Our House Plans 2021 Update 1

After spending a lot of 2020 at home we decided that we wanted to make some changes to the house. I did a post about some of our plans right back at the start of the year. Of course, we have nearly had a quarter of the year. I am unsure where the time has gone, to be honest. However, we have made some progress on the house so far and I thought I would share this with you. However, we have made some progress on the house so far and I thought I would share this with you.

We have replaced the side fence and the back fence as well. We have now 6ft fencing around this is because it allows us to have a lot more privacy which is amazing. Sadly our fences which were already in were looking a little bit rotten and not the same at all. The back fence was a different height which started to annoy us when we had removed wendy’s house.  I am glad we do not have the gaps anymore this means that the cats do not come in as much either which is a huge bonus. We may be able to decorate the fences soon as well. We have had to remove the bushes and we seem to have a lot more space in the garden.

There was a huge space where the wendy house which has come down. Instead of the wendy house which was rotten and horrible we now have a custom built rabbit hutch. This is something which we decided to do as we knew we would have the space. We are now going to be adopting 3 more bunnies as well in June. Hopefully this is something which makes Marshall happy. I am fully aware bunnies shouldn’t be kept solo and he has been alone since Tracker passed at the end of Feb. I will be doing a blog post showing you the rabbit hutch and everything.

The windows are doors are all going to be replaced this year. We have this already booked in now.  We have noticed that we are getting drafts which are not something we want in the winter.  After all who wants to be cold during the winter.  We had also noticed that the layers of double glazing were starting to go so this is another reason.  Fingers crossed by getting new windows and doors will stop this issue.  I am hoping I don’t have to move too much when they come to do the windows. They have measured them up and now they have been putting on order. I think they are due to be installed in around two months’ time. We have decided to choose the grey windows so that they are different a little bit compared to the normal UPVC windows. Of course, this is a huge job and does cost a fair amount of money but for sure it is going to make a huge difference. This hopefully will end up adding some value to the house should we sell this house in the future.
Once the windows are actually replaced we can think about decorating the hall stairs and landing. We have decided that we are slowly going to repaint the whole house. Currently, we have only painted Troy’s room, of course, we got that ready for him to be born and that was fun.  We have decided to do the hall, stairs, and landing because there is so much pollyfiller from the previous owner in this area. We do not want to do it before and it gets damaged when the windows get changed. I think we are still thinking about paying someone to come in and do this job.  It could be a pain with two kids. Still, I think I want a warmer colour because at the moment that area just feels super cold. Thinking about this job it is one which may get done before the summer holidays or maybe after when Jess is back at school. Who knows we may change the office soon as well to make it less of a spare room which it half acts as and more of an office / gaming room. We have found some amazing signs from Neon Mama which would look amazing in the office. I have my eye on the Pacman ghost one.
Weather proofing
We are also going to be weatherproof and sealing the drive this year. This is a job that I think will end up getting done when Joe is on summer leave now. We have the sand which we need to fill in the gaps. It is going to be a case of getting all the weeds out which I know is going to be a long tedious job. We did it last summer and it took a fair few hours and that’s when Troy napped more. Then we will be putting the sand down to fill in the cracks to stop the weeds from growing back. This is something which I can’t wait for because at the moment the drive does look an eyesore with all of the weeds. However, we have managed to save ourselves a ton of money by potentially doing it ourselves. We ended up paying a  guy to come in and so this because we found one with an offer on. We both knew it was going job and one which we would put off. It doesn’t look amazing but it does look a lot better than it did.
We may also get our guttering cleaned this year because the amount of moss which ends up on the decking is crazy. I have been told that this happens when the birds go into the guttering this is a result of that..  I think we will be looking for a professional company similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Asheville who can do this job for us. Some of the gutters can be quite hard to reach by ourselves.
Upstairs Bathroom
We have already debated sorting out the upstairs bathroom. We need to put an extractor fan in there as it is because it is so damp. As a result, we have had mold on the walls and ceiling. This means that this is going to need to be repainted as well. The shower is playing funny at the moment and could be on its way out which we hope not. We also need a new floor on there as the tiles are cracking. I know this is going to be a big job and to be honest I am hoping that we can put it off a little bit in order to save some more money up. Then get it done as one big job fingers crossed. For sure we will be getting the extractor fan done though this year maybe when we get some more lights and plug sockets into the garage. As these jobs shouldn’t be too expensive.
I think this is all of the house jobs we have planned at the moment. However, after living here for nearly 3 years now we are wanting to put our own stamp on the house slowly. Of course, we do not know how old some of the appliances are in the house at all. In a few years I know we are going to end up ripping the kitchen out and getting a completely new one but for sure that is going to take some planning and saving first.
What plans do you have for your house? Has lockdown made you want to do any crazy DIY?
Charlotte xx
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