My Favourite Weight Loss Instagram Accounts

Losing weight and eating healthy is something which we have been doing a lot more of this year. I was fed up with not feeling happy with myself in clothes. Towards the back end of last year, I started working out a lot more. I currently work out 5 times a week. I have been following a lot of people who are either following slimming world or calorie counting on Instagram. These are recipes that I have been making as it has been helping me eat better.

I have not been weighing myself so I can not tell you how much weight I have lost. One thing which I do know is that my clothes are now getting bigger and some of the other clothes now fit me better. So today I am going to be sharing with you some of the slimming/ weight loss Instagram accounts I have been loving.

Bec’s Bites

This is one of the first Instagram which I came across when I started this journey. She has been on her own weight loss journey losing an amazing 4 stone. I have made a ton of meals using the recipes which she shares on her page. Recently she has launched her own e-cookbook. This is something which I am going to purchase in the future. I think some of my favourite recipes which I have made have been some of the cook breakfast. One of them is the McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap which would be my order if we went. Also I have loved the Sausage Rolls which are like the Gregg’s ones but a lot healthier. If you are starting your journey or wanting to eat a bit better for sure I would recommend Bec.


Hann is another account who I came across recently. She does a range of healthy meals however, they are all meals which you are going to want to eat. After all weight loss has to be sustainable. Again she has lost nearly 4 stone. I would not want to lose that much weight but I would like to lose some thought. Fakeaway meals are something which Han really does well. After all who does not want to consume a chippy every so often. I know this is something which I do. Usually I do enough them more than a chippy. Han also does some amazing baked oats which if you know me is something which we have been loving. After all who does not want to have Chocolate with their breakfast.


Talking about baked oats and overnight oats of course, I had to mention the Queen of them. Gemma has some amazing recipes on her page. I must admit I get a lot of inspiration of what to put on my baked oats from her. These are something which are very filling in a morning so makes you less likely to snack. Gemma also makes some amazing meals for lunch and evening meal. If you are not all about the breakfast food. There is a wide range of different cuisines so I am sure that you will find something for everyone. All the meals which I have made the whole family have enjoyed including Troy. It is unlikely that you will not be able to find a meal which you would enjoy using Gemma’s page.


If you are still wanting some sweet treats while trying to eat a bit more healthy Beth is your girl. She has brownies and muffins which are all around the 100 calorie mark. After all who does not want a sweet treat to go with their cuppa every so often. She does not just do sweet treats she does do some amazing meals as well which we have made. She does do meals including Chilli and also Pasta dishes. Something which I do love about Beth’s account is she does tiktok videos showing you how much of certain foods is 100 calories. It is interesting to see how this varies depending on the food type. This is very interesting and insightful after all a lot of people do not look at the calories when it comes to food


This is another account which I have been using for a while. Chloe has lost 2st 6 which is an amazing achievement. She hopes to lose 10 stone to be at her target weight. Again she is someone one who shows you that you can still eat some amazing sweet treats. She enjoys a mug cake which look amazing. I am going to have to order some of them next time I order from Protein World. Again, Chloe is a huge fan of doing baked oats and this is another account where I get so much inspiration from. She does not just do sweet treats she shares the other meals which she consumes. Some of them are such comfort meals which we all could do with from time to time. For sure this is another account that I would recommend checking out.


The final account I want to share is Amy. She does meals for the whole family while using slimming world. This is something which I try and do I do not want to be cooking different meals for different people. This is something whih she achieves very well. There is a range of different meals which she manages to make including fakeaway, pizza and pasta. So you do not feel like you are losing out because you are on a diet at all. Again she does make some sweet treats like making your own chocolate sweets as a treat. She does also make brownies and cookies these are things which I am yet to try however, will be in the future.

These are 6 of the weight loss instagrammers which I have been following and using their recipes for the past few months. I am sure that I will continue to do this as I am really enjoying what I am currently doing. I am always looking for more people to follow and more inspiration and it keeps me motivated to eat well.

Do you follow anyone on a weight loss journey who you think I would like?

Charlotte xxx





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