Our Cloth Nappy Journey One Year One

Using reusable cloth nappies is something which we decided that we were going to do before Troy was born. I had do a lot of research into them while I had been pregnant. I then told Joe the plan and I know he was unsure about it at first. During my pregnancy I was slowly purchasing them because of the expense. We decided to mainly go with Bambino Mio Solo’s for the day. I have done a whole post about what we started with you can find it here.

Additions to our collection

Since then we have not really purchased a lot we have added a tots bots to our collection because I could not resist the print. This is a problem when it comes to using cloth nappies the prints are so adorable. You almost want to collect them. I think we have between 20-25 day time nappies now in our collection. This is something which I think it the perfect amount we always have some left over. As it can be a pain when it comes to the winter months to get cloth nappies dry. Bring on the summer when they dry in no time.

I have also added some more Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch nappies.  As they can be a pain to get dry when it is the winter months. We now have 5 of them this means that we always have some which are dry.  So we can use them overnight. I have had to purchase the next size up Motherease Wraps as well because of course, Troy has grown which meant this was something which I needed to do. We have found we love the wraps because they do keep a poo contained should he poo overnight. I must say all of the nappies have helped prevent a huge poonami. The only other thing which we have purchased in a year is some boosters. This is something which I knew I might have to do. We have the Little Lamb Triple Bamboo Boosters, this means that there more absorbent. This is something we can need as Troy loves to drink.

How We Have Found Them Absorbency

We have found it’s rare that Troy does leak through his nappies. Usually if this happens it is because he has had it on too long as a result of him been asleep when he is due to be changes. I refuse to change his nappy when he is asleep. I just do it when he wakes up. We have found that we can get about 4 hours from the Bambino Mio Miosolo’s before we want/need to change them. I seem to remember that this is about the same as if you use a disposable nappy. For the Totsbots Bamboozle which we use overnight we get a good 12 hours which is what Troy sleeps. We have found times in the summer where he woke up slightly damp but this could have been as a result of sweating.

Our Experience
I have never been more grateful to my previous self than when everyone was panic buying nappies and baby wipes. Crazy to think that was nearly a year ago now since the supermarkets were completely bare. Having reusable nappies and wipes meant that we had all we needed in all we had to do was wash them. I know a lot of people started using a few cloth nappies then and some have stayed using them ever since. It has become second nature to use to wash them now. After all with the Bambino Miosolo it is the same as changing a normal nappy. Even my parents have changed one nappy when they looked after Troy. The only time I have left him since he has been born without it been Joe who is looking after him.
For storage we have the bambino mio bin. We just stick wet nappies straight in the bin ready for wash day. Of course, if we have a poo we have to make sure that we scrape it off in the toilet and try and get as much of it off as we can. This is something which you only have to do once you have started weaning otherwise you can just put them in the wash.
Obviously we haven’t had a night away using our cloth nappies yet. I am sure this is something which we will end up doing fingers crossed sometime this year. I will be purchasing some reusable swim nappies for Troy for the summer we had them with Jess and they are great for even just using in the paddling pool. Usually in one of the baby events aldi have they well the bambino mio solo ones for about £4. I usually sell them when the kids have grown out of them as well.
Talking of reselling there is a great second hand market for reusable nappies this is something which I have found. So if a nappy isn’t working for you the you can sell it on. Luckily for us all of the nappies seem to be working for us. I have sold a couple of nappies this year where the waterproofing had started to go. These then can be used for swimming nappies. I think even these ones I managed to sell for about £4 plus postage. I also sold the wraps which were too small for Troy now for 70-80% of what I paid for them.
We haven’t started Troy in nursery we was thinking about sending him after his first birthday for a couple of days a week. However with the pandemic still been around we donor want to risk him. The earliest now we are thinking about is September. Been able to cloth nappy at nursery is something which I am very hopeful he is going to be able to do. We have only used disposable nappies on him for 2 days of his life. I have heard people have great experiences with nursery and cloth bum so I don’t see this been an issue.
I would highly recommend cloth nappies to anyone who is thinking about doing it. What do you have to lose no matter if you use disposable or cloth you are going to be touching poo if you have a baby. It saves you having to go run for nappies because your running out. I know Joe has recommend cloth napping and cheeky wipes the reusable wipes which we use to other people. There has been a mixed response but I think people’s views are changing and cute little cloth buns may be something which we see more and more of in the future
Have you ever thought about using cloth nappies?




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