On my nails this week #1

W7 Lava Flow on nails

As you can see this has started to chip this is because I should have taken a picture when I did instead of 3 days after painting them.

 I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date and it is the only one I own now in a massive collection it’s a shame that you can’t buy this in Boots but Feelunique do and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there.

For the main polish I have used W7 Lava Flow I loved this in the bottle but when you try and apply it for me it was like water which was not the best and then also I found that one strokes will have large clumps of glitter others none which was annoying but that could have just been this bottle that I have as I have had no problems with their other glitter ones. This is the first time I have tried this polish so I will have to give it another try. W7 are a brand which are hard to get you hands on again I picked this up in The Original Factory Store for £2 but don’t know any shops that stock this but I have found this on Amazon for £1.99 here

Finally to seal my nail varnish I used Sally Hanson Hard As Nails which is the best top coat that I have used that is clear. I did pick this bottle that I am using up in The Orginal Factory Store for £3 but at the moment I noticed Boots have Sally Hanson buy one get one half price on selected items and this is one of them you can check that deal out here

Have you tried out any W7 nail varnished if so what is you favourite? Please comment below 

Charlotte X

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7 thoughts on “On my nails this week #1

  1. I haven't noticed them in my Poundland but that could be just because I have not been in at the right time. I am so glad that my town got The Orginal Factory Shop just before Christmas

    Charlotte X

  2. No I have not tried that I might have to do that when I next paint my nails with one of their glitters. I don't find them too bad for the price that you pay to be honest

    Charlotte x

  3. The W7 polish is pretty, but seems to have the same faults most glitter polishes have – too much in some swipes, too little in others. Have you tried holding the bottle vertically upright between your palms and rolling it between your palms? Works a bit better with glitter rather than the shaking and the stirring.
    My Beauty Junction

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