Newborn Baby Essentials

Today I am going to share with you some if the products which have been essential for us since we had Troy. I actually wrote this post when he was 3 months before lockdown happened.  The majority of the things we have had to purchase as we had sold or got rid of. After all it has been 4 years since Jess was a newborn.
The first essential has been our Cybex Bella Twist Carrier. This is something which we use every single day it is convenient to have my hands free sometimes. We use this for 95% nursery runs because it is so much easier then navigating my pram there. Troy seems to settle in it so quickly which is a huge bonus. We just put him in a snowsuit then the carrier. Days out are a lot easier with it as well because you can walk like normal instead of having to dodge people. We even took Troy the farm in it all day just shows how comfortable it is to wear. Even during lockdown we have managed to use this when we have been going for a walk. I am sure this is something which we are going to to be using more in the future too.
We have another carrier which may seem over the top. I could not be without the Close Parent Caboo Plus Carrier. We actually have this for the house because it allows me to get on with the housework even when Troy is been clingy and just wants mummy cuddles. It also helps me eat hot meals and cook when I am solo parenting. Having two hands free helps so much when I have Jess as well as Troy on my own. We purchased the carrier second hand for under £20 which is a huge saving as they are over £60. I can see us getting a lot of use of this in the months to come as well. This is going to be a god send because Troy is very clingy when he is in pain with his teeth.
Another essential for us is our reusable nappies which we have used since day 2. I now can not imagine using disposable nappies. Even Joe who was not convinced by my plans before Troy was born to use these seems to love them. He has admitted that he can not imagine not using them now. He has even bought some new nappies for Troy proof he must like them. We have found that there has been no poo explosions the nappies seem to be able to contain them instead. I have done a post about what we actually use in case your interested. Even if everyone just used a couple of reusable nappies.  We would be able to save the planet a bit more.
Something which goes hand in hand with the nappies is our wipes. We have gone reusable as well with them. We are using cheeky wipes these have been essential we never actually run out of wipes. They even clean bums amazingly we have only ever had to use a couple if there is a bad poo. Instead of having to use a lot of the packet if you was using normal baby wipes. For sure these are something which I would 100% recommend people using them. I think we might even get some for hand and face when we start weaning. If your interested again I have done a post all about them.
Our caddy is something which I can not imagine life without. It helps so much because we can just carry it up and down the stairs. Of course it does mean that we do not have to make as many trips. This is something which I will be doing a post about sharing what is in it. For sure I would recommend this during the newborn stage it is great to know where everything is. It saves you having to find the energy to get things and having to look. I remembered not having a lot of energy and was supposed to limit the amount I did after my c section.
Sleepsuits have been essential for us Troy doesn’t actually own any clothes in 0-3 months. He only had sleepsuits. I think sleepsuits are essential when there a newborn because it allows them to be comfortable. If they are more comfortable they may sleep longer which is a bonus because sleep is so important. Maybe we have found them a hell of a lot more essential this time because we do not want Troy to grow up too fast since he is our final child. We have found that sleepsuits from the supermarkets and Primark have been amazing this time around. We have even purchased some of them second hand as well.
Talking of sleep we have found sleeping bags essential. The ones we have from grobag are huge even for Troy who isn’t a small baby. He is slowly starting to grow into them them but this just means they are going to last a while meaning we are getting value for money. We have been loving the ones from Primark as well  we notice the difference when we do not put him in a sleeping bag overnight. He does not seem to sleep as well unless it is a warm night.  They are not something which we used with Jess but they have been essential this time around.
The final thing which has been essential in the newborn stage is muslins we have a ton of them around the house. Troy even loves to snuggle up to them as a comforter. Of course, they are great for a thin blanket, mopping up sick or any spill. For sure I know that we will be using these for a long time. We seem to have used them a lot more then we ever did with Jess even now. I have even purchased a couple more of them because we seem to use so many of them.
What are newborn baby essentials
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