Our Favourite Small Business Kids Clothing Shops

Shopping small business is something which I love to do. I really enjoy helping supporting some of the amazingly creative people. They do some things which I could only dream of doing. I try and do a lot of my shopping when I am looking for gifts. Often I will be looking on Etsy or some of the small companies which I find on Instagram. Some of these have been the best gifts which we have had feedback on. Troy does have a lot of clothing which is made by small business today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourites. We used a lot of small companies with Jess but not as many as Troy. This could have been due to the fact by now Jess had been in nursery. Now on to some of the companies we love Troy rocking.

Tags and Togs

This is a company who we purchased from when Troy was not that old. There clothes are made for babies who are babyworn as well as who have cloth bums. Of course, this is something which we do both of. We have picked up a number of items from them now including rompers and leggings. Troy’s Christmas romper and leggings are from them.. I bought the next size up for Troy. The leggings actually come up to his arm pits but can make them work. We still have some clothes which are in 3-6 months to be honest. This just shows how generous they are in the sizes. They even have to press studs which means that you can be make them a little bit smaller or bigger if you need to. The cuffs also roll up or down this means that you can make it last longer for you. The prints which they do are really pretty they are not gendered either which is something we love. They wash really well as well which we have washed ours loads. For sure we will be purchasing from them again in the future.

Baby Shep

This is a company which I used this year for some Easter leggings for Troy. We actually own a couple of pairs of their leggings now. I know that they are going to be one which we purchase from again in the future as well. Whenever Troy wears the leggings we always get comments on them. This could be because of the fun prints which he owns. I have actually had my eye on a few little bits. These are some of the cheaper leggings we own which we have. However, this does mean that they are not good quality at all. I have my eye on a pair of dungarees in the Lego print maybe this is something which we will have after the festive period. We have always found the turnaround to be fast and we were kept in the loop. They often do preorders for some fabrics. I know this is likely to be the case when it comes to Christmas, Easter and a summer collection. For sure there a brand worth checking out.


Mama and Edison

Mama and Edison is a brand I have purchased from recently well we have started using them recently. This is the first place which I actually saw the hooded cardigans, now this is something which I love. I like hoodies and cardigans on Troy. Again they are an amazing brand for Cloth Nappies so you do not have to size up. This means that they fit well something we are always looking for. Again all the prints are unisex or gender neutral. We purchased a couple of pairs of dungarees only last weekend and a pair of leggings. This is because of the fact Joe saw them in person and could not say no. I think some of my favourite prints are the exclusive be kind fabric which is one which we have had complements on it is inside the hood. I am tempted to order even more hooded cardigans for the spring because we know how much use we are going to get out of this. Soon Mama and Edison is going to pre made only which means I am going to have to hope things are in our size. For sure, this is a company which I am sure you can find something that you are going to love from.


Jack and Lana

I must admit this is only a company which I have used once so far. I ordered Troy a beautiful pair of racing car leggings. These again are a company whose sizes claim to be cut for cloth. We actually find them not as big as some of the other leggings which we own. However, they still fit us well enough. To the stage that I will be repurchasing the leggings again I think the future when we need some more.  Jack and Lana don’t tent to do as bright and vivid leggings as some of the other companies which I may order from. This is something to bare in mind if you maybe are not into as bright leggings. I know I often like mine to have a bright pattern. For sure they are worth checking out I would highly recommend.


Little Squidges

This is a company which I ordered a couple of tshirts from when Jess was younger. I have recently repurchased from them when I purchased the kids a hoodie each for Christmas. I found that the t-shirts lasted for a long time and they washed well. Despite been white they did not go grey which is a huge bonus. They have a huge selection of items and they even go up to Jess’ size which is a huge bonus as usually we find that companies do not go up to her size. The hoodies are very soft I am sure this is something which they both will love wearing. Some of the slogans which they make are very appropriate too. I do have my eye on some of the lounge sets which they made. The prices are not too expensive too either. The turn around is super fast even now when they are likely to have a lot of orders due to Christmas. I think I will be ordering the onesie for the kids as well. If you want comfy clothes this is a company I would highly recommend.  They often have discount codes as well which is a bonus if you are looking to make a large order.


Have you purchased from any of these stores?

Charlotte xxx








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