Original Dr Beckmann Cleaning Products Review

A fair few weeks ago the lovely guys at Blended Parent choose me to review so Original Dr Beckmann cleaning products. As you know as a parent cleaning and more so washing is something which you have to do more and more of as children become dirty and end up staining clothing items. Now cleaning inside the washing machine is not something which you often think about doing, however, this really clever treatment leaves your washing machine clean and hygienically,

I will be the first to admit our washing machine has started leaving out clothes with white pieces on. So I decided it was time to use this and see if this helped with the issue all you do is put the whole treatment one box is one treatment into the wash on its own and put it on a normal cycle so for me this is around 1 and half hours since doing this the issue with the white has stopped and I don’t know if this is actually true or just something in my head but my clothes look to be coming out cleaner.  I know one treatment is £3.50 and can be found in most supermarkets I personally have seen this in Asda and feel like it is something which I may be using in once every 2/3 months in my washing machine as I do not feel like they would be much benefit doing it anymore regular.

The next item which we were lucky to be send was these colour and dirt collectors which remind me of the colour catchers which everyone at uni used to use and rave about,  this help prevent the colour from fading which I have found great because Jess has some super bright pieces for the summer and when you purchases them from shops which are a little bit cheaper they can fade a hell of a lot quicker. I have noticed when I have used these that they have not faded as much, however, I am unsure if this is because they were better quality or if it is because of the fact that this product works I think that they are something which I am going to have to use a lot more.  I can report that they do stop colours running because of the of the fact I put some bright colours in the wash as well as some whites and they did not run which has happened to me in the past and the whites have become a horrible light pink colour.

The final item which I got sent was the pre-wash stain devils which you put on the stain for 10 mins before you put in the wash, As a mum of a child who goes to a nursery where they fold their dirty clothes up and put them in a nappy bag which means getting the stains out can be pretty hard to get out.  I have used them on a couple of stains, however, I have had mixed results on one it helped and the stain came out fully and it meant that Jess has been able to wear them again. However, with one of the stains, I did find that I could not get it some stains out however, they were very deep ones and this meant that I may have to do this a couple of times. I just have not had time to try it again.

Overall this is a brand I would recommend if you have children because stain and keeping things clean can become an issue and this is something which can help you with this problem.

Have you ever tried something from the Orginal Dr Beckmann?

Charlotte x

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