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Recently OGGS got in touch to ask if they could send me some of their new dairy-free and egg-free cakes. They wanted me to discover if I could see myself swapping sweet treats which I purchase at the moment for something different. Vegan cakes are not something which I would normally purchase in a supermarket. This may because I thought they are going to be super expensive. I felt like they were going to be dry compared to non-vegan cakes. This could be as a result of having no eggs in the mixture.

OGGS are trying to change the world they are trying to have as little impact as possible. From reducing their carbon emissions. They do not want to be involved in human trafficking and animals, of course, being a vegan company. You do not have to be vegan to want to save the planet of course helping reduce carbon emissions helps so much anyway. I know this is something which actually appealed to me.

OGGS to make their cakes vegan have replaced the eggs with a plant-based protein called aquafaba. This is not something which I have heard much about before OGGS. OGGS are not trying to make everyone vegan at all they just want to be able to provide plant-based alternatives to everyday foods. Of course, with every bite of the sweet treat, you have had the reassurance that there is a positive impact on the environment as a result of your choice.

I was very lucky to be sent a pack of 4 which includes all the of the flavours which OGGs are currently making. These are actually Salted Caramel, Zesty Lemon, Chocolate Fudge and Victoria Sponge. Of course, I had the hard job of having to test them I did enlist the help of Joe. I thought I would treat him because after all, it is a very hard job having to taste cake.

If you purchase OGGs you would get two of the same flavours however, it is hard to choose which one you will want to consume.  I think my favourite had to be the lemon drizzle which is actually surprising because this is not one I would have chosen. It was not too sharp like some lemon cakes can be.  I would say my least favourite is the salted caramel however, this is one which Joe loved. This just goes to show it is personal preference.

For sure I had a huge surprise when I tried the OGGS I was not expecting them to be as nice as they are actually are. If you had not told me they were vegan I would have had no clue. They taste as good as not as better than a non-vegan version of cupcakes. They are not dry which is a worry for me. I found them to be very nice and for sure something which I would purchase again. More so if I had a friend who was vegan coming over they would be perfect with a cup of tea.

Where can you purchase?

These OGGS cakes are available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.  The cakes are priced at £2.20 for a 2-pack, £4.25 for a 4-pack and £4.95 for a 5″ cake. You can find out more about OGGS and what they do here.

Have you tried vegan cakes?

Charlotte xx



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