Our Meal Plan 14th June

Today I am going to be sharing with you the meals which I have been consuming this week. This week I have actually been solo parenting which means that been making meals for one apart from the weekend of course when I have Jess. This does mean I have a lot of meals which has come out of freezer. I like to stock the freezer up so when times like this happen I do have meals which I can make. Of course, I do not want to be having ready meals and also I have meals which I would as if Joe was actually here which is always a bonus. I managed to do the two weeks which he is away this time.

Monday- Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Soft Cheese in it and Salad. I wanted a super simple meal for the first night. It does mean that it easies me back into the swing of solo parenting life. This is a meal which I have made in the past a loved for sure. I may actually serve this with some new potatoes which we have become of the fact the weather is meant to be rubbish this week. I think it takes around 25 minutes to cook however, I do not have to stand over it while I am cooking.

Tuesday- Lasagna and Garlic Bread, this is a meal which I already in the freezer so this is going to be super simple for me. I think I may have to share the recipe which I used for this meal in the next couple of weeks. Due to the weather I think I am going to have it with garlic bread. I might actually end up sharing this with Jess. This is a meal which I have not had in a long time so I am actually looking forward to this.

Wednesday- Tomato Soup, this is a meal which I made a long time ago and froze.  For sure this is a meal which I loved I have some fresh bread which I am going to be able to have this with. I wanted to be able to use this up because it has been in the freezer for so long. This is a meal which is going to warm me up if it is still cold. I am going to be making this again should I have a lot of tomatoes left to use up. This is a portion of good comfort food for me to be honest.

Thursday- Chicken Kiev and salad, this is going to be a homemade kiev. Again I am going to be sharing the recipe for this in the next few weeks when I remember. I find this has a lot more flavour in it than the kievs which you purchase in the shops. This is so simple to make and for some reason. I managed to have all of the ingredients in so this is to be great. This may be served with a jacket potato it does depend on what I fancy however, I may actually have this with some salad.

Friday- Pesto Pasta, this is a meal which we did not end up having last week. Instead of having it with chicken I am just going to have it on its own. This is a simple meal because by the end of the week I never can be bothered to do too much so I think this is going to be perfect. This is a meal which I used to have at uni so this is going to bring back so many memories. I am unsure if I have had it since I left.

Saturday- Simple Cheesy Pasta, I am working on Saturday, this meal may not be something which I have. Depending on my mood I may change this however, I do want this to be something super simple. I think my Mum will be feeding Jess for me so she at least will be getting a good meal. No doubt this will be something pasta related because this is a meal which she adores so who am I to deny her this. I might even treat her to some garlic bread as well.

Sunday- Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Chips, of course, its father’s day, however, with Joe away this means nothing. So I am going to make a simple meal. Something which we may not have if Joe was actually home. I just want to make a meal which I know Jess is going to actually go to eat. I have some chicken breasts which I am going to use for this.  At least to make some room in the freezer which at the moment seems to be way too full.

Of course, like every meal plan this is linked up with the amazing Katy. I get a lot of the inspiration from her and the linky which she runs. If you are struggling and consuming the same meals I would recommend checking it out. You may find a meal which you love.

What meals are you planning on consuming this week?

Charlotte xxx





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