7 Money Making or Saving Apps

Saving money is something a lot of people love doing. Even more so as a result of the pandemic money for a lot of people money has become tighter.  Today I am going to be sharing with you the apps which I am using which help to save and even some of them make money for you. I have been using a lot recently because these can be slow-burner ways to make money on the side. For me, this does mean that we may be able to purchase more treats or this money can go towards money for Christmas or Birthdays.


This is an app which I have been using for well over a year now. This is an app which gives you money back on certain items. For example, it may have a try it for 50p on a bottle of Pepsi Raspberry. You would go to selected stores which it tells you what they are for example it could be Asda. Sometimes there is multiple supermarkets which it allows you to purchase from. You scan your receipt and it gives you the difference back. So for example the Pepsi costs you £1.20 you would get 70p back.

This can be a way of getting some cheaper food of course, there are only so many items on at once. This is how sometimes we get meat free mince. It allowed us to try it discounted which is always a bonus. Should you not like a product you have not wasted as much money.


This is an app which I have downloaded but sadly have never been able to get a bag yet. However, I know a number of people who have. They have mostly been happy with the bags with off the app. You can purchase a bag from as little as £2 these are bags of food from a number of food outlets. I know in my area there is Morrisons, Costa, Spar and usually Greggs too. Of course, in other areas there may be more food outlets.

These bags are always worth more than the amount of money you actually pay. There can be a range of different food in the bags they are never the same. I know people who have had a lot of fruit in there’s others have been a lot of the bakery items. They food which the food outlets would have to throw out other wise. This of course, helps combat food waste. This for sure is one which I can not wait to try in the future. I have heard a good tip is to check the app 15 minutes after the slot ends for today. Apparently this is usually when they are uploaded for tomorrow. You get given a window when you have to go and collect your bag.


On OLIO app , you’ll find millions of people giving away food & other household items to their neighbours, all for free. This is one which I have mentioned a before when talking about what to do with items after a declutter. This is a great app to pick up things for your house which people no longer need. I have picked up a slide which the kids are going to be able to use this year in the garden. Of course, I have also donated food which we were no longer going to use which was still in date.

This is a great way of getting food which you are going to use. Of course, some people like different food to others so someone may have been throwing it away however, you can make use of it. Sometimes better things are listed on Olio than other times. I have found that the app can also be busier at certain times compared to others. It is one which I do check occasionally to see if there is anything I would like on it. As well as listing as things which we no longer need.


This for sure is a slow burning app. I think I get about £10-15 a year Amazon voucher from Huyu. It is an app which you scan your supermarket receipts and answer survey’s. Of course, this one is dependant on how many times you actually go to the supermarket. For some people they may end up with way more rewards than I do. This costs you nothing and is a great app I usually save my codes till the end of the year and use them for Christmas with this one.



This is an app which used to be called receipt hog. Again this is an app which you scan receipts into this accepts a range of shops. I think the only one which I have found so far it doesn’t is services such as the post office. You even get 30 coins for logging in each day to this app. This is one which I have not cashed out on yet. As a result of them changing to the new app. However, I think I could actually cash out right now on this. Again this is going to be one which we save and cash out around Christmas.


Shoppix is another apps which allows you to scan receipts and answer survey’s however, this one allows you to use any receipts. There is some which it will not take for example handwritten receipts.  There is a list on their app of ones which it will not accept. This is one which is a bit faster at making money. Again of, course this all does depend on how much you shop. Currently, I am not trying to shop too much as we are doing our bit to be sustainable and also save money.


This is an app which I have recently started using. This allows you to sell some of your old clothes or thing you no longer use. I am still selling on Ebay as well however, I do have some things now cross listed with Vinted. This is a great second hand selling community which allows you to set your own prices for pieces which you no longer wear. As someone with children who grow quickly teamed with me losing weight. This has been a great place to sell some of our unloved clothes. There is also no seller fees which is a huge bonus the buyer pays a buyer protection fee instead.

I have also purchased a number of things using Vinted. Up to now I am yet to have a bad experience from them. I have found some great bargains on there for Troy,. Well for the whole family as well however, at the moment I am usually looking for Troy.


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