Our Weekly Meal Plan 17th September

I promise that I am going to share more of our weekly meal plans again now. Meal planning is something which I have been doing for a while again even if I have not been sharing them. I know when I am looking for inspiration peoples meal plans are usually where I go. Since I last did a meal plan we have massively reduced the amount of meat which we consume this is now something which we may have once twice a week. I can see me going fully veggie in the next couple of months however, at the moment I am happy with just reducing my meat consumption. We are having a couple of quick and easy meals to make this week due to the fact Jess has Taekwondo. This means we need to be out of the door before 6pm. Anyway on to the meals which are on the menu this week.

Friday- Dirty Fries, we have some amazing meat free mince which really needs to using up. This is a meal which I have been going to make for a few weeks. Dirty fries is perfect for today because we have a lot of cleaning to do in the house. Since we have guests over the next day. I am not going to make it too spicy of course, for the kids. I think we are going to end up making this one where we put it in the middle of the table and then everyone is able to have some of the dish. This is a such an easy dish to make and for one which we will all enjoy.

Saturday- Meal Out, we are going out for a meal out because this is the closest weekend to Jess’ birthday. Both sets of grandparents are going to come up and we are going to be going to a local pub. They do have an amazing menu sadly we have not been in over a year because of Covid. I think we have barely eaten out in that period of time either. For sure this is something which I am highly looking forward to. It is also going to be amazing to see some of the family.

Sunday-  Toad in the hole and Mash. We are going to be using the veggie sausages from Asda I have used them before in the past. I think that there more full of flavour than the meat sausages which you can get your hands on. I have made toad in the hole once before and it is something which we love. This is a meal which we are going to have because of the fact that it is meant to feel more like autumn starting now. This is also going to be served with some mixed veg to get the veggies in.

Monday-  Cajun Salmon with New Potatoes. This is a meal which I found in one of the cookbooks which I have at the moment. Salmon is something which we have not had in the longest time. I also have some baby potatoes which we got in a good to go bag which need using up. I think we are going to add some garlic butter to these. Again this is another meal which we are really going to serve with mixed veg.

Tuesday- Spaghetti and Meatballs, there is a couple of packets of meatballs which need using up. I am going to be fry them off and add some peppers and onions and add them to a pasta sauce. I know this is a meal which the whole family will actually enjoy because pasta is one of Jess favourite meals. This is one of these simple meals because this is a taekwondo evening so we have to eat a little bit earlier. This can sometimes be a little bit of a rush if we do not watch it. We may have some garlic bread if we get hold of some later in the week.

Wednesday- Cheesy Cajun Chicken and Fries, again this is another meal which I have got out of a cookbook which we have at the moment. This is something which sounded a little bit different which is always something I am going to make. This is a meal which everyone will eat. For me it was a little bit of a different way to have chicken which at the moment is rare for us to have. This may have spaghetti hoops or beans on the side this is not something which we have thought about but I think we have both of them in the cupboard should we need them.

Thursday- Bacon, Leek and Brie Pasta. I am going to be using the meat free bacon which we also like from Asda. Even if this is something which does look like playdoh bacon. I promise you that it does actually taste night and not really rubbish at all. This is another recipe which I have found in a cookbook. Recently I have been going through a number of them that I own and seeing if we need them any more.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx



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