Our Weekly Meal Plan 10th July


Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals which we have been consuming this week. This week includes some meals which I am making in able to share the recipes with you. As part of a campaign which I am working with brand they should be live next week. I also had to think if the meals were Troy friendly as I am trying to give him some of what we are having rather than making his own meals. Anyway on to the meals which we have been making before this becomes a long ramble.

Saturday-Quesaito for us and Chicken Quesadillas for kids. I have decided to make a split meal because I feel like it will be easier for Troy. The chicken quesadillas will be easier for him to be able to handle. While we have a fakeaway meal from Taco Bell. Mexican food is something which we love. For some reason I can not wait for this meal maybe because I know that it is such a tasty meal.

Sunday- Broccoli, Basil , cashew pesto spaghetti, this is a meal which I think that I should have made last week. We decided to make something else instead. I think this is going to be a meal which is going to be different. This is in the Joe Wicks Wean in 15. I have never made a pesto myself either.

Monday- Crustless Quiche and Salad, this is something which is super simple to make. I always end up making too much so there is some for leftovers for lunch the next day. I am going to throw in some veggies which we have which need to be used up so fingers crossed we have some tasty bits to be used up. This going to served with salad of course if it is a bit colder I may have it with something like jacket potato instead

Tuesday- Prawn Fajitas, I thought that I would make something a bit different to chicken fajitas. For sure this is something which I loved. We did not end up giving any to Troy because he was actually asleep. So I made it pretty spicy and this is something which we all enjoyed. For sure I think I may make them again because we found that we did not need sauce like we normally would if we had chicken.

Wednesday-Pizza, I am going to be making some home made pizzas even my own dough. I think this is something which Jess will love to do as well. I think we are going to make a couple of pizzas this week. One I am going to do which is just going to be veggies this means that Troy will be able to try some of it. Then I am going to do one which is more meaty and maybe a little bit spicy because who doesn’t love that kind of meal,

Thursday-Spaghetti Bol, this is a meal which we all love so I am hoping Troy does too. I m going to be sharing how make this next week. I know most family have a recipe which they use for spag bol. This is going to be served with garlic bread I know Jess will have a clean bowl. It does seem to be a while since we last had this meal so it needs to be changed

Friday- Chicken and Veggie Burgers with Chips,this is another baby led weaning recipe which I have found. It sounds a little bit different so i am hoping this is not a bad thing. I would never have had the two together, I would make either a veggie burger or a chicken burger. I know they are going to be small patties compared to what we are used to but I am sure it will be nice. This is going to be served with some home made chips.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx

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