More Love, But Less Space! Making Room For A Second Baby In A Small House

While initially, one of the major worries of having another child is this you wouldn’t be able to extend your love even to accommodate, after a while, you realise that this isn’t an issue, but the practical problems really are! If you live in a small house, it can be difficult to try and make room for another person, even when they’re so small! With this in mind, how can you start to double your space like you will double your love?

Is It Worth Trying To Declutter? 

It might make all the difference if you don’t get into this habit. And if you think there’s a lot of your worldly possessions that you just can’t bear to part with, maybe it’s worth putting it into self storage? After a while, your children will amass an abundance of toys, as you already know with your first one! This is why you have got to declutter, but also think about the items that will be important to you. Maybe it’s worth creating a little time capsule, or a memory box so you have, at the very least, a handful of souvenirs to remember your children by at such a young age.

Start Making The Most Of Every Corner 

Being clever with your space is crucial, and every nook and cranny needs utilising. And besides, for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, you don’t necessarily need to give them a room just for themselves. Putting the Moses basket in the corner of your bedroom, and, at the very least, putting some decor in that corner so it belongs to them, is a simple way to make the most of every little space.

Get Into The Habit Of Sharing 

It might be worth thinking twice about this, especially if there’s a considerable age gap, but if you want to get into the habit of sharing, you may want to have the children share the same room. It saves space in the home, but it also helps them to bond. Naturally, if one tends to wake up a lot in the night, this is going to disturb the other one, so think twice! But if they are both heavy sleepers, then not only are you incredibly lucky, but you can certainly make the most of that bedroom!

Go Vertical 

Take a leaf out of the books of people who live in small apartments. If they want to make the most of the space, they have got to start storing things vertically. And, you might think this adds to a more cluttered look, it all depends on where you store the items. A space like the kitchen, for example, may very well suit a more vertical approach to storage, but the living room may not. Going vertical is a perfect way to make the most of small spaces.

Use Hidden Storage

And multi-purpose furniture is crucial if you’re trying to make more room for people. For example, a pram can double up as a basket or a car seat, as well as a swing that can turn into a highchair. Hidden storage isn’t just about putting things under the sofa!

How did you make room for your new arrival if you did not have too much space?

Charlotte xx

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