Our Weekly Meal Plan 5th February

Another week had flown by I swear they are going quicker and quicker at the moment. Only 1 more week till half term anyone can’t wait for this as well? It’s going to be so nice to just have to be Mummy to Jess rather than having to teach and help her with school work. This week is the first week where I am looking after both kids on my own. Joe is now back to work after having a month working from home. I will admit we have been struggling to get everything done with two of us I am unsure how it’s going to work when it’s just me. Maybe more of the housework will get left. Again most of the meals which we are going to be having are slimming world meals or low calorie. I must admit I now can see a difference in my body some of my clothes are now too big for me. Anyway on to the meals which are on the menu this week.
Saturday-Pizza and Salad, we are taking full advantage of the offer in Asda at the moment. Where you get two medium pizzas a drink and a movie for £5. After the week we have just had I need a nice where it is simply throw something in the oven and let it cook. I am going to bulk this out with a side salad too. Asda’s pizza is something which we all love in this house to be fair I think I like them more than takeaway pizza’s.
Sunday- Sausage Leek Mash Pie with Mixed veg. This is one that I thought we hadn’t made because we still have a ton of leeks in the fridge. Apparently, we have made this meal before however, I can’t remember. It is going to be a great meal to have since we are forecasted another really cold week. We might even get snow. This sounds like such a comfort meal which is what I am still craving at the moment. I am going to be making this with some meat-free sausages as we have not been to Aldi to get the sausages which we love.
Monday- Singapore Noodles, I thought this would be a great meat-free meal. It is a dish which I have not made for a long time, to be honest. Since looking at Jess’ work this week one of the tasks is to try noodles we thought this would work as a meal. It is so simple to make and I am sure everyone will love it. This is a meal that may save me from ordering a takeaway this week. We might have one next weekend with it being Valentine’s Day.
Tuesday- Chicken Kiev Jacket and Beans. This is a meal that ended up getting rolled over for some reason from last week. I am sure it is one which is now going to get made. Chicken Kiev’s are so simple to make when you do them yourself plus you can choose the amount of filling which goes in it. I am thinking about putting some cheese with the beans so we can have some cheese beans because they are the ultimate comfort food for me.
Wednesday- Carbonara with Garlic Bread. I am going to attempt to make my own tear and share garlic bread. This could be a fun task for me and Jess to do as part of homeschooling after all baking is maths. Garlic bread is not something which I have ever made from scratch so this is going to be a fun experience for me.  I crave a comfort pasta dish this week I need that giant cuddle in a bowl.
Thursday- Cheese and Onion Pie and Chips. This is a recipe that I saw from Bec’a Bites. Again with the weather meant to be so cold this week, this is one that called out to me. Pie is not something which we have that often for some reason. I am using to use some of the taco boats to make these. Of course, I am going to make my own chips. I might serve these with Mushy Peas as it is a kind of chippy meal however, I might serve this with beans who knows yet.
Friday- Chicken Nugget Curry, this is a slimming world recipe. You make with the mayflower curry sauce which everyone loves. I am gutted you have to go to home bargains or B&M to get it which means another trip out of the house.  This is a meal which I am going to make with the quorn nuggets. For sure this is one which I am looking forward to making as well. This is one that I think is going to be super simple which I might need by the end of the week.

Of course, like every meal plan, this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

Charlotte xxx

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