Our Favourite Meat Free Products

Recently something which I have noticed is the supermarkets upping their plant based ranges. As you may know if you read my weekly meals plans we are not vegan or veggies. However, something which we are trying to do is cut down our meat consumption. Recently we have been purchasing more from the plant based ranges or meat free ranges.  This is because we have found it to be a lot easier to pick them up. We have also seen them on offer or cheaper which has made us try them.

Recently, Joe and I were speaking about the swaps which we have made. We came to the conclusion that we do not think there is anything which we have tried which we would not purchase again in the future. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things which we have tried and loved. Neither of the kids have turned their noses up at them. Jess even sometimes chooses the quorn option at school when it comes to the roast or nuggets.

Quorn Crispy Nuggets

This is something which we tried a long time ago now. It was one of the first products which we tried. I think this was about the time we heard that they were like McDonald’s nuggets. I must admit I do not think we have actually purchased normal chicken nuggets since. This is how much we like them we will have them. We will have them in a wrap or sometimes the kids will have them with chips and something like beans. If you have not tried these I would highly recommend them.

Vivera Shawarma

We found on a weightloss Instagram page and decided to try. This is like kebab meat however, it is not as greasy and is full of a lot more flavour. This is something which we will have either in a nan bread or now the kebab bread we have found. This has stopped me making my own kebab meat because this is a lot nicer than the one I made. Of course, it does not have as much fat. This is something which both kids love and have had as well. If you did not know this was meat free you would not know it was at all.

Linda McCartney’s Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages

These are something which I discovered over the Christmas period. This is something which we used to make some sausage rolls over this period. Again this was something which I had seen on a slimming account. However, we could not believe how much flavour there was in these sausages. Rarely now do we purchase meat sausages, because there are that many good meat free ones.  These do taste amazing when you do them in pastry which makes them taste like a Gregg’s sausage roll. This is something which we found around the Christmas time this is something which we love. We might have to make these again very soon we have not had them in a while.


ASDA Plant Based Vegan Meat Free Meatballs
This is another meat free product which we have tried recently. I think these were actually more full of flavour than the ones which are made of meat. I am unsure if these are new because this is something which I have only seen recently. The ones which we choose are frozen because this worked out cheaper for us. These are going to be something which we have in the freezer. They are super easy to cook and you can throw them with some pasta sauce and spaghetti or pasta. The kids could not tell the difference between the meat ones and the meat free ones.  There was a fair amount in the bag and there only £1.75 a bag.
ASDA Plant Based 6 Meat-Free Chorizo Style Sausages

This is something which we picked up as they were reduced in our local store. I found these to have a bit of a kick to them we had them once for breakfast. We have also had them since and said they would be great to have with mash if it is a cooler day. These would also be great for a bbq as well we may pick them up. If we do not have the Linda McCartney ones these would be the ones which we pick up. I am unsure if these are going to be here to stay or if they are just part of the summer range.

The Meatless Farm Co Meatless Farm Plant-Based Mince

This is something which we found because of shopimum we tried in and fell in love with it. I find it a lot easier to cook with as well compared to normal mince. It does not take as long at all and it is way less fatty as well. Just be careful it is something which can be a lot easier to burn as well. We have used this a number of times for sure it is something which we will keep purchasing. As we are trying to reduce our meat consumption.


ASDA Plant Based 3 Chilli Meat-Free Burgers

These are amazing burgers for sure there are something which we are going to use when we have a bbq. We have had them a couple of times. Sadly I can not find them on the website at the moment I am hoping that they are not going to get rid of them. If we find them again for sure we will be picking them up there amazing with spicy cheese from Aldi. I have also found the Aldi plant based burgers to be amazing as well this is something which we love as well. I think this is something which we are going to keep buying. They may actually be a summer range again for the bbq season.

I hope this has helped because a lot of people are trying to cut there meat consumption. I am always looking for new meatfree foods. If you have any recommendations on products which we should try let me know down in the comments.


What are your favourite meatfree meals if you have any at all?


Charlotte xxx

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