I would make because I do like the something a little bit different. Sadly my steak pie went horrible last week.  Sadly I ended up burning it which meant we ended up having a takeaway and salvaging it for the children. So I am looking forward to redeeming myself and making this pie this week. I am going to serve this with some frozen mixed veg and some cabbage because we have a lot of that to use up as there has been a lot them in when we have purchased boxes from the fruit man.

Monday- Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Bake, I think this counts for meat free Monday since it is a fish. Pasta for sure is something which goes down really well in this house for sure. There is going to be no complains about this been on the meal plan. Again, this is another meal which is a pinch of nom recipe. Shockingly I do not think this is one which I have made in the past. But I can see it been on the meal plan again in the future too.

Tuesday- Piri Piri Roast Chicken and Salad. I have decided to purchase a complete whole chicken. Then I am going to be able to do the piri piri rub myself. This is something which I am going to really struggle with because I do actually hate touching raw chicken. I am going to serve this with salad. Salad is something which I have been loving to be honest. I know we are going to have left over chicken I can make this meal again for a lunch or use in a sandwich.

Wednesday- Herb Crusted Cod with Mash and Mixed Veg, this is a meal which sounds really nice. Fish is something which I really do enjoy. This sound like a meal which is going to work so much with the weather warming up. I am finding myself wanting less comfort food. I know this is one which the whole family are going to enjoy. Again I am going to be using some cabbage and then the frozen mixed veg in which I have in as a side.

Thursday- Thai Fried Prawn and Pineapple Rice, this is a meal which we have had in the past. This is one which we all loved and agreed it was like having a takeaway. These are something which we are trying to avoid purchasing too many of at the moment. I may even make some of the mayflower curry sauce to go with this. In order for it to have a bit of wetness.

Friday- Creamy Pasta, I have decided to make a little bit of a comfort meal. I might need it after a whole week of home schooling. By the time it is Friday we will know hopefully more about when Jess can go back to school. I know I could send her in as a key worker child.  Something quick and easy on a Friday because I am usually shattered by then and sick of cooking meals.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx


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