Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is just around the corner I know most people are searching for the perfect gift. I know some people are not like mean and they either no longer have their mum or a good relationship.  However, if you are a lucky person like me to have such a good relationship.  You will want to show her how much she means to you. Of course, this does not have to be your mum is could be anyone special.  I know people who give gifts to Aunties, Grandma’s and Step Mums. You could even give gifts to your Dad if you do not have a Mum and he is like a second Mum.  Today I am going to share with you some gift ideas. There are so many different things which you can purchase of course. Just because your a Mum does not mean that you like the same thing as someone else.  I am going to be featuring a number of smaller brands within this gift guide because as you may know I love to support smaller brands.



There are some amazing companies which make jewellery I have tried a number of them. If your Mum does have a Pandora why not get a charm or earrings which they do amazing sets. I do have a couple of Pandora bracelets, all of them have meaning and Jess has purchased me some of them for Mother’s Day in the past.  If you have a sibling you could go halves on them as I know some of the charms.  These are not that cheap and can put people off purchasing them.  Another company which I recommend checking out is Jellewery Box this is where my hear necklace came from I ordered it a couple of years ago. I wear it every single day and there is no sign of wear on it. It actually has Jess’ name on it but you can have whatever you actually want on it.  I would recommend them because I think mine even though it was personalised was only around the £20 mark. I could not believe how cheap it was for something personalised.  Another company which I have purchased from is More Than Yesterday Designs these are hand stamped they do necklaces as well as keyrings they all can be personalised. This is something which I love, I have ordered from them this year for my Mum. I have actually got my initial, my brother’s and Jess’. You can get them super personalised which I think always means more when it comes to Mother’s Day.  They do not actually break the bank either I think mine cost around the £25 mark including postage.


Hoodies and Jumpers are something I live in. I work from home as many of you know and to save putting the heating on I will just stick another layer on.  So Jumpers and Hoodies are something which I need plenty of and to be honest adore.  One of my favourite brands is actually Surviving Society the jumpers are so comfortable maybe because they are organic cotton. I actually might have to order another one because mine is just so amazing.  It is a small mama business which means you actually are supporting a fellow mum when you order. I find them to be so well priced. Katie will be happy to help you find the size you need this is something which she did for me. They also have some amazing t-shirts which I might have to browse because t-shirts are something which I am starting to lack in.  Another clothing brand which I have my eye on some of their things is Ada & Alfred they do some amazing looking sweatshirts which include coffee and conquer which you know is something which I think is my life motto.  I may or may not have sent a link to Joe as a hit for this Mother’s Day. After all, it is something which I will be using for a while.  While browsing I also noticed they have Motherhoodie hoodies on their as well which look amazing and something different. Sometimes we get bored with the same hoodie.  I might have to purchase one which is slightly oversized because then it is going to be cosy just how I love it.  I would recommend both brands things I have had in the past have always been of such high quality.


I know this is a traditional gift which a lot of people do purchase their Mum or loved ones for Mother’s Day.  I know this is something which we do send to Joe’s Nan for Mother’s Day. This does mean that we have used a range of different companies as we need them delivered. Sadly we rarely get to see her on actual Mother’s Day.  There is a couple which I would recommend checking out Serenta Flowers she always has said that they have been great quality when we have sent them. I know Appleyard also do some amazing flowers and deliver I was lucky to be sent some at Valentines. They actually lasted for nearly 3 weeks which I think is amazing for fresh flowers. If you are actually going to be seeing your mum closer to Mother’s Day the supermarkets do some amazing bunches. They are a fraction of the price and from an inside source who works with them he said there as good quality. For sure who does not love getting flowers at a special occasion.


This may be a niche one but as you may know, going to the gym is something which I am doing more. Since the new year, I have managed to go 3 times a week on average. This does mean that I need more activewear than I have in the past. Currently I am using some of my older stuff I have only purchased a couple of tops. However, some of mine is now getting to big or too tight. Both because I am losing weight but I am also gaining muscle. I was looking for some new leggings because I think this is going to have to be my next investment. Then I cam across another brand owned by a badass mamma. LAPactivewear they do some of the funkiest and bright leggings which I actually love. they are around the £28 mark which is not actually that bad for gym leggings they look so comfortable as well. I have hinted a few time that I would like a pair. They have some amazing designs which are coming out in April. The pair which I want most the liquorice ones are not available till May is it strange to ask for a pair for my birthday?

Spotify/ Music

Music plays such a huge part of my life to be honest, when I am working I usually have it on. When I am doing work because it makes me happy and passes the time faster to be honest who doesn’t love dance and sing along when they are doing tasks. You can either buy them a CD which is something I did for my mum and she has used it so much. I purchased her the new Boyzone CD and then told her she was going to see them live. I know she plays this a lot when she is doing jobs. However, if like us you rarely purchase any CD and like a wide range of music why not try out a subscription to Spotify. I think it is around £9.99 a month which is not that expensive if you play music as we do. It is perfect for when you are in the car, working and also in the gym. I must listen to hours of this a week and I even find different artists when using it. If you are unsure how much your mum is going to use spotify why not get her a subscription for a few months and review it. If she uses it enough then she can start paying for it herself.

Candles/ Reed Diffusers

Candles and reed diffusers are something which I have loved for such a long time. I love my house to smell nice and these both help us to achieve this, of course, we do not have to spend a fortune on them. Some of the best candles we have found are actually from home bargains and they are a Wickford and Co. I think they are actually a dupe for Yankee Candle but they are a fraction of the price of those.  They actually are around the £3 mark which is so cheap because they do have a throw which is amazing and as good as some of the expensive ones. The one which I am burning at the moment is actually is pink lemonade. This is one which I picked up last year so they may not actually have this in this year.  But I would recommend seeing what scents they do have in because they are amazing. Aldi also does some amazing candles we used one for the centrepiece at Christmas. They are usually dupe of Jo Malone which for a fraction of the actual price. They have a good scent as well I also have the reed diffuser in our bedroom and I must say that makes me happy because your bedroom can become horrible smelling which is something we want to avoid.

Craft Activity

I think that this is something amazing to do with your mum. There is nothing better for doing some craft activities and having a coffee with your Mum. I know this is something which me and my mum do not get to do very often due to the fact that we are always so busy. However, I have been sent these lovely Craft Buddy crystal art card kits. These would be perfect for sitting down over a coffee and slowly doing with your mum. Sometimes it is about the quality time that would be spent with them which means more. These kits are £5 which means that you could get a couple and do one each if you would like. I think you can also do these as your mum’s mother’s day card this year. It will show that you have spent time and effort into doing it. There are also kits which you can make your own bath bombs and facemasks which Superdrug sell these would be perfect if your mum is into pampering herself a little bit more. I might have to pick some of both up so I and my mum have something to do together. Usually, when we are together we are so busy.

Pampering Set

Something which you will know if your a mum is self-care is important but something so many of us neglect.  I know for certain it is something which I neglect however, mothers day is a good time to get your mum something to treat herself with.  I know this is something which I do for my mum often at her birthday or mother’s day. Lush is a company which I have used before and gifted her. This year I was kindly sent some products from Pretty Little Treats. They are a Yorkshire based company who make handcrafted bath and body products. They smell and look amazing they come so well packaged as well. I have been using the Strawberry Jam Lip Balm and for sure this smells good enough to eat. I like that you can personalise the box so that you can add what you want to it. For example, for only £15 you can actually get 4 of the items which is so much cheaper than other brands. You are supporting a small business and a little seems to go such a long way with these products. I also like the fact that you can put what your mum is going to use in them rather than items which they are not going to use.

I hope this gives you some insight into what to get your mum for mother’s day.


What are you buying your Mum?

Charlotte xx




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