Our Meal Plan 5th July

Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals which we are going to be consuming this week. There is a couple of weeks which we were supposed to consume however, we did not fancy this meal. So this is one of the reason why there is a couple of roll over meals. This week is pretty standard I do not think there is anything special going on which is a reason I prepared 7 easy meals.

Monday- Slow Cooked Chilli, this is meal we should have had last week. This is one we did not have because we went out for lunch instead and was too full we actually went to the bear kitchen. This for sure is a meal which I am looking forward to because we have not had a chilli in a long time. This is recipe can be found on my pinterest if you are interest in copying.

Tuesday- Prawn Stirfry, this is not a meal which we have had for a long time. It is super quick to make which is great because at the moment. I do not have a lot of energy to stand up and cook for long period of time at the moment during this warm weather. I am unsure if we have ever actually had a stirfry which has been prawns usually we have chicken but we have enough chicken in the meal plan this week.

Wednesday- Salmon, New Potato and Mixed Veg. Salmon is something which I have not had in a while usually due to not having any in the freezer. I have decided that I am going to cook the salmon in the oven and then have some new potatoes with herby butter. These are something which I love and of course, we have some frozen mixed veg.

Thursday- Homemade Chicken Kiev and Jacket Potatoes. This is something which I had a few weeks ago, however Joe was not home. I know this is a meal which when I have made it in the past he has loved. So I am sure that it is going to be the same again. This is quick and easy to make we still have some potatoes which can be used as jackets which need using up.

Friday- Chicken Nachos, again this is a meal from last week which we did not get around to doing. It is one which the lovely Katy has on her blog. It is something different for us and hopefully it is something which I am going to enjoy. I love a nice simple meal on a Friday usually a fakeaway. For sure I will be letting you know how this meal goes.

Saturday- Chicken Curry, this is becoming a firm favourite with Jess. We make sure that we choose one which is not too spicy. I am going to be serving this with rice. I have actually purchased some nan bread which is a treat because it is something we rarely have. This is a meal which for sure I know Jess is going to clear plate.

Sunday-  Pie and Chips, we purchased some pie which was reduce a few weeks ago. We have decided that we are going to use it up in order to make some more freezer room. This is going to mean that I have more space when I am solo parenting. If it is warm we may end up having the pie with salad instead of chips.

What are you planning on having for meals this week?

Charlotte xx

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