Music This Month #1

Hi Guys

Instead of showing my favourite beauty products at the moment because I am chopping or changing products so I have decided to share the music which I have been listening to this month. If you enjoy this I think that I may make this a regular feature so on to the music.

Passenger – Let Her Go I love this song I found it really easy to revise to and also I feel like I can connect with the lyrics because of the fact that someone will miss me when I go because of the fact that he doesn’t bother with me when I am here why should I when I move and he will know how the lyrics feel.

Olly Murs- Dear Darlin’ This song is another one which I have found really easy to revise to so this is why I have been listening to it. I miss someone who has left now to go home from uni and I will never see him again because when he comes back I will have gone and there is no way that we could have meet up so we had to let each other go.

Emeli Sande – Next To Me I love this song it has a deep meaning and is slowish which means

that I could revise to it which is something that I have been looking for in songs this month.
I remember sports personality of the year 2012 and the photos of those who passed away that year came up with this song. It reminds me of this even more as one of my favourite Speedway rider passed away 

These songs are not in the usually genre that I listen to but these are what I have found myself listening to. What are you listening to at the moment?

Charlotte x
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