Our Weekly Meal Plan 18th October

Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals which we have been consuming this week. There is a wide range of meals this week. There is some more special meals this week as it is the last full week that Joe is going to be home till December. So I have decided that we are going to splash out a little bit, there is some of out favourites on this meal plan. Now on to the meals hopefully these will give you some inspiration.

Monday-Spicy Thai Noodles, this is a meal which we are having because noodles are one of my favourites to consume. Spicy food at the moment is something which I can still consume I now there is a chance that this is going to change. Another bonus of this meal is that we had a lot of the ingredient in to so this is a cheap meal.

Tuesday- Pulled Pork, this is a meal which I am looking forward to it is a Katy recipe. This is one which we have made in the past and loved. We have another scan and a meeting with the consultant on Tuesday.  So having a slow cooker meal works really well for this. For sure this is a meal which I am looking forward to consuming this week.

Wednesday- Paprika Chicken Casserole, we have some chicken thighs left in the freezer which I do want to use. These were left from a previous recipe. For sure with the weather changing a casserole is something which I think we could all do with. I might serve this with some mash potatoes I am unsure. I think we have Jess at home for this meal actually as well.

Thursday-Creamy Mushroom Chicken, this is a meal which we should have had last week however, we didn’t do it for some reason. I have all the ingredient in so I thought I might as well make. This is going to be served with either rice or some kind of potato element. I am unsure which we are going to be doing yet.

Friday- Gammon eggs and chips, today we are going to be having one of Joe’s favourite meal. Which is super simple this is one which we have not had in a long time. This is a super easy meal and one which I think I will be able to do make which mean Joe can have a night off cooking. For sure this is one which again I am looking forward to as well.

Saturday- Spag Bol. This is a meal we are making while Joe is home because this is one of his special meals. He seems to be able to make it a lot better than me. For sure this is a meal which I think we will be serving with garlic bread because this is something which goes perfectly. I know there is going to be clean plates all around when it comes to this meal.

Sunday- Takeaway, we are going to be having a takeaway this is something which we have not done in a long time. We are going to be at an event ran by Baby Dinosaurs and I know after a long day on my feet all day I think I am going to want something simple. For sure we have not chosen which takeaway we are going to be consuming yet.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of the inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

What meals are you planning on consuming this week?

Charlotte xxx

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