North West Bloggers Meet Up – 1st June

Hey Guys

Back on the 1st June I went to what was my second meet up hosted by Hannah and was held at  Revolution Bar in Liverpool’s Cavern Quarter. I met Rach and jumped on the train to Liverpool together. We was talking so much on the train we had to run to jump of the train because we had no clue we was at the stop we needed to get off till we asked people next to us.

We meet up with some other lovely bloggers before all heading to the event this is when we grabbed the biggest table that we could and started ordering cocktails as time went on we were having more and more of a giggle before been told to go upstairs were the event was actually been held. The girls I meet were Laura , Anita , Helena and finally Leanne . I am sure I have missed some girls out and if I have I am sorry about that I didn’t mean to.
Upstairs again we grabbed a big table towards the bar so we could continue having cocktails there were so delicious we couldn’t stop. We all grabbed a Krispy Kreme and this is is when a funny accident occurred but to find out what is was head over to Rach’s blog. 
There was a number of stalls one was a girl who was airbrushing make you but I didn’t manage to get any pictures of this I was to busy with the girls but I am sure it was amazing. There was also a stall which was showing you how they do semi permanent lash but this is not something again I managed to get a photo of.
There was a beautiful stand by green bubbles which are a brand that make beautiful soap,bath bombs and also other goodies such as lip balm. There was a couple of their items in the goodie bag which was a kind gesture. I also purchased two bath bombs which were lime and coconut and also a raspberry ripple which I will review here when I have used them .

There was also a lovely stall by teardrop who sell some amazing pieces and you can get hold of some of them on asos as they sell on the marketplace on there. I would have loved to buy some of them but I am actually in the process of going through and getting rid of my jewellery that I am not using and haven’t in a while.

We recieved some amazing goodie bags which included the following brands  Argan DewFemFresh,ViridianESPABenefitNair,  GreenBubbles, Hurraw!Nourish, Stylfile and
 Washi.I will be reviewing some of these products for you guys over the next few week and months and will be post them on here.

Did you attend or have you got some events coming up

Charlotte x
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2 thoughts on “North West Bloggers Meet Up – 1st June

  1. That sounds a really good event I hope you enjoy that, I love attending events as you meet new bloggers and try new brands in the process. The green bubbles stand was amazing I could have spent all my money buying their items

    Charlotte x

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