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Home schooling or schooling at home during a pandemic is something which we have all been doing now for a few weeks. Does anyone else agree it feels like a lifetime ago when we wasn’t. Jess has one day at school this year before they closed there doors. Fingers crossed she is going to be allowed to go back on 8th March. We are currently struggling sometimes with getting her to get tasks done. This is because she doesn’t want to do work. She loves school but I think it is even taking it’s toll on her. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things which we have been using to make home schooling a bit easier.


This is something which we have been using at least daily. I don’t know about your child but they would be going through a ton of paper every single day. This is something which we have had for a long time so sadly I can’t link it. Jess uses it for phonics and when she has to practice maths or writing. We even used to use this for homework. This is something we will be using still after home schooling is done and dusted. We have a ton of different colour pens which we got from Craftly a while back but I know she still sells them.

My First Bananagrams

This is a game which I have done a full review on. This is one which we use to practice spelling with as well as some of her phonics words. The whole family can play this game and to be honest we have had a lot of fun playing. Jess gets very competitive of course, we have had tantrums if she doesn’t win. However, this is something which she is working on. Bananagrams also works on her reading because we make her read words which we may have created. To me making sure that she can read is important as this is as skill which she will end up using for the rest of her life.

I Sea 10

Another game which we have been we have been playing a lot is I sea 10. This is a game which we borrowed from Whirli. This is a game which we have been using to learn how to count. The aim of the game is make 10 with the cards. So this helps Jess learn how to make the number 10 and practice her counting. Of course, she is still in reception which means that the games do not need to be too hard for her. This is a game which she loves playing and will often ask to play even when we are not home schooling. For sure, this is one I would recommend it gets very competitive because you want to avoid the shark otherwise you lose all the cards which you have.


Maths Game

This is one which my parents purchased for Jess’ birthday back in September. When she started school this is one which has come in so well with home schooling. It has a number of cards with it which have sums on it allows her to practice her addition and subtraction. They also have the multiplication and division which is something which Jess will get to in the future.  Some of the cards as you can see have the numbers so she basically has to copy the sum with the number tiles. Other ones show the for example 5 suns and then 3 suns and you have to work out the sum and the answer. This is one which we have used when Jess needs to practice her maths. Instead of always writing out the sums on a whiteboard for her. She will often go and and play even when she does not need to practice.


Word Game.

This is the same company who made the maths game however, this is a word version. This is something which my parent’s purchased for Jess for Christmas. This again has some cards which have a picture on and the words which it represents. This has taught Jess to be able to spell more words including house. Some of the words are harder than others. This game does mean that Jess can practice her reading and spelling on her own for a little bit. This can massively help when I have to do things with Troy. After all at the moment everything is a juggle which none of us feel like we are winning at all.  This game is from the entertainer I have linked the Maths and Word Game here.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

We have had a number of tasks which have made us get creative over the last few weeks. It is very hard to sometimes find time to be able to get the paints out. This means that we have instead got these little brain paint sticks out. These are something which I purchased a long time ago for Jess and then gave her them for Christmas. If you have not heard of these before they are almost like a glue stick which is coloured and looks like paint. These are great because they dry in 30 seconds.

This means that you do not have to worry that there is going to be a lot of mess at all. You only have to get them out there is no preparation or cleaning up when your child is finished. We have used them a couple of times this week and for sure we will be getting them out more in the future as well. Even once home schooling is finished.

What have you been using for home schooling?

Charlotte xx

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