Our Weekly Meal Plan 14th January

Another week has zoomed by this one has not been as great for me though. I have spent so much of the week feeling unwell. I think I just have a really bad cold and after two years of not having them it has managed to wipe me out. This is why some of the meals have managed to roll on again because of the fact we have not been making them. By the time it came to evening meal time I had not a lot of energy if truth be known. Anyway on to the meals I hope we are going to make this week.

Friday- Fake KFC, when walking around Tesco last week we noticed a lot of fake KFC looking items. We wanted something quick for tea this week. With me been unwell for the majority of the week and the kids tired this seemed like the perfect option. To be honest this is something which I would purchase again. You would not have told it was not Chicken. We served it with baked beans and also chips and some salad we picked up reduced.

Saturday- Chicken Katsu Curry Bowl, this is a recipe which I found on Pinterest. I have been using that a lot in the last few weeks.  Chicken Katsu curry is something we love however, this is actually served with noodles. It is one which I am looking forward to trying as this could be a meal everyone loves or one which we will not make again. I picked up some meatfree Panko Chicken so I don’t have to do the breadcrumbs myself either which is a bonus.

Sunday- Kebab, Fries and Salad. This may seem a really random meal for a Sunday. However, Jess is actually at a birthday party 4-6. Which means that we are going to need something quick for when she gets in. We use the Vivera kebab meat which honestly is amazing it doesn’t take very long either. This is a meal which is just going to be for Joe and I. Troy has a mini pizza in the freezer which we are going to cook up.

Monday- Garlic Mushroom and Riccotta Pasta, I think this is a meal which we have rolled over from last week. There is not a lot of needed to make this meal so I am hoping it is going to taste nice no matter what. I may add some chilli flakes for this for me because otherwise I feel like this could be a meal which is pretty bland for me.

Tuesday- Veggie Pad Thai Spicy Chicken, this is a recipe which we found when scrolling Facebook. This is a recipe which sounded really nice and it is one which I can cook super easy which is something which we need with Tuesday been a Taekwondo night. This is a recipe which has a lot of veggies in I may even add some more in it some which we have to use up.

Wednesday- Chicken Tikka Pasta Bake, this is a recipe which I saw on Instagram this is a recipe from Ericka. I am just going to adapt this meal to be veggie by using the Quorn breasts instead. This is something which I am really looking forward to doing. I have even picked up some amazing spicy cheese for this meal. We have not actually had a meal like this for a long time. We have not had many pasta dishes let alone curry.

Thursday- Beef Stew with Mash and mixed veggies, we have some beef in the freezer which needs using up. So the kids and Joe are going to have a beef stew. I have ordered a bean stew which I am going to heat up because it means then we are having a similar meal. I think I am going to make some mash to go with this as well. At least this means we are having a meal which is pretty similar.

What is on your meal plans this week?

Charlotte xx

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