My First Pregnancy Book Review

As you all know by now we are expecting player 4 in January. Since we was not planning on keeping Jess she was going to be adopted. This meant that I did not become attached to the bump and almost did not care what stage baby was at. Of course this, time around I want to be emerged in all this pregnancy and bump related. I was kindly gifted this book which is called My First Pregnancy by Dr Joanna Girling. This book is all you need to know about pregnancy and hopefully result in a very happy and healthy pregnancy.

There is also so much which has changed in the past years since I was pregnant with Jess. This book has 11 chapters. It has everything which you need to know from first finding out that your pregnant to the first few weeks of having a newborn.

In the first chapter it is I’m pregnant now what? I have found this to be useful because it has what is going to happen at the appointments which we are having. For us some of these are new despite having a child in the past because we did not find out until 26 weeks. This means that there is no shocks when it comes to appointments such as having to do urine samples. Or you may need a transvaginal scan this is something which I have had to have a couple of times. As a result of having a cyst and then them not been too happy with my placenta’s position. This could be scary if you gave not had one previously or even know what it is. It also does help you understanding your notes. This is something which I always look at because even I have forgotten and want to know.

The second chapter looks at the baby’s development week by week. This is the kind of information which you usually find on the apps. It is nice for the vegetables to be ones which we can get in the UK instead of the USA. Like some of the apps. This does tell you how your little one is developing like at the moment as I write this post I am 25 weeks and it tells me the baby’s lungs are now fully formed. This has weekly updates from week 1 to week 41. I have found myself telling my partner about elements of this second.

I think the chapter which I found most useful from this book is the one about pains and pampering.This is so helpful because it can tell you if some of the symptoms you are having are normal It also show you what you can do to reduce them. For me this time I have been struggling with headaches and feeling like I am going to have a nose bleed. These are thing which I am going to be asking my midwife about when I see her. But this book has meant that I have not been googling which can scare any new parent.

The chapter about lifestyle and healthy eating is one which I have not been reading as much. I seem to be able to remember what I can and what I can not consume. I know this is one which first time mums may actually really use. After all this book is aimed at first time mums. It does also tell you about hot tubs and travelling abroad when you are pregnant. It did remind me that I can not use hot tubs if we go on a forest holiday’s break as a Babymoon.

There is also a chapter about career which includes things such as having to tell work that you are pregnant. All the rights which you have when you are on maternity leave. Of course, been self employed and my blog been the main income for me this is not something which is relevant however, I know this could be super useful for a lot of people. I know if I was not self employed I would want to know everything because it can change so much.

Chapter 7 is one all about relationships this is one again which I have not used a lot. I do not expect there to be a lot of changes in our relationship. The only one which may change is with Jess because of course, we are going to have to share our attention between her and player 4. I know how important this is because it is easy to lose friends and relationships change so much when you have had a child.

There is a whole section about the birth which is one which I would recommend reading. I have read it even though we are actually going to be having an elect c section. This means that some of the section is not going to be relevant because I will not be having a natural delivery. Even though I do plan on actually doing a birth plan so we can have a c-section that we want.

Another section which I found to be amazing is the baby shopping section of this book. This makes you think about things which you may not have thought about before when it comes to baby shopping. I will admit there is things which I had forgotten about thins which decided against using with Jess. It also has a checklist of questions which you might want to ask before making some of the bigger purchases. I think this is going to be a section which I keep coming back and referring to.

A section which I feel like I really will need to read later in my pregnancy this is the final few weeks. It explains how you may be feeling this may not be as bad for me as we know the date as such player 4 should arrive. The part which I think is the most important is the what to pack in your hospital bag. For sure I will end up watching youtube videos on this. I know there is something which no doubt I will end up forgetting. It also stays what do in the run up when you are on the final countdown. This is a great idea because sometimes you do not know what to do for the best.

The next but last section is about labour and what to expect along with what can happen. Of course, as I have mentioned. This is not that relevant for me now because of the fact that we are going to be having an elect c-section. I do actual like reading about what happens should I go in to labour naturally and if I change my mind. I know this is a section which some people may love because no two labours are actually the same.

The final section is the first few weeks, this is one which I would read before you little one arrives. This is because you are not going to have as much time when they are here. For sure this is going to be a section which I am going to be reading. I actually spent a week in hospital after having Jess. Hopefully I am only going to spend a couple of days in the hospital. I know there is going to be so much which I have actually forgotten about having a new born this I am going to be having a read of.

For sure I would recommend this book for first time parents or even if you have had a large age gap between your children. I know I have actually managed to forget so much about pregnancy and also having a newborn. You can purchase my first pregnancy on Amazon here.

Did you ever have any pregnancy books?

Charlotte xx

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